"Adam wondered to Mary about J.R.'s mysterious phone calls and Mary revealed that she had heard a female voice on the other end. Adam began a tirade about fortune hunting women and decided that he needed to protect his son. Just then he noticed Tad standing nearby listening and demanded that he leave or he would call security. Instead of exiting, Tad handed Adam the phone to follow through on his threat and then proceeded to tie him up in a chair. While he imprisoned Adam, Tad reminded him that he had promised to stay out of J.R.'s love life and to back off. J.R. appeared in the doorway next to an amused Mary and Adam stood to bombard him with requests for bonding time. Instead, J.R. headed out the door to Adam's disbelief with Jamie and Tad en route for the Fusion party. Mary tried to warn Adam to be subtler and allow her to try her hand at getting J.R. to talk, but Adam told her that he knew of her methods and to stay away from his son. Behind Adam, Opal entered the room and asked why Mary was there. Adam informed her that Mary was his guest and that Opal could see herself out. Instead, Mary and Opal exchanged insults and Opal warned her that if she were attempting to use Adam to hurt Erica she would not allow it to happen. Mary smiled smugly and the women continued to argue until they were entwined together in a traditional catfight. Suddenly Adam returned and angrily threw Opal out. He turned on Mary and decided that it was time she worked off some of the damages. He demanded she find out everything she could about the girl J.R. was talking to on the phone.

Aidan passed by Erica and stopped to ask her how she felt about all that Kendall had done. Erica admitted that she thought Kendall had done everything in order to hurt her, but Aidan interrupted her and said that on the contrary, Kendall had done everything for her out of a need for affection. He upset Erica by telling her that Kendall thought she hated her, but Erica adamantly stated that she didn't hate Kendall. Just then, Jackson showed up and made Erica stop talking so that she didn't falsely implicate herself. Aidan was dissatisfied with the answers he had received and left stating that he was only protecting Kendall and wouldn't let her take the wrap for something she didn't do. After he was gone, Jack stopped Erica from going to Kendall to explain that she didn't hate her after all. He told her that she needed to stay hostile and away from Kendall so that people didn't begin to question her for answers she didn't have. She angrily insisted that Jack only wanted to meet with her so that he could question her, but he explained that he simply missed her and wanted to spend time with her. He towed her off to the boathouse, which was decorated for a "Man of the Year" contest he had won. Jack turned on the music and he and Erica danced and then he pulled out all the stops and kissed her.

Ryan arrived at his apartment and heard a noise inside. He hurried to open the door, only to find cops searching everything he owned. He asked if they had a warrant and they provided their proof. They asked him for the evidence he claimed to have regarding the Cambias murder case, but Ryan told them that the only way he would tell what he knew was if they disclosed Michael's time of death. The cop yelled no deal, so Ryan stood to change his clothes. He told them they were welcome to stay, but that he was expected at the Fusion bash.

At the party, there was paparazzi everywhere as the ladies of Fusion excitedly entered the room. They posed for photos and worked their way toward the stage. Greenlee stormed into a side room and vented that Juan Pablo wasn't there and that she couldn't reach him by phone. Kendall told her to calm down, but Greenlee ranted that it was Kendall's fault that he wasn't there. As they began to argue more heatedly, Mia and Simone jumped in to break up the ensuing argument. Mia told them that it wasn't fair for them to fight over men that night because Fusion was about all of them, not just two of them. Kendall announced that she hated Ryan because he was trying to steal away everything that was hers. Simone reminded them that they needed to concentrate on the night and the celebration of their success and Greenlee and Kendall quickly made up. They all headed out to face the press, but Ryan broke in on their party. Greenlee angrily insisted that he wasn't getting the glory that night and Ryan told them that it was their night and he would watch from the floor. The girls stepped on stage to announce the winner of the "Face of Fusion" contest: Timothy! Outside, J.R. and Jamie arrived with Tad and headed into the party. Inside the club, Aidan pulled Ryan aside to talk. He asked Ryan to help him protect Kendall since she was covering for someone else. Ryan figured out that Kendall was protecting Erica and told Aidan that he was doing a great job watching out for Kendall all by himself. At the party, Jamie told J.R. that the girl he was with really liked him. J.R. seemed reluctant to talk about the girl and then his phone rang. Tad listened from behind while J.R. seemingly set up a date for the following night. Tad then went back outside to talk to Juan Pablo who informed him that the people who were after Carlos had just reentered the United States. Tad told him that he had to get out of town and that Carlos could not pick now to end his flight from these killers because it would endanger those close to him. Just then Greenlee came outside and apologized and hugged Juan Pablo."

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