03/01/2005 David Calls It

"At the hospital, Zach was convinced that Ethan's heroic rescue, which had saved Zach's life, was an indication that he was a good man. Ethan was disgusted with himself for saving Zach's life and let his father know it. Zach was more convinced than ever that cutting Ethan out of the Cambias fortune was the right thing to do because Ethan was not tainted by the Cambias curse.

Maria, David Hayward, and Dr. Joe Martin worked feverishly to save Edmund's life while Brooke hovered nearby in a state of shock and worry. Maria stubbornly refused to give up even after Joe and David realized that there was nothing that they could do. Edmund's injuries were just too extensive. When Maria finally accepted that Edmund was gone, she allowed David to call his time of death. Edmund was pronounced dead at 9:33 a.m.

Devastated, Maria left the room and immediately saw Zach. She demanded to know what he had done to her husband. When Zach asked to speak to her alone, both Ethan and Anita cautioned her against being alone with him, but Maria ignored them and led the way for her and Zach to have some privacy.

Ethan ranted to Kendall about Zach and his need to save Ethan from the Cambias curse when he mentioned hitting Zach in the back of the head. He went on to let her know that he was sure Zach had been behind the shooting, but Edmund's death proved that was nearly impossible, as Edmund was the only one who knew how to contact the hit man.

Once alone, Maria began to immediately question Zach then accused him of going after a defenseless man in a wheelchair. Zach shocked Maria when he revealed to her that not only could Edmund walk, but he had trapped them in the shed. Maria didn't believe him. She yelled and ranted at him before breaking down in tears, overcome with grief.

Zach comforted Maria, but she didn't want that. She pulled herself together long enough to ask him what proof he had to support his claims. Zach admitted that he didn't have any but promised her that he'd had nothing to do with Edmund's death. Ethan walked up just then and accused Zach of being a liar. Ethan told Maria that not only had he been there, but he had seen Zach kill Edmund.

Brooke took the news of Edmund's passing badly. In a state of shock, she went into the room and sat beside him. Trying to make sense of the events that had led to his untimely death, Brooke asked him, "What happened, Edmund?" Of course there was no answer. As she sat by his side, she tenderly kissed his forehead.

Jamie was not happy to hear that Babe had been to see JR. He suggested that they find a justice of the peace to get married as soon as possible, but Babe was reluctant even after she told him that she was officially a free woman. Her divorce was final. When she explained that she just wanted to wait until things settled down, Jamie insisted that she tell him the real reason. She finally admitted that JR was determined, and he was not going to give up making her pay for what she had done to him. She feared that anyone close to her would get hurt in the process.

Tad visited Krystal in jail, posing as her brother. When Derek got wind of it, he went to see for himself and walked up just as Tad and Krystal were kissing. He informed Tad that the rule for visitors, family only, applied to everyone, including the Martins. Tad ignored Derek and continued spending the last minutes he had with Krystal, kissing her. Derek relented. He told the guard that Tad could stay until Krystal was taken to court and sentenced.

Lily was in a hospital room, surrounded by Reggie, Jack, Danielle, and Aidan. Aidan tried to apologize to Lily for hurting her, but it didn't seem to get through to Lily. Still too upset with events, Jack asked Aidan to leave. Before Aidan walked out, Reggie made a point of thanking him for saving Lily's life. In the hallway, Aidan saw Anita, who was clearly still in a state of shock. He asked her what was wrong, and she tearfully told him that Edmund had died.

Later, Jack informed Reggie that he had a call in for a doctor who could hopefully get through to an unresponsive Lily. As everyone left the room, Lily had a few flashbacks of a pool of blood in hay, all the while mumbling to herself, "Red, red, red..." When Jack returned a bit later, Lily was rocking herself back and forth but still remained unresponsive even after Jack tried to reassure her that he loved her and would do his best to not let anything bad happen to her."

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