08/31/2004 Ryan Gives Greenlee A Ring

"In his office, Zach looked at a photo of Ethan and then at a lab report with Ethan's name on it. There was a knock at the door, and Maria entered. He could tell from the look on her face that he wasn't going to like what she had to say. She declared that after the dinner that night, she could never see him again.

Maria apologized for sending Zach mixed messages and reiterated that their relationship was over. She swore that she was committed to Edmund and her kids. She said that she was sorry, and he smiled and politely thanked her for clarifying things. He agreed to never see her again after that evening.

Maria was surprised by Zach's ambivalent attitude. He asked whether she had expected him to bless her union with Edmund. He was irritated that she had dictated how things would be for both her and Zach. She wanted him to respect her decision and to stop loving her. He said that he had always respected her, but he couldn't control loving her.

Maria felt terrible for hurting Zach and asked him to tell her how he felt. He didn't want her pity and said that he had a long night ahead, but she didn't want to leave things the way they were. He wanted her to leave, since she had already refused to see him after that night. She asked if he was still going through with his plans to right a wrong. He said that he wasn't going to be pushed over the edge just because she had dumped him.

Maria claimed that she didn't want things to be the way they were, but Zach escorted her out. Zach closed the door behind her and opened his cabinet. "Time to get this show on the road," he mused.

Kendall joined Ethan at the casino. They agreed that it would be an unforgettable evening. Kendall couldn't wait for Ryan to get what he deserved. Kendall wanted to order champagne to celebrate Ryan's impending downfall. Ethan asked for specifics about her plan, but she didn't want to ruin a day full of surprises.

Erica and Jackson entered, and Erica was livid to see Kendall talking to Ethan. Kendall introduced Ethan to Jackson. Erica pulled Kendall aside, and Jackson warned Ethan not to make life difficult for the Kane women. Ethan suggested that if Kendall was hurt in any way, Jackson should take it up with Ryan.

Kendall asked Erica to stop worrying, but Erica didn't want to see her daughter get hurt. Kendall defended Ethan and pointed out that people shouldn't be judged by their bloodlines. Erica scolded that Kendall couldn't make Ryan love her, but Kendall believed that he already did. Erica reminded her that Kendall had thought that Erica and Bianca's love would make her life complete, but even though she had earned that love, it hadn't been the answer for everything. Erica promised that she'd always be there for Kendall. Kendall told Erica to relax, because great things were going to happen. A frustrated Erica begged Jack to leave.

Ethan and Kendall compared notes about Erica and Jack's lectures. Kendall ordered champagne, but Ethan thought she had consumed enough alcohol. She said that he didn't know what she needed. Ethan commented that he had just spotted his only friend in Pine Valley, Aidan. Kendall warned him that Aidan wasn't his friend, but a private investigator working for Ryan. Ethan was skeptical that Aidan's intentions weren't true, but Kendall warned that Ryan was relentless when he wanted something. She explained that there had been a time when Ryan could have been trusted, until Greenlee had turned him into a male version of herself. Kendall vowed to stop them no matter what it took.

Ethan and Kendall toasted to getting what they wanted. Ethan commented that she had really loved Ryan. Kendall explained that they had loved one another until Greenlee had interfered. Kendall was confident that Ryan would eventually dump Greenlee and return to Kendall. Kendall excused herself to talk to a bellhop, who informed Kendall that Greenlee and Ryan were in their room with a "do not disturb" sign on the door. Kendall returned to her table and at first seemed despondent, but she soon swore that she would win as she picked up a knife and gripped it tightly. Ethan worriedly pointed out that she was bleeding.

Kendall toasted to Greenlee learning one of the biggest lessons of all: that romantic fantasies never lasted. Kendall refused to back down and smiled at the thought of Greenlee and Ryan's walls crashing down around them. Kendall was certain that Greenlee would end up with nothing, and Kendall would have everything that she ever wanted.

In their casino room, Jackson asked what Kendall had said that upset Erica. Erica was worried about her daughter, but mostly Erica had felt pressured to drink at the bar to forget about her problems. He pointed out that she hadn't succumbed to temptation. She knew that she'd be in recovery forever, but it was difficult.

She said that being alone with him made her feel something she wanted to feel -- love. She admitted that she wasn't an easy person to be with, but he assured her that they had been involved for 16 years, and he loved every part of her. They kissed passionately. He pulled away and suggested they look at the stars, but she wanted to make love. He didn't want to push her, but she claimed that she was pushing him. He carried her to the bed.

For his undercover work, Aidan posed as a wine steward. "You call this low profile?" Edmund asked him. Aidan said yes because waiters were invisible. Plus he had everything bugged and was keeping Zach away from Maria.

Aidan pointed out to Edmund that everyone who had wanted Michael Cambias dead was assembled at the casino. They talked about how it was the anniversary of Michael Cambias' death, and they suspected that something was going to blow up. Aidan worried about Maria, but Edmund trusted that things were over between Maria and Zach.

Greenlee questioned whether Ryan had meant his profession of love. He explained that his feelings had progressed from friendship, and he wanted their marriage to be real. He asked whether she could ever feel the same way. He understood that they had an agreement and was willing to handle things however she wanted. When Greenlee remained speechless, he begged her to say something.

Greenlee inquired how long Ryan had known that he loved her. He claimed that he had been falling for a while, but he hadn't wanted to say anything until he believed that he could love her as much as Leo had. Ryan knew that he could give her his whole heart. A stunned Greenlee wanted exact dates. He admitted that he had suddenly realized it at the circus, when she had let go of the trapeze, fearless and laughing. He had wanted to be the one to catch her and to put a smile on her face.

Greenlee recalled that Ryan had left when they returned from the circus. He explained that he hadn't been ready to push her, and he had no longer been able to be casual about risking everything. As he declared that he was ready to stand beside her for the rest of their lives, she blurted out that she wanted him. "Don't you get it, Ryan? I love you, too," she cried, and they embraced.

Greenlee admitted to a surprised Ryan that she had wholeheartedly loved him even before they had been married. She had married him, hoping that it would work out. He realized that she had risked it all, and she said it had been worth it. She had been afraid ever since Leo had died, but with Ryan, she had just had to go for it instead of sitting on the sidelines of her life. He said that was why he loved her.

Ryan picked a giggling Greenlee up and stood her on the bed. She thought that her feelings for him had been obvious. She recalled the picnic during which she had talked about the perfect guy for her -- it had been Ryan. They agreed that their love felt like flying. She fell into his arms, and they kissed.

Ryan and Greenlee began to make love, but she halted their passion to give him his daily surprise. She pulled out their prenup, and they gleefully ripped it up together. He said he had a surprise for her, also, and presented her with a jewelry box. She was stunned when he revealed a beautiful engagement ring.

Ryan bent down to one knee and professed his love. He said he wanted to be her friend, partner, lover, husband, and father of their children. He asked her to marry him, and she tearfully accepted his proposal. He slid the ring onto her finger, and she said it was perfect. He proclaimed that she was perfect for him, and they kissed again.

Greenlee and Ryan talked about how they were ready for a real honeymoon. They began to get passionate when there was a knock at the door. Aidan called out for Ryan, and Greenlee asked Ryan to get rid of him. Ryan kept Aidan from entering the room and said that he was busy. Aidan saw Greenlee and smirked knowingly. Aidan asked Ryan to meet him downstairs.

Ryan thought that something was going on involving Zach. He explained to Greenlee that he was expecting a surprise that evening. He revealed that Zach had a secret cabinet full of surveillance photos of the people who would be attending the dinner. Ryan suspected it had something to do with Michael, and possibly with Ethan arriving in town to stake a claim on the Cambias fortune. Greenlee said that they had decades to spend together and offered to join him downstairs.

A dressed-up Maria and Edmund greeted one another fondly in the casino. He said that they couldn't stay because he had a meeting with someone who could fill in a lot of blanks. She wanted to stay to keep an eye on Zach, because she thought that he was up to something. Edmund was worried, but Maria assured him that she was in a public place and would be safe. He cautioned that Zach would do the unexpected, but Maria insisted that Zach knew where she stood and that he wouldn't hurt her.

Edmund said he'd be back as soon as possible. Zach entered, and Edmund excused himself to run an errand. Zach was disappointed by the timing. Maria pushed Edmund out in his wheelchair.

Jackson and Erica returned to the festivities. Erica thanked Zach for imploring Bianca to rest after her fundraising efforts for the Miranda Montgomery Center. Zach flashed back to the lab results report as Kendall and Ethan entered. Ethan greeted Zach as "Mr. Slater." Kendall congratulated Erica and Jackson on their reunion, but she stopped mid-sentence when Greenlee and Ryan arrived hand-in-hand. Greenlee declared that she and her husband were in love as a jealous Kendall looked on in disbelief.

Meanwhile, Ethan told Ryan that Ryan had played Ethan, but the game was over and Ryan had lost. Ethan swore that he would get what was his, and Ryan couldn't take it away from him. Ryan was surprised by Ethan's attitude, but he understood when he spotted Ethan with Kendall.

Everyone took their seats around the dinner table, and Zach thanked them for attending. He said that the dinner had originally been intended to recognize the major donors of the Miranda Montgomery Center, but the evening wouldn't end with dinner. He announced that there would be a finale that none of them would ever forget.

Erica delivered a speech to express her gratitude for everyone's generosity. She gushed that Kendall had opened her heart to Miranda immediately and had helped Bianca and Miranda to face their obstacles. Erica complimented Kendall's spirit and stubborn nature and declared that when Kendall put her mind to something, others should watch out. Erica reflected on what Miranda had given to her family and declared that Miranda would continue to live in their hearts and through the center. Jackson burst into applause and others followed suit.

Zach announced that that they had raised nearly two million dollars at their event. He stated that casino owners were successful because they knew their customers, especially high rollers like the people in the room. He had planned the perfect entertainment for that evening -- a game of chance called murder."

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