"At the Fusion Office, everyone wanted Greenlee to explain her remark about Zach being Alex Cambias, Jr. Greenlee didn't answer directly and Ethan finally asked her for the settlement she'd promised to get him out of town. Jonathan blew up. Ethan pressed for more information and Greenlee said it was only a mistake from honeymoon fatigue. Then she blurted out that Ryan told her not to tell. Simone offered to cut out her tongue.

Ryan and Kendall discussed Ethan and Kendall tried to convince Ryan that she is over revenge and not trying to hurt Ryan. She finally realized that he never hurt her, she was the one who hurt herself and after the shooting she realized she only wants him to live, even with Greenlee. Kendall further explained she'd been feeling rage over Miranda's death and ruining things with Ryan and that helping Ethan helps her get over it. Ryan urged her to proceed with caution. Kendall swore he has nothing to fear from her or Ethan and Ryan almost believed her.

They joined the others and Ethan asked him if Zach Slater is really his father. Ryan said it was only a theory and that he's doing a background check to find out. Ethan stormed out, Jonathan yelled at Greenlee, and Ryan warned him to back off. Greenlee apologized to Ryan for projectile blurting and he forgave her. He reminded her that they will be fine even if Ethan gets the Cambias fortune.

Ethan and Kendall tried to guess Zach's motives for keeping his identity a secret, if he is Alex, and why he's trying to get Ethan out of town.

Edmund confronted Maria about the earlier emergency and she only said she was happy to be home. He made a speech about love and trust and they made plans to be home alone for the evening. Their tryst was interrupted by shouting between Opal and Palmer, refereed by Bobby and Anita. Opal was beside herself with jealousy over Palmer keeping company with Leila Mainwater, who Opal called a gold-digger and fortune hunter. Palmer reminded her that her caboose has been on cinder blocks for years. Bobby tried to calm them down and Palmer brought up his failed investment scheme. Bobby covered and said he'd pulled out before it failed and promised Anita she could have the house of her dreams. Anita and Opal left to look at decorating plans, and Edmund warned Bobby not to lie to Anita again.

Anita suggested to Opal that she is jealous, but Opal insisted she's only trying to protect Petey's future. Opal started to read Anita's tarot cards and saw a promotion in her career, but trouble at the homefront. Bobby returned and Opal told Anita it was all roses and rainbows in the cards. Anita apologized to Bobby for thinking he'd lost the money and not believing in him and their future.

Zach went to Erica's to ask her to tell Edmund about seeing him hugging Maria at the cemetery...so Maria's marriage will be over and he can have her and live happily ever after in Pine Valley. Or, Erica can stay quiet and he may leave Pine Valley. Erica saw through his performance and told him Maria already promised to get him and Ethan to leave town to keep Erica quiet about she saw. Zach got defensive about Ethan and blamed Bianca and Kendall for keeping him in town. He warned Erica and her daughters to back off or he wouldn't be able to convince Ethan to leave town. Erica said she is practicing good parenting to get danger out of her daughter's lives and Zach asked if she did that because her father didn't do it for her. Things got tense as he reminded her of her time in Las Vegas and how the dead don't stay dead. Erica wondered if he meant her ghosts or his. He said both and that he understands going through life with a father with a heart of ice. She said he is like many other men who only want to use her pain to get what they want. She also warned him she never forgives or forgets. Ethan called Zach just then and said he was on his way to Erica's to see him. Zach vowed to get Ethan out of town and Erica warned him he'd better. Suddenly, Erica looked at Zach and said his off-hand charm, intensity and the way he'd come to town inadvertently following in someone else's footsteps made her realize he reeks of Michael Cambias. He said she needn't be afraid of him and asked for time alone with him. Erica told him to just get himself and Ethan out of her family's lives. Ethan and Kendall arrived."

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