12/15/2003 Bianca & Kendall Are Taken To The Hospital

"In an office at the hospital, Maria looks at records and recalls conversations surrounding Carlos' surgery and death. Juan Pablo enters and asks where Joe Martin is. Maria isn't sure but tells Juan Pablo she is going to give Joe her resignation when she sees him. Juan Pablo tells Maria he does not believe she caused his brother's death. He tells her Edmund has proof she's not responsible. Edmund and Joe enter. Edmund tells Maria Carlos did not die because of surgical error. Juan Pablo follows with "Carlos was murdered." Edmund tells Maria about the crest ring the male nurse, Rick, who got the pre- and post-surgical films for her wears and hypothesizes that the bone fragment was reintroduced via the surgical wound post surgery in order to murder Carlos. There are four other instances of enemies of the same family dying under similar circumstances in hospitals.

JR tells Jamie he believes his wife. Jamie is incredulous that he's not going to believe his brother. JR tells Jamie to "just take it back and we'll be alright." Jamie refuses to take back the truth and storms out.

Greenlee arrives at Juan Pablo's carrying groceries only to find Ryan hanging out in Juan Pablo's room drinking martinis. Greenlee accuses Ryan of chasing after her because she chose Leo over him and now that Leo is dead he thinks he can just waltz back into the picture. Greenlee tears about the room seeking clues of Juan Pablo's whereabouts. Ryan tells her, "No note, no clue, no flight info . . . ." and says the reason she can't find Juan Pablo is because he doesn't want to be found by her and for her to take the hint. It dawns on Greenlee that he still hasn't finished arrangements for his brother so he's probably at the hospital. She's going there to look for him. Ryan insists on tagging along to protect her.

Kendall and Bianca lay in the aftermath of the blast as Erica leaves a message on the answering machine and an alarm wails in the background. Kendall comes to and begins screaming frantically because she can't wake her sister. Medics arrive. Bianca is alive with a pulse of 112 and a blood pressure of 100/60. She starts to come to saying Kendall's name and asking what happened then she says, "The baby." Kendall covers saying she's talking about their niece who is at a play date, "Right, Bianca?" Bianca nods but when Kendall asks how she is (clearly referring between them to her pregnancy) Bianca says, "I don't know."

Maggie sits at the student union recalling her and Bianca's conversation in front of the mirror earlier when they noticed Bianca is showing. Erica enters and starts drilling Maggie about how Bianca is really doing. Erica thinks Bianca may be internalizing the stress of Kendall's antics. Maggie accidentally breaks the news to Erica that she and Bianca will be studying in Europe for the spring semester, that they are leaving the first week of January. Maggie tells Erica she is also getting study credit and wants to keep Bianca company. Erica tells Maggie that if she wants to keep Bianca company she'll be staying in Pine Valley because Bianca is not going to Europe. After Erica leaves, Maggie, still oblivious about he explosion, leaves a message for Bianca that Erica is not happy about their plans to go to Europe.

As Maggie ends her message to Bianca, Jamie enters the student union looking for a kegger on the bulletin board and is disappointed to find there are none. Maggie expresses concern that he is looking for a kegger so early and Jamie tells her it's because of the kind of day he's had. Jamie proceeds to hit on Maggie even inviting her to NYC to find a place to party. Maggie won't go to NYC with him but is flattered by his advances. They leave the student union together looking for trouble closer to home.

At Chandler mansion, JR yells into his cell phone, "I can't believe you didn't call a board meeting." He hangs up the phone and talks more with Babe about him choosing to believe her instead of Jamie. Babe asks him to "say the words." JR hugs her but remains silent. "JR, why won't you say it?" His cell rings again and she says to let it go to voicemail. JR answers the phone and must leave for a meeting at work. Before he leaves Babe berates him, "Do you love me?" He tells her, "I chose you didn't I?" Babe tells him, "I love you. I love you with all my heart." "And that's how I know you would never lie to me," JR tells her as he leaves for his meeting.

At the hospital, Kendall and Bianca realize if the doctors examine them they'll find out Bianca is pregnant - and Kendall is not. The same doctor that did Babe's pregnancy test wheels Bianca away for a neurological exam. Derek Frye enters and asks Kendall how she feels. Kendall tells him unless he has an official reason to talk to her don't. Frye tells the nurse to take care of Mrs. Cambias because she's pregnant. As Kendall sticks her head through the door, the doctor tells Bianca, "Your baby is fine, Mrs. Cambias." The doctor leaves and Kendall comes in. Bianca tells Kendall, "My baby is okay." They can't do x-rays because of the pregnancy but Bianca aced the neurological tests so she's fine. Kendall tells Bianca she can't leave the hospital until the doctors say it's okay. She needs to be under observation and though Kendall doesn't know how they're going to pull off this switch when they run into someone who knows them she stands firm on Bianca staying for observation. Smiling Bianca affectionately says, "Boy, bossy big sisters are a big old pain."

Still trying to figure out how they're going to pull this switch off in their own backyard, Kendall leaves Bianca's room and runs into Ryan and Greenlee. Still covered in soot from the explosion Kendall tells them, "I need your help." Greenlee asks what they can do. Kendall clarifies, "I need Ryan's help." Greenlee gets lost. Kendall briefly brings Ryan up to speed on what's happening and says she needs help getting Derek off their back as Derek talks to a nurse at the nurse's station in the background. Ryan tells Kendall he knows exactly how to handle this situation. As Derek walks up to them, Ryan starts going on about how Kendall is trying to pull the wool over his eyes again. Asked to elaborate, Ryan says Kendall is fine but she's going to play this explosion for all it's worth and makes up headlines like "Pregnant Murder Suspect Finds God After Explosion Causes Near Death Experience" when she is really fine all to get jury sympathy. It works and Derek leaves for an appointment.

Greenlee finds Juan Pablo and they embrace. Juan Pablo asks Greenlee what's wrong. She says she thought she had lost him, that he was gone. Greenlee wants him to go back to her apartment with her. She has lots to tell him. Juan Pablo can't go with her. He has business he has to take care of. Greenlee figures out he is going after Carlos' killer and is terribly upset that he is endangering his life. Meanwhile Joe tells Edmund & Maria, "I will not be an accessory to murder." Edmund tells Joe they hope it won't go that far. Joe refuses to have any part of their scheme unless the authorities are brought in. Joe leaves. Maria makes Edmund swear to her he will not let Juan Pablo commit murder. Maria goes to get Rick's address from the hospital computer for Edmund and tells him it's not necessary, that Rick will be on duty in the ER in a half hour.

Greenlee demands information from Maria about where Juan Pablo and Edmund have gone. Maria won't tell her anything because Greenlee would only be a liability if she tried to help. Maria tells Greenlee it's hard for her too because she knows Edmund is out there putting his life on the line as well. Greenlee asks who Edmund called before he left. Maria honestly tells her she doesn't know.

Erica arrives at Bianca's apartment to find the explosion mess and firemen. She asks a fireman about Bianca. He doesn't know. Erica takes off for the hospital. Erica enters the hospital demanding to know where Bianca Montgomery is. As Erica berates the nurse for the hospital losing her daughter who was mangled in a gas explosion - yes Erica's imagination is working overtime - Kendall and Bianca overhear her. Kendall and Ryan rush to Bianca's room to get her out of there before Erica can find her only to find Bianca's bed empty.

Juan Pablo and Edmund grab Rick by the arms and put their hands over his mouth as he pauses outside the hospital to put on his ID badge, his family crest pinky ring glinting in the parking lot lights.

Dizzy and nauseated, Bianca wanders around outdoors in a hospital gown and slacks. Bianca grabs her stomach and hollers, "Help, help!" before passing out on the ground."

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