12/28/2004 Miranda Meets Her Family

"Bianca was reluctant to let Miranda out of her grasp. Erica, however, swore that she would never let anything happen to Miranda – ever. Maria examined Bianca and was stunned by the results of her examination. Bianca, she said, showed no signs of anything having ever been wrong with her. Later when questioned by Zach about why Bianca returned to them, Maria replied, "I have no earthly idea." She suggested that Bianca's love for her daughter was what had brought her back. She then urged Zach to go and embrace his son, Ethan, while he still had the chance.

Jamie, meanwhile, placed a call to the hospital to get an update on Bianca's condition. He spoke briefly to Joe who said that Bianca had come out of her coma and that she and Miranda had been reunited. Joe waved Brooke over to the phone and she and her son shared an all-too-brief phone chat. Jamie assured his mother that he was okay and asked that she be "happy" for him and Babe. Saying that it was too dangerous to stay on the phone for long, Jamie asked Brooke to tell Tad that he loves him and then hung up the phone.

Although they were at odds about Babe and Jamie, Krystal approached Tad and thanked him for living up to his promise to reunite Babe and Miranda. Krystal said that she knew it could not have been easy to choose between his son and Bianca's baby. Tad shook his head and told Krystal that she had no idea what it was like for him to make that choice.

Danielle spoke with Derek and told him how hard it had been for Reggie since he learned of Miranda's "death." Derek smiled broadly and said that everything would be fine now. Danielle was stunned when her father told her to invite Reggie over to the house for Christmas dinner.

Babe was elated to learn that Bianca was doing well and that she had been reunited with Miranda. With Baby James by their sides, Jamie and Babe felt that their future was looking better and better.

Zach bumped into Myrtle in the hospital chapel and told her that he wants to find some way to make up for the heartache and pain caused to Bianca by Michael. Myrtle sort of shrugged and said that she's not sure that that can ever be done. Later, Ethan warned Zach that he has "no claim" on Miranda. Zach argued that he does have a claim because he is Miranda's uncle. Unimpressed by the genetic ties, Ethan warned Zach to stay away from both Bianca and Miranda.

Back inside her hospital room, Bianca asked Jack if he would be able to pull double-duty as both great uncle and grandfather to Miranda. A teary-eyed Jack proudly nodded his head and said that he would be honored. Later, Miranda's relatives introduced themselves to her one by one. During some private time, Kendall confessed to Bianca that she feared that she would never see her again. Bianca urged Kendall to believe. Kendall chuckled and said that Bianca sounded a lot like Father Clarence. Bianca was surprised that Kendall had met the mysterious minister and said that she wasn't sure that Father Clarence was "from around here." The two sisters embraced as a smiling Ethan looked on from outside."

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