10/21/2005 Kendall Wants Zach Out Of Her Life

"JR weeps in Tads arms, but pulls away when he finally realizes his mother is dead. Di comes out and asks for a moment alone with JR. Tad goes inside to check on Jamie, while Di looks at the tear-stained face of her nephew. She tries to convey to JR that she wanted to give him back his mother to help him, not hurt him. Di claims to love him as if he were her own son, but understands if he wants to forget her name or her face. When she asks him to let her fix the mistake she has made, JR does not even begin to comprehend forgiveness. He starts naming off some of the things he has done for revenge. JR grabs her by the shoulders, telling her that she killed his mother all over again, and yells her to get out of his home. Di says that JR can hate her, but don't let it destroy all of the goodness he has in his heart. JR says she is never allowed near Little Adam again and is as dead to him as his mother. When Tad steps in, JR tells him to get her out of his house before he returns and walks out. Devastated by JR's reaction, Di seeks help from Tad to figure out how to remove all the pain she has caused. He tells her to leave, as JR asked, if she wants to start to make things better. Tad tells Di that she has no idea of the pain she has caused and not enough "Sorry's" can cut it. Di tells Tad that she will get her belongings and go, but asks Tad to try to save JR.

Once inside, Tad checks on Jamie, who seems to be taking the news of Di's betrayal pretty well. Krystal sneaks up and asks Tad if he is happy now that the cat is out of the bag. Adam eagerly calls his lawyer to start a civil suit against Di, but Tad warns Adam that JR is the one who will decide Di's fate. In the meantime, Adam pours himself a drink and offers another to Krystal. He toasts to their success of exposing Di for who she really is. Krystal tosses the drink in Adam's face and reminds him that his son is grieving all over again for his mother. Adam claims that JR has him to lean on, but he is more concerned about celebrating a victory. Krystal tells Adam that Di seems sorry for what she has done and is in fact family. Adam ignores those two thoughts and claims that Di should go back to prison and rot. Adam claims that Krystal is more concerned about Tad's feelings that JR's. He even says that she could go and try to romance the man while he is aching for Dixie. Krystal sees what Adam is hinting at and tells him that Tad is not in her future-however, a permanent marriage to him is. Krystal plans to stay with him to make sure that he does not mess up Little Adam's life like he has with JR.

Zach still wants to stand by Kendall, despite whatever reaction Ryan has to the news of her pregnancy. Kendall tells Zach that she will not forgive him for all the lies he has told her over and over again. He let her watch Greenlee mourn Ryan and help create a child for a man who was supposed to be dead, Kendall screams. Zach tells her that he does not care if she forgives him or not because they both have duties. He needs to protect Kendall, while wants to create an enemy when she doesn't need to -Jackson, Erica and Ryan who are not thrilled about the idea of her pregnancy. As Kendall starts rattling off insults at him, Zach breaks in and admits that he cares about her. Kendall is surprised by his statement, but questions how his plan with Ryan displays his feelings for her. She tells him that she does not need his type of caring and demands that he get out her life. Once Zach is gone, Kendall sits down and begins to cry. Seconds later, JR comes rushing in and Kendall rushes into his arms for a hug. She explains to him about Ryan's fake death and JR offers to take care of Ryan for her. After JR leaves, Greenlee comes to see Kendall and immediately tells her that Ryan lied about his death. Kendall tells her what she knows and is even more shocked when Greenlee tells her that Ryan wants another chance. Greenlee says that she wishes Ryan had never returned and did not tell him about the baby. She tells her that she was selfish to want the baby and drag Kendall into her mess. Greenlee tells Kendall that she needs to know if she still wants to give birth to Ryan's child.

Zach goes to his office, where he gets a visit from Julia. Julia updates Zach on the status of the task force and thanks him for caring about her safety, but he claims he does not care. He calls himself a jerk, which makes Julia realize that he is upset about something. Zach pushes Julia to leave him alone, so she does.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he still loves her and the passion they shared that evening was real. Greenlee tells Ryan that she has no idea how she can forgive him for allowing her to endure so much pain. Greenlee hints that Ryan has no idea what he has done or "what he has coming." She does not go into more detail, but instead, explains all of the pain and grief she felt the first few days he supposedly died. Her only hope of getting through it was their child, but then, that was lost too, Greenlee said. She suddenly realizes that Lily was telling the truth the night she saw Ryan at the casino and Zach was in on his plan. Ryan says that Zach gave him money, a car and new identity, but he did not force him to leave Pine Valley. Zach was worried that he would hurt her too, he adds. Ryan thought that taking away her choices, such as his surgery and death, would help her, but he came back when he heard her at Erin's home. He realized that his plan had failed and only made it worse. Greenlee decides that she does not want him anymore because he killed them when he killed himself. Ryan tells her that he will spend the rest of his life trying to make it up to her. She tells him that he has no idea what he put her and Kendall through. When Ryans asks what Kendall has to do with the situation, Greenlee explains that Kendall was her rock when she thought Ryan died and now, if she forgave him, she couldn't because it would be like betraying her best friend. Greenlee grabs her shoes and robe and walks out of the room. Ryan writes a letter, slides it in an envelope for Greenlee, looks at the pictures of them on the bedroom wall and puts the letter on a nightstand. He picks the letter back up and walks out the bedroom door.

JR finds Ryan at the park. He starts ranting about what a horrible person Ryan is for faking his own death. It is not something he should get away with or even live for, JR says. He tries to get Ryan to fight him, but Ryan does not take the bait. Ryan tries to walk away, but JR stops him with a punch to the stomach. When Ryan starts to walk away, JR takes a stick and hits Ryan in the back of the knees."

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