11/01/2004 Greenlee Asks Maria For Help

"Bobby and Greenlee argued in the hospital lobby about what she'd said to Anita and what he'd agreed to do for Kendall. Greenlee started seeing things, like multiple Bobby's and an empty elevator shaft and Bobby thought she was messing with him. He warned her to stay away from him and Anita. Greenlee became frightened at herself.

Aidan tried to comfort Anita in the hospital closet, who was feeling foolish for trusting Bobby. Anita swore she was done with love. Bobby walked in on them and accused her of being in love with Aidan. Aidan excused himself and she slapped Bobby. He called her a hypocrite because nothing happened with Greenlee, just like nothing happened with Aidan. Anita accused him of destroying their love and trust. Bobby accused her of playing footsie and having feelings for Aidan. Bobby was tired of her always letting everyone know how perfect she is. She said she was too done with him to waste her time slapping him again. He stormed out.

JR taunted Bianca and laughed at her attempts to get or see Bess. Bianca had an offer to tempt his greedy nature...to help him get Chandler Enterprises back if he'd be willing to share custody of Bess. JR dismissed the offer because it didn't fit his plan to erase Babe from Bess's life. Bianca tried desperately to reason with JR, but he told her she was there instead of Babe because Babe was getting ready to run off with Jamie and can't be bothered with a baby. Bianca called him a liar. JR was adamant that Babe had abandoned Bess. Bianca walked out, telling him she can no longer be his friend.

Jamie and Babe told David and Tad about their plan to leave town to eliminate the threat Adam was hanging over Tad's head. Tad explained they got the evidence and disarmed the "Adam bomb." Jamie and Babe were speechless and explained the other reason they are leaving town is because they are in love. Brooke walked in to congratulate Tad and was stunned to see Jamie and Babe kissing. Brooke suggested a cold shower. David and Tad put on their daddy hats and wanted to be alone with their children to talk things through. David demanded Babe tell him what was really going on. Babe insisted they are really in love but David only told her she has the worst taste in men. She blamed the lack of a father figure growing up, but then apologized. She praised Jamie and told David he had taken care of the Paul situation. That stunned David, but he didn't answer Babe's questions about why. She tried to convince David to trust Jamie but he wanted Jamie to walk away. She hugged David before he left.

Brooke and Tad tried to tell Jamie he was risking any chance Babe had to get custody of Bess. Jamie disagreed. Tad surmised Jamie knew the secret that made Krystal turn down his proposal and get out of his life. Tad begged Jamie to trust him. Jamie said the secret is that he loves Babe and swore he knew what he was doing and that he wouldn't do anything stupid. He said he hoped he would be as good a parent as they are. Jamie hugged Brooke. Tad was worried Jamie was saying goodbye and when Jamie left, told Brooke it was like watching himself 20 years ago, heading straight for trouble. That terrified Brooke, especially when Tad said he knew Jamie was lying about something and he had to find out what.

David was waiting for Jamie and told him it was time for them to have a little chat.

Ethan refused Zach's offer of help at the police station. Livia came to see Ethan at the police station, at Kendall's request. Zach vowed to get a better lawyer from New York. Livia dismissed him. Kendall questioned Zach about being Ethan's father after all. Zach said he was there because of guilt for what Ethan had been through. Kendall suggested he pay the lawyer for Ethan. Livia warned him he was at the top of her suspect list. He agreed it would play well to a jury, jealousy over Ryan getting the Cambias fortune and actually being Michael's brother. But he warned Livia she couldn't place him at the scene. Alone, Kendall told Ethan she believed he is innocent and promised to help him prove it. He appreciated her support, but asked her to stay out of it.

Aidan found Greenlee cowering in an elevator, afraid to let go of the wall. Aidan thought he should call Ryan but Greenlee asked him not to. She said Maria was checking her out.

Later, Babe finished her letter to Bianca, trying to explain about Miranda. Bianca walked in."

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