01/06/2003 Anna's Baby Stops Moving


It started out a normal day at BJ's until Maggie asked Bianca to the movies. Boy, did she get a big surprise with Bianca's reaction: "Are you asking me out on a date?" Bianca demanded. Maggie looked a bit uncomfortable, and at first, said it wasn't a date, but friends hanging out. "What's the difference?" Bianca asked. "What are we? Are we friends or more than friends? Are you curious? Turned on? Turned off? How do you feel?" Maggie danced around the questions for a while, but never really gave a straight answer. Bianca pressed on, and accused Maggie of avoiding the questions. Bianca then stood up, and in the middle of the popular coffee shop, shouted, "If we were going to go tonight, will it be a date?" Maggie got very embarrassed this time because customers stopped and stared. She begged Bianca to go somewhere private to continue this discussion. After Bianca saw that Jamie had overheard her loud ranting (remember - Jamie and Maggie once dated), Bianca felt badly and agreed to leave. The girls left together and headed for the boathouse.

At the boathouse, Maggie confessed that at first she was very confused by her feelings for Bianca. She reminded Bianca that their friendship began because of Bianca's affair with her twin sister Frankie. They reminisced about some of the good times they've had, and remarked how close they had become. I feel safer with you and closer to you than any other guy, Maggie admitted. Maggie then covered her eyes and confessed that she never felt this way about another person, and that she honestly loved Bianca. Seeing hope for this relationship, Bianca pressed Maggie about the love thing. "Do you love me as a friend or more?" Bianca implored.

At this point, Maggie started to walk away, but Bianca wouldn't let her. "Just tell me. No matter what your conflicting feelings are, I won't ditch you," Bianca promised.

Maggie took a deep breath and stared deeply into Bianca's eyes. Then she finally fessed up: "Bianca, I love you. BUT ... I'm into guys. Bianca's face immediately fell. She smiled sadly, kicking herself for yet again, falling for a straight girl.


Even though the "Anna-Hostage" situation at the Front Street Clinic had ended with nobody hurt, clinic director Janelle was still hot. She saw David comforting Anna, and then overheard David's sarcastic comments about not being able to report Reggie's stab wounds to the cops. That's when the insults started flying. She yelled at David some more about his arrogance and lack of sensitivity. David, clearly not getting why anyone could care about people "like Reggie," angrily told her: "Whatever angel ghetto trip you're on, count me out.

Outraged, Janelle blamed David for the whole hostage situation. If you hadn't called the cops, Reggie wouldn't have panicked and grabbed Anna, she yelled at David accusingly. At this point, Anna jumped in and explained that yes, she was a cop, but no, David hadn't called her. She was merely visiting David and this was all a big coincidence. Janelle, accepted Anna's explanation, but made it clear that nothing could change her mind about her strong dislike for David. Anna, ignoring Janelle's barbed comments about her husband, offered to help out Janelle with the gang problem. She gave Janelle her cell phone number, and called Derek, requesting help with the investigation.

Hearing this, David got incensed and commanded Anna to stop. David essentially informed Anna that her job was not as police chief, but as baby chief. He worried that this gang investigation was too dangerous and could hurt their unborn child. Anna challenged him: David, if you were pregnant, would you give up being a doctor? She assured David that she'd be careful and kissed him goodbye.

Then, horror struck. Anna doubled over in pain. David took quick action and wheeled her into one of the clinic rooms. Once in the room, Anna seemed to be okay. David lectured her again about the danger of job stress. But David, it's not the job that stresses me out, it's you, Anna said gently. Before David could respond, he was called out to work and left Anna in the room alone.

But wait. Horror struck again. "Oh my God" Anna cried, while feeling her stomach. David ran in, and panic stricken, Anna told David that the baby wasn't moving.


Maria was scared to death as Edmund entered the living room at "Wildwind." The injured Aidan was hiding just a few feet away. And right next to her was the computer with Aidan's email "Come And Get Me" in large bold letters. When Edmund asked Maria what she was looking at on the computer, she nervously lied and answered "Oh, nothing." Edmund appeared to believe her and Maria sighed in relief. They made plans for a quiet dinner after he returned from work and Maria exited the living room.

But Edmund was apparently more suspicious than he had let on. Once Maria was gone, he checked the laptop and saw the message "Come And Get Me." He pondered for a moment, and then became angry. He took the laptop, and stalked out, muttering "Dammit Maria."

At Tempo, Edmund was not a happy camper. He was throwing papers around and yelled at a nice fact checker for daring to ask a question. Brooke walked in on the fact checker getting scolded, and ordered Edmund to get a grip. She got Edmund to admit that his anger had nothing to do with work, and everything to do with Maria. He told Brooke about the his continued frustration with Maria's memory spurts. At first Brooke nodded attentively. But then Edmund took his complaints a step further. "One minute we're kissing and the next she's tearing herself away." Brooke clearly looked uncomfortable with this kissing information and tried to change the subject. But Edmund didn't take the hint at all and pressed on. He told Brooke about the recent email. He mistakenly believed that Maria wrote "Come And Get Me" to Aidan and expressed his fears that they were romantically linked. Edmund continued to pour his heart out to Brooke. "I look into her eyes and I'm in heaven, but now Maria's just sneaking around my home."

This was the final straw. Brooke totally lost it. She angrily told Edmund to shut up, that his love for Maria was way too much information. She explained that her life has been a mess since their breakup, but he was too wrapped up in his own stuff to even notice. Let me see, I had an affair with Adam Chandler, spent Christmas cheering up Tad, my son has lost you, and all faith in me, she exclaimed.

Edmund tried to apologize, but by this point, Brooke was too furious. You don't give a damn Edmund. I'm through being a nursemaid to your Maria obsession, Brooke yelled, and slammed the door behind her.

BACK AT WILDWIND, Maria returned to the room where Aidan was hiding. Aidan was panicked because the laptop was now missing and begged Maria to get him another computer. Maria became furious and demanded to know why and for whom Aidan left the "Come and Get Me" message. "I've been protecting you for weeks, and you're too cold and selfish to even tell me what I've been protecting you from." Maria shouted.

Maria threatened to call the cops, but Aidan grabbed the phone from her. He explained that the email message was for Fiona's killer who was now in Pine Valley. Aidan explained that he faked the email to make it look like he was far away. After he was certain that the killer received his email, Aidan was going to take off for who knows where. Maria didn't buy Aidan's story. She figured out that what he really wanted to do was confront the killer. Aidan admitted that he had to kill this man before the man killed him.

Aidan begged her once again to get him a computer so that he could go through with his plan, and then get the heck out of dodge. But Maria wouldn't comply. She stared at him and told him with emotion that he was now a part of her, and she just couldn't let him go. Aidan stared back at her and agreed to stay in Pine Valley."

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