03/11/2005 Maria Remembers Her Life With Edmund

"Babe asks Jamie what is going on, just as Tad walks outside and Brooke and David walk inside the Tad's house. Tad, Jamie and Babe go in the living room and Jamie says that he and Babe are getting married. Brooke and David object. Brooke says that Jamie is not ready to get married, but Jamie says that the justice of the peace is on his way. Brooke says that Babe just got divorced and if she marries Jamie now, it will only make JR angry and fuel his revenge plans. Jamie says that maybe she and David should go, but the justice of the peace shows up. David starts opposing saying that Jamie is still in school, but Jamie tells them thanks to JR, he got kicked out of school. Babe yells for everyone to shut up and she and Jamie go talk alone outside. Brooke and David start to follow, but Tad tells them to let the kids work out their problems on their own. Babe tells Jamie that she can not marry him right now because she had a talk with Stuart that made her realize some things. She says that she wants to examine herself and become a better person before marrying Jamie. She just wants to make sure that she does not make bad choices again, like she did with Miranda. Jamie says that she is trying to push him away and whatever she needs help in, they can do it together. Jamie realizes that her choice is about JR and that she is letting him win. Babe denies it, but in the end, Jamie walks off and Babe tells everyone the wedding is off.

Kendall asks Ethan if he really saw Zach kill Edmund because she understands if he lied. She recalls how she thought everything would be happily-ever-after when she came to town looking for her mother. Instead, she lied about Dimitri, her mother stabbed him and went on trial for murder. Ethan says that perhaps Erica deserved it, but now, things are great between her and Kendall. Kendall says that she needs to know he can lie to everyone else, but not her. Ethan admits that he has been lying, but only about some of his angry feelings he has been keeping inside so it would not burden her. Ethan says that he feels responsible for Edmund's death because he did not go with him to the barn. Kendall tells him it is not his fault and Ethan says he hates Zach more than ever now. He says he is scared those feelings with turn into something evil, but Kendall assures him she won't let him change for the worst. He asks her if she believes him and she says yes, then tells him that she loves him. Ethan begins to say that Zach had proof Edmund deceived Maria, then tells Kendall he has to go.

Maria is at the church where Edmund is lying in a closed casket. She lights a candle for him then hugs the casket tearfully. As she tells Edmund that it is their anniversary, Maddie comes inside and says that she killed him. Maddie says that she saw the way her and Zach looked at each other and accuses them of being lovers. She tells Maria that while they all thought she was dead, she was having sex with another man, Zach. Maria tries to hug her, but Maddie steps away. Maria says that she loves her and Sam and they need to stick together because it is what Edmund would want. Maddie disagrees and says he would want her to not cheat on him. She says that her and Zach should have died in the fire, not Edmund, then runs back home. Maria asks Edmund's casket how she can help Maddie, when she probably is a murderer. She continues blaming herself for Edmund's death, citing that she chose to believe Zach over Edmund, and asks for his forgiveness. Myrtle comes in and admits that she overheard some of what Maria said.

Myrtle says that she misjudged Zach too and tells Maria not to blame herself. Maria begins sobbing as Myrtle comforts her.

Ryan tells Greenlee that he is toxic and that she should run away from him. Greenlee says that he is not like Braden or Jonathan, but Ryan argues that he just wants her safe. Greenlee admits that when he ditched her after the poisoning to watch over Jonathan after he hit Maggie, she figured either he thought that she would be OK by herself or he knew Jonathan drugged her and felt that she would just be safer alone. Ryan says that he believed Jonathan poisoned her, he just could not accept it, but thought she would be safe is he just watched over Jonathan. He says that he hates that he choose to believe him over Greenlee. She thanks him for his words, but says that she is still furious with him for not believing her. She and Ryan embrace for a moment. Ryan says that he understands how Jonathan would want to protect him, but Greenlee gets upset. She does not understand how Ryan can not blame Jonathan for what has happened. Ryan says that he did not say he did not blame his brother, he just understands. Ryan tells Greenlee what Jonathan said about how his father would torture him. Greenlee seems sympathetic and says that if their father tried to blame Ryan for everything, maybe Jonathan secretly hates him. Ryan admits it could be true and when Greenlee suggests their next steps, Ryan says she should go stay with Jackson and he is going to find Braden.

Jonathan looks a photo of him, his brothers and parents until Jackson knocks on the door, interrupting his thoughts. When Jonathan answers, he tells Jackson to go away, but Jackson ignore him and walks in. Jackson says that he knows Braden is in town and Jonathan apologizes for Braden's actions. He says that he is trying to protect people from Braden. Jackson says Jonathan is doing anything but that, and today, his law license officially stops being suspended, meaning he can practice law. Jackson asks him where Braden is and Jonathan says he does not know. Jackson does not believe him and says when he finds Braden, they will both go down, then leaves. Kendall is his next visitor and she immediately starts saying negative things, which only ticks him off.

Ethan goes to see Maria and Maddie answers the door. She tells him her mother is not there and does not care if she ever returns then goes upstairs. Ethan walks in and gets the disc from the box. He plays it on a DVD player in Maria's home and sees Edmund walking freely from the building Maria and Zach were trapped in. Ethan calls Edmund a "son of a bitch" and removes the disc right before Maria walks in. She asks him why he is there and what he has in his hand."

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