01/02/2004 Jr Is Suspicious

"At The Valley Inn, Adam asks JR where his new wife is, since she wasn't partying with him anymore. JR ignores his question and once again, tells Adam that he knows about his evil ploy to break up his marriage to Babe. JR brings up Paul Cramer and points out that the real reason Adam brought him to Pine Valley was to get dirt on Babe. Of course, Adam denies the accusations and tells JR that he accepts Babe into their family. Mary sneaks over to JR and inquires about where Babe is. Simone asks Liza and Brooke where Tad is. They tell Simone they are not sure. Simone wonders if Krystal also being gone is connected to Tad, and Liza and Brooke don't seem too surprised. Simone tries to find Tad, Brooke ditches her date, and Liza plans to help Simone find Tad. Mary suggests to Adam that they ring in the New Year with a kiss. Adam agrees, but with the scene they displayed, they could have rented a room!

Jamie immediately asks Babe, "What the hell is going on?" She doesn't respond and instead of waiting for an answer, Jamie hops over onto the bed and begins kissing her. When Jamie admits his feelings, Babe bluntly tells him that she will have sex with him, if he will leave her alone about the baby's paternity. Jamie is shocked and stops kissing her. He tells her that he doesn't want to have sex with her--he wants to make love, like they did on their first night together. Babe tells him what they had was sex, and nothing more! She tells him she will sleep with him as many times as she needs to if he will leave her and JR alone. Jamie throws Babe's nightgown at her and tells her to get dressed. Babe tells him that she has used sex as a means to get out of problems before, but Jamie tells her she has more to offer a man than sex. He compliments her, trashes JR, and proclaims his love for her. Just when Babe seems to actually listen to Jamie, JR knocks on the door. Babe tucks Jamie in the closet and avoids JR's questions about the length of time it took her to answer the door and the rumpled bed sheets. When JR kisses her to set the mood, Babe makes an excuse about not wanting to make love and says "maybe it's the baby." JR gets suspicious and asks who she is really there to impress, if its not him. Babe tells JR to stop acting crazy and claims she was waiting for him, but fell asleep by accident. JR points out the rumpled sheets, how long it took for her to answer the door, her sexy nightgown, and her sudden "I'm not in the mood" attitude, which makes him think she is there to impress another guy. Babe demands they go home and when JR and Babe leave, Jamie comes out of hiding.

Krystal and Tad go to the hotel room and Krystal wastes no time with Tad. Krystal removes her earrings and then Tad removes her top, but is shocked when nothing slips out. Tad seems to chicken out about going further with Krystal and she asks what's wrong. Tad quickly says that he likes to take things slow. He tries to weasel out of the situation by bringing up protection, but Krystal has it covered-she says she never leaves home without it. When she goes to the bathroom, Tad picks up the bra and is still shocked that nothing falls out. When Tad comes out of the bathroom, she flashes Tad, knocks the bra out of his hand, and they finish what they started. After they are done and are lying in bed, Krystal tells Tad that he should be "rewarded" for completing his mission successfully. She lifts her leg up, takes off her high heeled shoe, and hands Tad a rumpled piece of folded up paper!

Aidan encourages Kendall to come closer to him in the bed for warmth--she is practically hanging of the edge of the bed. Kendall is hesitant, but comes closer and they share a kiss. Aidan pulls away and when Kendall tells him that she is through with Ryan and he CAN TAKE HER BACK NOW. Aidan tells her that he will honor his word by helping clear her name, but nothing more than that. Kendall pleads, apologizes, and begs for him to stay, but he leaves.

Mia tells Juan Pablo that she doesn't want to interfere with his relationship with Greenlee and begins to leave. Juan Pablo encourages her to stay and tells her that the relationship with Greenlee is over. Mia suggests that they go to sleep, but Juan Pablo is so much of a gentleman, that he refuses to get in the bed with Mia! Mia tries to encourage Juan Pablo to go back to Greenlee because they love each other, but Juan Pablo admits she isn't just scared of the gang-she is scared of getting hurt too. Aidan walks in and Juan Pablo leaves. Mia asks Aidan why he isn't with Kendall, soothing her every need and Aidan claims that he is done with Kendall. When Mia brings up her constant need for his help, Aidan admits that he will help her clear her name, but nothing more. Mia smiles when Aidan says that he wants to stick around and see where their relationship goes.

Greenlee is upset about breaking up with Juan Pablo and Ryan tells her that she has made the right choice. He also tells her that she deserves more than what Juan Pablo can offer, but Greenlee argues that there isn't anyone out there better for her. When Ryan gets out of bed and tries to get more wood for the fire, Greenlee asks him to stay with her. She thanks him for kidnapping her, but can't resist adding that Kendall is as much of a threat to him as Juan Pablo is to her! Ryan defends Kendall when Greenlee claims she killed Michael and isn't pregnant. Ryan tells Greenlee that is fulfilling Alexander's will, just as he wished. Thinking that Ryan is only using one organ instead of his heart to fulfill his needs, she kisses him, hoping to "deprogram" him. Kendall walks by and overhears Greenlee trying to get Ryan to team up with her and bring Kendall down, but Ryan refuses. Ryan gets tired of hearing Greenlee bash Kendall and leaves. Kendall comes in and shuts the door, ready to have words with Greenlee. Those girls bash each other; Kendall calls Greenlee's attempt to get Ryan in bed pathetic and Greenlee says her and Ryan spent hours together (where her name was not even mentioned in their conversation). Kendall calls Greenlee a liar. Greenlee tells her to believe what she wants, and run off to her precious Aidan. Kendall tells Greenlee that her and Aidan are only friends. When Greenlee tries to pat her stomach to say hi to the new baby, Kendall gets defensive and protective of her stomach. She runs out of room with Greenlee screaming behind her.

Ryan goes to Juan Pablo's room by accident, and Juan Pablo holds a gun to Ryan, startled by his intrusion. Juan Pablo puts the gun away and tells Ryan he should not just barge in other people's rooms. One of Juan Pablo's guards and close friends enters, speaks to Juan Pablo briefly, and then leaves. Juan Pablo tells Ryan that he will be leaving for Atlantic City soon to find one of the gang members. He asks Ryan to take care of Greenlee and Ryan sees that as a way of Juan Pablo saying he may never return. Ryan agrees to look after Greenlee and leaves. Kendall goes to see Juan Pablo and she suggests they do have a drink. When Juan Pablo reminds her she is pregnant, Kendall covers herself by saying she can always add an umbrella in her apple juice.

Ryan sees Greenlee in another room and when she asks him if Juan Pablo inquired about her, he says no. Greenlee does not seem surprised and when she hugs Ryan, they share a kiss.

Juan Pablo's friend pulls out a toolbox in the lobby, only there are no regular tools in this toolbox!"

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