05/27/2004 JR & Babe's Wedding

"Bobby talks to Anita and convinces her to come to Vegas to celebrate his successful venture. She tells him that she will check the hospital schedule, rearrange what she needs to and she will call him with her flight plans. Excited, the first person he tells is Erica. She is excited for him and promises to head for the hills before Anita arrives. Nothing, Erica says, should stop him from getting things back on track with his wife.

While Anita is on the phone, Aidan and Edmund confess to Maria that "Bobby is in Las Vegas with Erica" and that he lied to Anita about it. They all believe that Bobby and Erica are having an affair.

When Anita gets off the phone and returns to the living room, she is full of renewed hope that things can work out with Bobby. She says that she realizes she still loves him, and the fact that he tried so hard for so long means he isn't planning on giving up. She tells them about the success he had, and how she is going out to celebrate with him. Maria, hesitant to let her go without knowing the full picture, manages to stop Anita from charging off to pack. After a few knowing looks around the room, and trying to put them off by coming to Bobby's defense, she asks what's going on. Aidan finally tells her what he knows about Bobby, and Anita lashes out at him. She calls him a liar and a coward, and just like Bobby. Aidan, visibly hurt, tells her that he is sorry that he lied to her - but he isn't sorry for trying to protect her. Calming down a bit, Anita realizes that she has once again let her anger out at the wrong person and apologizes.

A little later, she calls Bobby and tells him that she won't be making the trip after all. He asks why, but she hangs up on him.

Back in Vegas, a woman has recognized Erica and can't stop talking about how excited she is that she got to meet Erica Kane! As Zach looks on, she talks about how she can't wait to tell all of her friends. She goes on to tell Erica just how sorry she is about all of the things that she had to go through back in Pine Valley.

After she leaves, Erica is tied in knots about being recognized and exposed. Zach says that Erica has his word that her privacy is protected, and goes off to find the woman. Introducing himself, he finds out that the woman's name is Gwen Miller. He tells her that Erica was so impressed with how nice she was that she wanted to offer her a treat. When he returns to Erica's side, he tells her that he gave Gwen a VIP package: a deluxe suite and 10 grand in chips), presumably in exchange for her silence. He tells Erica that she is in the clear, but Erica confesses that it's not completely true. Noting that her daughter recently lost her child, and that she herself had escaped to the big city and assumed a new persona, she says that Zach must be wondering what kind of parent she is. Not being able to relate to having a family or being close to one, Zach assures her that he isn't passing judgment on her. He tells her not to give up. Leaving her alone with her thoughts, Erica daydreams about a joyful reunion with her daughters.

At the Chandler mansion, the big day has arrived: JR and Babe are to be legally married and the baby is to be christened Elizabeth Miranda Chandler. But the joy escapes Babe as she struggles with her decision of whether to tell Bianca that Miranda is alive, and rip the baby JR loves from his arms...or if she should keep the secret, keep her husband happy and let her best friend continue to suffer.

It became harder for her as JR talked to his "daughter" and told her that she had angels watching out for her: his two sisters, and Dixie. He tells her that he felt empty for a long time because of all of the things he lost - but that she filled him with all of the love that he thought he'd never feel again.

Bianca shows up and is concerned that Babe isn't ready. JR starts to leave with the little one in tow, but Babe stops them and says that she has something to tell them. As Krystal looks on worriedly, Babe stumbles through something that has nothing to do with what she really wants to say. Assuming that she is just overwhelmed with the magnitude of the day, JR and Bianca swear that they understand and that they are here to support her. JR takes his leave with the baby and Bianca goes to check on her dress. Babe tells Krystal that she can't deal with this - she had both of them right there and had the perfect opportunity to tell them - and choked. She said, "My best friend is grieving the same baby that my husband loves more than life." She doesn't know how to deal with all that while she is doing some grieving of her own.

Krystal and Babe talk a bit and then Bianca returns, all dressed and ready, and Babe asks Krystal to leave them alone for a few moments so they can talk. When Krystal leaves, Bianca says that Babe can tell her anything. Babe says that she doesn't want to upset her, but Bianca will have none of it and wants to hear what is bothering her.

Babe asks Bianca, "How do you do it? How do you get over losing a child?" Bianca tells her that she never really will get over it, and will never forget. She says that she has found ways to cope, and has people (like Myrtle) helping her...telling her that there is a plan for Miranda, and believing in that helps her to deal, one day at a time.

Downstairs, Brooke and Adam talk in the study. Adam is unusually happy and Brooke wants to know why. Adam swears it's because he has forgiven Babe because she loves his son, and gave birth to his newest grandchild. Brooke calls his bluff. She says that she thinks he's plotting something and wants to know who the target is.

Adam refuses to admit to anything. After Brooke leaves, Adam has time to chat with JR. They commiserate about how stupid JR was for marrying Babe. JR admits that he did it mainly to stick it to Adam. Adam says that he is glad JR did that. Wanting to know why, Adam reveals that it's all because of "Bess." They agree that soon "Bess" will be all theirs and Babe will be out on the street.

Outside, Jamie confronts Tad about why he lied to him and to JR. Tad admits that he was wrong, but that he had everyone's best intentions at heart. He says that he had talked to JR a short while ago and had every intention of telling him the truth...but then he saw in his eyes how much he loved Babe and he couldn't do it. Jamie asks him if he would have kept the secret if the baby had turned out to be his - would he have let JR raise his child. Tad says, "Absolutely not." Satisfied with that, Jamie forgives Tad with a hug.

Back upstairs, with Bianca gone, Babe tells Krystal that she still hadn't told Bianca the truth. Krystal tries to take the blame for everything that happened since she switched the labels on the vials, but Babe won't let her. Babe says that she understands that Krystal made the choice she did because she was trying to protect her child. Babe really blames Paul.

Krystal says that she believes that if she follows her heart, Babe will make the right decision. Krystal tells her that she "has faith in her baby girl." Babe is suddenly inspired and says, "That's it - I know where to get my answer."

Babe heads downstairs and she has a talk with "Bess" in the study - she says that she loves her more than anything and would do anything for her, but needed for the baby to give a sign to tell her a sign to tell her what to do. Babe finally calls her Miranda, and Kendall, who just walked in, overhears her."

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