08/03/2004 JR Takes Babe's Birth Control

"Ryan wakes up and finds Greenlee still on the sofa. She's been too upset to sleep all night because of what happened yesterday. Ryan tries to get Greenlee to open up to him and tell him what's bothering her. Just as she is about to tell him what's on her mind, Maria pounds on the door demanding to see Ryan. She comes in the door yelling at him for going to Zach. Greenlee snaps for Maria to get out of her husband's face. Maria yells back that she has something to settle with Ryan in private. Ryan asks his wife to give them a moment alone. Greenlee goes into her bedroom, and Maria proceeds to come unglued on Ryan. She blames him for Zach canceling his meeting with her. Ryan thinks Zach has ulterior motives. Maria stands up for Zach saying he would never hurt her. She questions Ryan's motives wanting to know if he gets off on this hero act of his. Ryan insists he was just trying to help a friend. Maria doesn't want his help and says she can handle Zach. Maria leaves in a huff. Greenlee comes back in admitting she heard most of what was said. Ryan tells her Maria accused him of selfish motives and that she is right. Ryan says he was selfish for jumping in uninvited, breaking her confidence, and doing what he thought was best without first consulting Maria. He thinks back on all the women he's tried to help over the past few years and admits his hero complex. Greenlee lovingly tells him he's all wrong. She says he reaches out to try to help others because of all the pain no one saved him from as a child and that it's one of the things she loves best about him. Glad to hear Greenlee sees him this way, Ryan tells her she promised to always be his safe place and she is. He tells her all the thoughts running through his head are about her. "Tell me, Ryan. Tell me what you feel," Greenlee softly invites.

The aroma of coffee draws Tad to his living room where he finds Jamie on the couch sipping a mug of the brew. Tad thinks he knows what is causing Jamie's insomnia and why he is there. Jamie surprises Tad with the news that he's decided to go to jail to get the jump on JR. His idea is to wear a wire and get Seth to admit he lied when he fingered Jamie. That way, according to Livia, the entire case against Jamie gets tossed. Tad doubts Livia would approve of Jamie's methods and insists Jamie is crazy to try this. He refuses to go along with Jamie's plan. Tad offers Jamie a breakfast of his own invention guaranteed to put him in a sugar-induced coma - sugary sweet cereal topped with crumbled chocolate bars. Tad jokes that when Jamie wakes up from the coma he will have forgotten this whole insane idea. Jamie doesn't bite. All he can think of is Babe lying on the ground at his feet and that she would have died if he had not been there to save her. He's going to jail with or without Tad's support. If Derek won't go along with his plan, Jamie says he will skip bail to force them to throw him in jail. Jamie tries to leave to implement his plan. Tad offers a Plan B instead. Tad will go after a confession from Seth himself. Jamie tells him it's not the playground any more. He has to fight his own battles. Tad tells him he's starting to sound like a movie. Jamie reminds Tad that he's the man he made him. It's in the DNA. "I really lucked out having you as a dad," Jamie tells his father. He compares what he is doing for Babe to what Tad did for Dixie all those years ago. Seeing he can't stop him, Tad gives Jamie his blessing.

David hears JR awaken Babe with love and kisses. He's also brought her a breakfast tray. Before digging in, Babe goes to check on Bess. David watches JR wipe his lips where he kissed Babe and place a crushed pill in her orange juice. Babe returns ready to take Bess to the park and show her off. JR tells her she must take care of herself first if they're going to create a new baby brother or sister for Bess. He hands her the glass of doctored OJ "so she can get her vitamin C and calcium." As Babe raises the glass to her lips, David bursts through the wall and screams for her not to drink it. David tells Babe he saw JR slipping a pill into the juice. Babe asks if that's true. JR starts to call the cops but Babe wants to hear David out. David tells Babe that JR is definitely trying to drug her and, "Who knows? This time he might be trying to kill you!" David yells. JR sucks down the evidence then briefly fakes becoming ill before raising up and telling David he made the wrong house call. David swears he saw JR slip a pill in the drink. He wants to take the glass and test the residue. He wants Babe to leave with him. Babe believes JR instead. She tells David he is not her father any more. "Now just get out of here before I call the cops," Babe tells David. JR invites him to use the steps this time. Before leaving, David tells Babe he is still her father and he's going to prove to her it is JR she can't trust. With David gone, Babe steps out of the bedroom for a moment. While she is gone JR dissolves another birth control pill in a fresh glass of orange juice. Upon re-entering, Babe sees the refill and thanks her sweet husband for getting it for her before drinking it down.

Expecting her first appointment of the morning, Erica is shocked to find Zach standing at the door of her penthouse. Zach lays on a little flattery, and Erica invites him in. Erica is curious as to Zach's interest in Bianca and his reason for being in Pine Valley. Zach only heightens Erica's fears when he responds that Bianca, too, is suspicious of him and that he's bought Michael Cambias' condo. He says it would appear that he is Michael Cambias reincarnated. Erica recites Michael's sins and tells Zach he better watch his back if he's trying to reinvent Michael Cambias. Zach says he just meant he seemed to be introducing himself to the community in much the same way Cambias did. Erica apologizes for going off on Zach for buying the condo, but, she reminds him, Michael Cambias tried to rape her and her daughters and succeeded with Bianca. "He had to be stopped," Erica states referring to Cambias. Erica tells Zach she even allied herself with David Hayward to go after Michael. Zach asks about Hayward and admits he's heard of him. Erica doesn't tell Zach much about David then says she really does have appointments to get to. Before Zach goes, Erica thanks him for saving her life in Vegas.

Maria goes to Zach's office looking for him. Finding it empty, her eyes fall on a painting. It's a painting of them looking at a painting at their hacienda in the dessert. Tears roll down her face as she recalls having it painted for him to remember their time together by. Bobby enters and shocks Maria out of her reverie. She starts to run away. Bobby stops her saying she is too upset to go anywhere. He reminds her he is family and asks to help her. Maria grabs Bobby in a hug and accepts his offer of help. Shaking, Maria tells Bobby she fears she is about to make the biggest mistake of her life.

Back home at his cabin, David opens his front door and finds Zach on his doorstep."

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