12/27/2004 Bianca & Miranda Are Reunited

"Jack and Erica anxiously waited for JR to come downstairs with the baby. Tad returned and rushed upstairs, to find Adam alone in the nursery, saying JR must have found another way out and feeling guilty for losing his son. Tad, Jack, and Erica rushed out of the house to find Miranda.

Clarence asked JR for a ride to the hospital. JR tried to bribe him off, but Clarence didn't budge out of the car. He talked to JR about Dixie and what she must think of what he's doing. Clarence finally reluctantly got out of the car and Aidan and Tad approached. Tearfully, JR asked Tad to help him save the baby, his child. Tad swore on Dixie's soul that JR was not the child's father. Jack took Miranda and rushed to Erica. Tad tried to comfort JR but he only said Tad and Dixie are both dead to him. JR was drinking when Stuart came in to express his sympathy. JR stomped out and slowly climbed the stairs to find Adam in the nursery. He offered to share the decanter and congratulated Adam for being willing to cut his own son's heart out. Adam said he didn't fully understand how much JR loved Bess until he saw the tunnel he'd built and that he'd hoped JR would get away with Bess. JR was furious about Adam helping with the DNA test and asked if it was worth it to betray him. Adam reminded him he is not the enemy; he's never loved anyone more than JR, but too many people knew the truth. JR said Bess was able to give him the love and trust that Adam couldn't. Adam tried to be rational with JR about Babe's lies and making a legacy for his lost son. JR only said he doesn't have a father anymore, he doesn't have anyone and asked Adam to leave. Alone, JR cried on the floor of the nursery. Adam went downstairs and complained to Stuart about his son losing his child and him losing his son. Stuart hugged Adam.

Ethan visited Bianca's hospital bed, thanking her for friendship and asking her not to leave. David came in and told her about Miranda being on her way. Family and friends gathered, even more worried when Maria warned of the need for a respirator to keep Bianca alive. Reggie got upset and Derek tried to calm him down by reminding him of all the people who love Bianca. Krystal showed up and Brooke took her aside to ask about Babe and Jamie and why she should forgive or understand Krystal. Krystal said she was there to play decoy in order to protect Babe and Jamie. Krystal was proud of the man that Jamie is, but Brooke only wanted her child home.

Ethan tried to calm Kendall down in the hallway, but she was upset about the meeting with Clarence and the disappointment in finding Bianca still in a coma. Ethan warned her to only bring her faith, not her fear, into the room with Bianca. Kendall jabbered about New Year's plans. Maria asked them to leave so she could examine Bianca. In the waiting area, Kendall had a flashback to Ryan carrying in the broken incubator, reminding her of Miranda's death. Just then the elevator doors opened, and Erica proudly showed Miranda off to the stunned gathering. Erica, Kendall and Jack took Miranda to Bianca as Tad told everyone it was true, Miranda was alive, and gave a brief explanation. Krystal was relieved, but David warned her it wasn't over for them yet. Zach confronted David and wondered why Krystal wasn't more upset when the news broke. Myrtle said a prayer of thanks to Mona for bringing all the girls together at last.

Kendall was stunned that Miranda was alive and when they got to Bianca's room, Maria warned them she was not doing well. Erica brought the baby to Bianca and asked Bianca not to leave to find her. Erica got insistent and begged Bianca to open her eyes. As everyone watched, Bianca finally opened her eyes, saw Miranda and held her."

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