08/03/2005 Babe Ties Up JR

"Zach is breaking into Wildwind to seek out Lily's ghost. He runs a square black box along the seam of the door disabling the alarm and allowing him to pick the locks. He slowly walks through the house looking around. Out on the patio he hears a gasp. Following the sound Zach finds Lily on a ghost stakeout. Lily informs him that she saw him use the magnet on the front door alarm and that he should have just memorized the code like she did from watching Sam. Lily shows Zach Edmund's shirt that had made its way back upstairs by itself. She doesn't know what a ghost wants with a shirt. Zach reminds Lily that they agreed that he would investigate the mystery ghost. Sam walks in ordering Zach out of Wildwind. Lily tries to tell Sam that Zach was there to help them solve the mystery. Sam though doesn't want Zach's help and again orders him to leave. As Zach leaves Sam turns and tells Lily she should stay away from Zach. Lily again says that Zach was there to help. She explains to Sam how she told Zach about the ghost and he offered to help. Sam starts yelling at Lily telling her that Zach is a liar and that there is no such thing as ghosts. He tells her to stay away from Zach. Lily tells him that Zach is her brother in law. Sam yells at her to never bring Zach to Wildwind. Lily is upset and starts yelling at Sam about how maybe she doesn't know everything and maybe he doesn't want to be her boyfriend anymore. Sam quickly apologizes to Lily. Lily says that if Sam won't believe her about the ghost then she doesn't want to be around him. An upset Lily tries to storm out as Sam grabs her to top her she starts yelling, "Don't touch, don't touch!" Sam quickly lets her go and she rushes out the door where she finds Zach waiting. Zach apologizes to her telling her that he is sorry if he caused problems for her and Sam. Lily informs him that Sam is the one with the problem.

Jamie is playing basketball when Amanda shows up. She asks if he needs anything and he tells her he doesn't need anything from her. "Do you have any substance or are you just a puppet with JR's hand up your back?" he asks. Amanda tries to explain her actions and apologizes for all that she has done but Jamie wants to know how he is supposed to believe anything that she says. She admits that she wouldn't blame him if he didn't believe her at all but stresses how sorry she really is. Softening slightly Jamie starts talking to Amanda asking how her life is going and how she likes living at the boarding house. As Amanda says how she is enjoying it Dixie shows up and Amanda beats a hasty retreat. Dixie warns Jamie that Amanda is bad news. "Yeah thanks to JR", he tells her. She should worry about her own son and leave Amanda alone. Dixie and Jamie talk about he and JR's relationship. Jamie thinks that JR is trying to make him give up Babe and that Dixie is helping him. Dixie says that she doesn't want him to give up anything. "Family is about compromise," she tells him. Dixie tells him how sorry she is for all that JR has done to Jamie. Changing the subject she tells Jamie what a good job he did on the brakes of her car. Jamie angrily replies that , "Thanks to JR that is what I do now fix cars." Dixie tells Jamie how she feels like she hasn't done right by him since she came back and how she never stopped loving him. As they go their separate ways Dixie promises to keep working on JR.

JR finds Babe at the garage and tells her to stay away from Dixie or she won't see her son at all. "That's IT!" she exclaims. She tells JR how sick she is of his threats and attitude. The conversation quickly disintegrates into a "my mother is better than your mother" argument. Babe loses all patience with JR's attitude and storms past him shoving him out of the way. JR falls hitting his head and knocking him out. As he regains consciousness he realizes that Babe has tied him up and gagged him. A furious JR glares at Babe as she informs him that she is sorry she had to tie him up but it was the only way to get him to listen. She tells him he will listen and they are going to settle it all right now. She starts telling him how she knows that she did horrible things. That she lied and told him his son was dead but that she did it all to protect her son, it wasn't about revenge or getting back at JR. She points out how in the end he won anyway, he got little Adam, so why is he so hard on Jamie. JR looks like he is trying to answer so Babe removes the gag. "Do you know what I am going to do to you?" he growls. Babe kisses him to shut him up. "You little skank", he says to her as he spits. "What's the matter Jamie not enough for you?" Babe replies, "Oh, he's more than enough." She asks JR if that is why he hates Jamie because Jamie has something that used to belong to him. JR threatens to go to the judge and tell what Babe did tying him up. Babe again tells him that this is GOING to end. JR tells her that there is no chance for her and Jamie to be happy. Babe asks if there is any chance that JR will ever be happy. Josh walks in asking if this is a bad time. Babe introduces JR as her ex. JR tells Josh to call the police but Josh replies that if Babe thinks that JR should look like a mechanics S & M doll then she is probably right. Babe proceeds to untie JR who leaves promising retribution. Josh says that she can see why Babe divorced JR. He tells her that he is at the shop to drop off the money for the car. Babe is stunned as Josh hands her money and tells her that Jamie sold his prize car to give her a dream wedding. Babe hands Josh his money telling him to take it back, that there won't be a wedding just in time for Jamie to walk in and hear her announcement.

JR finds Dixie and tells her that his thing with Jamie is over.

Kendall walks into Erica's office announcing that she is divorcing Zach so that she can marry JR. "WHAT!" asks a stunned Erica while Kendall continues to explain how as soon as the ink is dry on her quickie divorce papers she and JR are heading to Reno to find a cute little wedding chapel. Kendall says that she now realizes that Erica was right about Zach and exclaims how she loves JR. She asks Erica if she thinks that Bianca will give Chandler Enterprises back to JR after the wedding. A now panicked Erica asks Kendall if she doesn't think that this is going a little fast. Kendall reveals that it is all a joke and tells Erica that she knows that Erica made some sort of a deal with JR to get her away from Zach. Erica and Kendall start arguing about who is worse Kendall for the fake divorce story or Erica for sending JR to seduce Kendall. Erica says that Zach is just awful. Kendall points out that Zach has been very supportive helping her deal with Ryan's death. Jack interrupts the two women saying that he needs to talk to Erica. He goes into the other room to make some calls while Erica and Kendall finish their argument. Kendall says that she knows that Erica sent JR because she loves her but to PLEASE quit meddling in her life. Erica agrees to stop meddling but as soon as Kendall leaves Erica makes a call to JR telling him to get a hold of her so that they can make some plans. Erica then goes in to talk to Jack. Seeing how he looks she asks what is wrong. Jack tells her how he talked to Greenlee and told her that he loved her and how he was happy about the baby. He got to see the sonogram of the baby. Erica says that sounds like good news but still senses that something is wrong and asks Jack to tell her what it is.

Simone and Greenlee get to Ryan and Greenlee's apartment where Greenlee is met by memories of Ryan. Lost in remembering Greenlee tells Simone how she can hear and see Ryan in the apartment. There is so much of him there and she wants the baby to feel that. Simone thinks that being at the apartment is too much for Greenlee to handle but Greenlee wants to stay. She says that she doesn't want to forget and that she has to live her life. Greenlee continues to reminisce through her memories of Ryan. After showing Simone a fake spider that Ryan bought Greenlee wonders if the baby will have his sense of humor. She picks up some shirts off the chair and says how she wishes she hadn't had them washed then they would still smell like Ryan. She leans over and picks up a baseball mitt. She tells Simone how Ryan used to take it with him every time they went to the park. Breaking into tears Greenlee asks, "Who is going to play ball with our child?" Sobbing that she can't handle this, it is too soon, Greenlee runs from the apartment passing Kendall in the hallway. Kendall calls out to Greenlee asking where she is going but Greenlee doesn't stop. Kendall goes into the apartment asking Simone what she was thinking bringing Greenlee to the apartment. Simone tells her that Greenlee insisted that she wanted to go home and Simone went with her so she wouldn't be alone. Kendall and Simone leave to look for Greenlee who they find on a lawn playing Duck, Duck, Goose with a group of kids. Simone tries to go to her but Kendall says wait. They watch as Greenlee plays with the kids. After thanking the kids for the wonderful time Greenlee tells Simone and Kendall that she is fine now. She just had to remember. They all head back to the apartment."

- Soap Central