12/22/2004 Tad Tells Brooke Jamie Isn't Coming Back

"At the DNA lab, Adam worries about JR's reaction if it turns out that Bess is really Miranda. After blaming Tad for JR's certain heartache, Adam tells him it won't be a pretty sight if Brooke prints a story linking JR to Bianca's accident. Adam later is overcome with guilt after JR thanks him for his support.

Brooke's concern about Jamie gets the best of her, but Edmund is there for comfort. She attacks Tad when he tells her the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the babies and admits that there's a chance that Jamie will never return to Pine Valley. Meanwhile, Jamie and Babe happily plan their future with little James.

Aidan and Anita arrive on the scene, where he is able to calm Lily, who becomes enthralled with him. He gives a veiled threat to Autumn, Chantal and China, implying that Lily is somehow working for the government. When Aidan threatens to bring trouble for the girls and their families if they don't stop harassing Lily, the girls appear to agree to back off. Anita is charmed by his gesture, and they kiss."

- Soap Central