01/10/2005 Maggie Tells Jonathan She Visited Bianca

"Greenlee confronted Jonathan about why he thinks she's sabotaging Ryan. She tried to clear the air between them, realizing that things haven't been right since she told Ryan he doesn't have an MBA. He accused her of not taking care of Ryan and being on Kendall's side against Ryan too. He expected her to fight for Cambias Industries and argued that it isn't right for Ryan to give it all up. Greenlee was incredulous and started to wonder about him when they were interrupted by Maggie. Jonathan blew up at Maggie for visiting Bianca in the hospital and stormed out.

Mary came to visit Greenlee, glad she was out of the hospital, pretending to care about her and told her she couldn't live with Adam any more. Greenlee guessed Adam had kicked her out. Mary pretended it was a mutual decision and showed her decorating ideas for the penthouse, in exchange for rent. Greenlee told her Bianca is living at the penthouse and said she can't move in with her and Ryan. Mary wondered what to do, having barely escaped from a terrible monster. Mary pulled out all the stops, begging Greenlee for a place to live but Greenlee told her they were about to lose their fortune. Mary admitted she'd neglected Greenlee, but she did always love her and asked how Greenlee could think of having a baby when she could be so cold to her own mother. Greenlee relented and agreed to pay for a room at the Valley Inn.

Maggie found Jonathan on the roof and he accused her of hurting him whenever she's with Bianca. Maggie assured him she'd lied about the bruise and hadn't told Bianca he'd hit her. He asked why she doesn't just push him off the roof. He whined that Ryan had given away his future and Maggie has turned to others who trash him. Maggie told him she loves him and apologized profusely until he calmed down. Maggie left and Greenlee was alone with Jonathan in the office.

Krystal visited Adam, per the condition under which he bailed her out. Adam was smug and admitted he'd gotten David's hearing postponed. She was shocked when he said he wanted to talk about their grandson. He told her he knows about Paul Kramer and the baby being with Jamie and Babe. Krystal denied it but Adam suggested she cut a deal and stop fighting him. Adam said he'd either drag Babe back to town in chains or give them enough money to start a new life elsewhere. All he wanted to know was where Babe is, with Jamie and the baby. Krystal complimented him on his smoothness and how JR is just like him. Krystal pretended their grandson was dead and suggested he set up a scholarship and give up on his false hope. Krystal said even if the baby was alive, she'd never sell him out, or her daughter, for cash. She warned him not to drag JR into his fantasy. He threatened to tell the law that Jamie and Babe are armed and dangerous. Adam didn't believe her continued denials and warned her she'll regret it.

Babe and Jamie anxiously awaited their contact with new IDs. Babe was nervous and could still feel JR's hate. Jamie tried to comfort her and they were approached by a fortune teller who saw betrayal, danger and guessed they were running from something. She told them to be careful and said they were headed for disappointment. Before leaving, she saw a new love and marriage for Jamie, as well as something stolen. Babe was nervous and wanted to get on the road when the forger arrived with their new papers as Harry and Faith Tucker. They were leaving when the fortune teller returned, pointing a gun at them.

JR visited Bianca and brought a present for Miranda. He apologized for not believing the baby was hers. He choked up and wished for a miracle like hers and to get his son back. Bianca agreed it was time for the hell they've been through to end. He begged her forgiveness and she suddenly remembered that he pushed her off the balcony. JR accused Tad of getting to Bianca but got upset when Anita came in with Miranda. Anita left and JR cried about how much he'd loved the baby and commented on how the grief connects him to Bianca. She admitted she doesn't want to see anyone go through that pain. JR asked if she understood why he has to get his son away from Babe. JR accused her of knowing and Bianca said she was planning to tell him, as soon as she figured out what was best for the baby. JR was furious and Bianca reminded him he'd pushed her off the balcony before she could tell him in Florida. Bianca said JR scared her and that he shouldn't be raising a child. JR vowed to get even with Babe and get his son back. Later, Bianca told Anita that Tad was right to keep the secret and that she'd just made a terrible mistake and worried she'd punished the baby because of her anger towards Babe.

JR went home and Adam lamented not being able to get Krystal to admit anything. JR gloated that Bianca had admitted all. JR got a phone call from his private investigator, the fortune teller, who told him she had Jamie, Babe and the baby and asked what to do next."

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