02/23/2005 Bianca's Farewell

"At Fusion, Greenlee shares her concerns about Ryan with Kendall. Kendall is less than sympathetic because she feels that Jonathan is not worth everything Ryan is sacrificing in order to help him. Annoyed with Kendall's attitude, Greenlee makes an attempt to give her some insight into why Ryan feels he has to help Jonathan the way that he is. Kendall responds by making a biting comment about Greenlee and Ryan's plans to have a baby which strikes Greenlee as odd. She quickly realizes that Kendall still is upset over the idea of them starting a family. At first Kendall denies it but then quickly admits that there is a small part of her that is envious of them. She goes on to tell Greenlee that she's falling in love with Ethan and that she knows that she and Ryan would never have worked out because they were too toxic for each other. Just then Simone, all dressed up for Bianca's Bon Voyage party, walks in and asks the both of them if they've heard from her blind date. When it becomes apparent that Simone has been stood up, Kendall asks to hitch a ride since she was going to meet Ethan at the party.

Zach walks up as Ethan is carrying out suitcases from Bianca's loft. He is shocked when he learns that Bianca is planning to move to Paris. He tries to talk her out of the move, telling her that he needs her but he's unsuccessful. While holding Miranda and saying goodbye, Zach comments that a daughter needs her mother. Bianca takes the opportunity to point out that a son needs his father too. Zach agrees with her. As Zach leaves, he promises that he is going to do what he needs to in order to help both of them.

Ryan is clearly shaken after the first session with the therapist he hired to help Jonathan and him. When Jonathan asks Ryan if he's ok, Ryan confesses that he doesn't think either of them will ever be ok considering where they've started from. Jonathan decides to share a particularly painful story of when he was young and Patrick Lavery left him alone in a department store. Ryan is horrified at the cruelty Jonathan endured at their father's hands.

As Kendall and Simone head over to the party, Greenlee stops off to pick up Ryan, fully expecting him to attend the party with her. She is taken aback though when Ryan tells her that under the circumstances, he doesn't feel comfortable leaving Jonathan alone. Greenlee doesn't take the news well. She feels that Ryan is being way too overprotective of his brother if he is unwilling to leave him for a few hours to wish a good friend farewell. Jonathan, who had left the room at Ryan's request, interrupts the argument, insisting that Ryan go with Greenlee. He tells Ryan that he will be fine without his brother for a few hours and that he had been planning on turning in early anyway. Reassured, Ryan leaves with Greenlee who accepts his apology for the difficulties.

Everyone gathers at Erica's for the party. In the hallway, Maggie runs into Bianca, Miranda, Ethan and Kendall just as they too are arriving. Kendall and Ethan go into the penthouse with Miranda, leaving Bianca alone with Maggie. As soon as they are alone, Bianca asks Maggie if she is going to join her in Paris. Maggie says no. She explains to Bianca that she needs to stand on her own two feet for a while and get her life together. Bianca is understanding as they join the party.

It's an emotional goodbye as Bianca is showered with gifts and well wishes. A touching montage of Bianca's life in Pine Valley , from childhood on, is shown accompanied by Martina McBride's song; In My Daughter's Eyes. Later, Jack, Kendall and Erica go with Bianca to the jet which will take her to Paris and share a final, tearful goodbye. When Bianca is told that the flight is slightly delayed because of fog, Bianca settles back into her seat and reflects upon the most poignant times of her life in Pine Valley as Lionel Richie's song "Long, Long Way to Go," plays in the background. Bianca is pleasantly surprised when Maggie boards the jet at the last minute asking if there is room for one more passenger.

Ethan and Kendall walk into Ethan's office at Cambias to find Zach sitting in his chair. He makes the startling announcement that he has decided to go to court to have his late father's will overturned."

- Soap Central