10/17/2005 Lily Sees A Ghost

"Tad wants Di to tell everyone the truth that she is not Dixie. Di is reluctant. She asks him how he can for her to hurt those she loves. Tad feels that if she really loves everyone as she claims, then she would them to know the truth. Di does her best to persuade Tad to reconsider but he remains steadfast in his determination that the truth is revealed about whom Di really is. He explains that he refuses to lie to his loved ones in order to preserve her charade. Tad then warns her that if she doesn't tell everyone that she isn't Dixie then he will do it for her. He tells her that, with luck, some day they'll forgive her for what she did to them. Di asks Tad if he'll forgive her too. Tad avoids answering her question directly. Instead he assures her that if JR and Jamie forgive her he will not try to turn the boys against her. Di is uncertain whether she can find the strength to tell everyone how she deceived them. She asks Tad how she should tell them, what should she say? Realizing the enormity of the task ahead of her and the ramifications, Di tearfully tells Tad that she can't tell anyone the truth. Tad has little compassion for Di's predicament. He accuses her of being a thief and a liar for stealing Dixie's life and allowing everyone to believe she was Dixie.

Inside, JR and Jamie reminisce about their childhood as they share a few happy memories. Things become tense though when JR asks Jamie why he and Babe split up. Jamie wants to know why JR is curious about it. JR tries to explain that he's curious because of Aunt Phoebe's will but Jamie doesn't believe him. He points out that JR wanted Babe and Jamie apart long before the terms of Aunt Phoebe's will were an issue. Jamie then speculates if JR's curiosity is because JR has feelings for Babe. JR is quick to deny that he feels anything but animosity toward her. Things quickly deteriorate as both bring up past sins, JR pointing out that Jamie allowed his brother to believe that little Adam had drowned and Jamie bringing up the time that JR nearly killed him by bashing in his head. JR tells Jamie that at least Babe has tried to apologize for what she did to him but Jamie never has. Jamie defends his actions, saying he did what he thought was best for the baby at the time. Amid the bitterness and animosity, Jamie does concede that if JR were ever to resemble the brother he grew up with and loved, he'd readily apologize to him. They part on civil terms after both are able to agree that they are happy to see Tad and Dixie together.

When Jamie steps out to the back porch to ask Tad to move his car so that Jamie can head over to Ryan's memorial service, Tad takes the opportunity to warn Di one more time. Either she tells JR the truth while he is gone or Tad will when he returns from Ryan's memorial service. After Tad leaves, Di walks into the house. JR immediately senses that something is upsetting Di.

Erica is convinced that Kendall and Greenlee were manipulated by Dr. Madden into going through with the surrogacy pregnancy so that he can further his career. Kendall and Greenlee dismiss Erica's theory. They explain that with or without Dr. Madden's help, they would have gone through with the pregnancy. Kendall tries to make her mother understand that she agreed to be Greenlee's surrogate because she truly feels that the best way to honor Ryan's memory is to help Greenlee have their child. Kendall goes on to remind Erica that it's her body and her choice. She expects Erica to support her decision. Erica understands their motivation and she assures Kendall that she will do everything that she can to support Kendall but she still feels that Dr. Madden's actions were unethical. Greenlee decides that under the circumstances, maybe it would be best if Erica did not attend Ryan's memorial service. Erica is taken aback. She explains that she has every intention of attending, if for no other reason than for Ryan's sake. She does agree, after much prodding and cajoling on Kendall's part, to drop her quest to discredit Dr. Madden. Greenlee, isn't satisfied with Erica's concession. She tells Erica that if she cannot be happy about this pregnancy then she is not welcomed at the memorial service. After Kendall and Greenlee leave, Erica calls her assistant, Val, into her office. She asks him if there is any news from Tad. She is disappointed when Val tells her no. Before Val leaves, she reminds him that she expects him to keep her investigation into Greg Madden's past confidential and to make certain neither Kendall nor Greenlee learn of it. Val assures her that he will do everything in his power to make sure everything is kept secret.

Lily asks Jack why he's glad. Jack explains that he's not glad Ryan is dead but he felt that Ryan was not good for Greenlee. Jack goes on to tell Lily that he thought Ryan hurt Greenlee deeply and that as a father he could not stand by and condone it. He will always do what he feels is necessary in order to protect his children. Satisfied with their talk, Lily gets ready for the memorial service. Erica arrives home shortly afterwards to do the same. Jack senses her distraction but doesn't pursue it as he talks about the benefits of the memorial service. He sees it as an opportunity for Greenlee to say goodbye to both Ryan and the baby and move forward with her life. Erica bites her tongue when Jack comments on how surprised he is at the close bond that Kendall and Greenlee have formed recently.

Ryan returns home and walks through the apartment he shared with Greenlee. He is shocked by what he discovers in the bedroom. It's a wall of photos mostly of him and some of him and Greenlee as well as some of his more meaningful memorabilia. He seems to realize just how much Greenlee is grieving for him.

Greenlee and Kendall arrive home discussing their recent visit with Erica. Both are convinced that Erica is still planning on doing something that will in some way disrupt their lives. Suddenly, Greenlee stops and looks around. She immediately senses that someone was in her apartment while she was gone. When Greenlee cries out from her bedroom, "Oh my God!", Kendall rushes in to see what's wrong. Looking around Kendall doesn't see anything out of the ordinary other than the wall of pictures. Greenlee points to the bed, specifically the pillows which were not as they were when she left. Kendall suggests that maybe the made moved them but Greenlee dismisses the suggestion, telling Kendall that the Greenlee has instructions to stay out of the bedroom. Kendall doesn't pursue it. She is more concerned about the wall of pictures and what it may indicate. She gently asks Greenlee about it. Greenlee doesn't see anything wrong with it. She explains that the pictures give her comfort at night when she looks at them. Kendall is understanding but feels that she should take them down to make room for the pictures of the baby that will soon come along. Kendall is worried that Greenlee is going to be stuck in her grief over Ryan and won't be open to meeting anyone new. Greenlee has no interest in falling in love. She tells Kendall that her life will be centered around being a mother to her child. Kendall drops the matter so that they can get ready for the memorial service. Later, Greenlee admits that she doesn't think she's ready yet to say goodbye to Ryan. Kendall reminds Greenlee that she has both Kendall and the baby to help her. Just then Simone arrives to pick them up. She becomes distracted by the wall of photos of Ryan. Kendall gently ushers Simone out of the room to give Greenlee a moment alone. Alone, Greenlee takes a lingering look at the photos of Ryan.

Lily realizes at the last minute that she forgot to finish typing up her speech for Ryan's service. She sends Jack, Erica and Reggie on ahead to the memorial, promising to join them shortly. As Lily types on her laptop there is a knock at the door. Lily answers the door and finds Ryan standing in the hallway. She is initially uncomfortable, thinking he's a ghost. Ryan explains that he's very much alive and asks to come into the apartment. Lily allows him entrance. Ryan asks to speak to Jack, explaining that he can't walk around town risking running into Greenlee and giving her a shock. He feels that it would be best if Jack broke the news about Ryan being alive to Greenlee. Ryan then asks Lily if he knows where Greenlee is. Lily tells him that she knows exactly where she is.

Everyone gathers in the park for Ryan's memorial. Greenlee becomes agitated when she sees Erica arrive with Jack. She immediately confronts her, reminding Erica that she is not welcomed at the memorial. Jack is surprised and demands an explanation for what is going on. Angry, Greenlee turns to Jack and warns him that he won't like what she has to say. She asks one thing that after he hears what she has to say that he take Erica with him when he storms off."

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