12/02/2002 Bianca Walks In On Kendall & JR


Kendall's morning started with a bang .. well, a knock actually. It was Aidan, and ever since Thanksgiving, he's been feeling pretty thankful that Kendall is around. They were about to further discuss his grateful feelings over lunch when the phone rang. Unfortunately for Kendall, Aidan answered the call. On the phone, he heard that Kendall was responsible for sending her own mother to jail for Thanksgiving. Appalled at her behavior, Aidan begged Kendall to give peace a chance, to stop with this mother-revenge thing. Unsuccessful, he stalked out - leaving Kendall in hysterics that no one will ever love her.


Meanwhile, at high school, JR decided to rekindle his romance with Laurie. But when he leaned over to kiss her, he got the big brush off. She immediately blamed JR for getting her fired, reiterating that she isn't rich like him. JR attempted to apologize, but just when it seemed like she was getting receptive, she suddenly ran away. For some reason, the janitor got her spooked. Completely confused, JR took off.

He ended up at Kendall's door. Kendall, expecting Aidan, broke down when she saw JR, and fell into his arms. She then carefully admonished JR that they were just friends. JR agreed, and told Kendall about his confusion with Laurie. Kendall declared that any girl who pushed JR away is obviously an idiot. Suddenly JR was much more interested in reminding Kendall about their recent kiss, than discussing Laurie. Kendall resisted this conversation for a few seconds, and then before you knew it, they were kissing again.


Erica is now free, but the jail food did not calm her down a bit. All she can think about is getting revenge on Kendall. But Chris wasn't having any of it. He accused Erica of being obsessed, and warned that her obsession was going to stamp out their relationship (no pun intended).

Bianca then showed up at Erica's new digs and took Chris's side immediately. She declared that Kendall was out of her life forever, and that Erica should do the same. Erica agreed to take her daughter's advice and invited Bianca to join her and Chris for dinner. Bianca declined, claiming she had to go to a Study Group. But sneakiness runs in the family. Turned out, there was no study group. Instead, Bianca called Kendall. But Kendall ignored the ring because by now, she was heavily making out with JR. Happy that Kendall wasn't home, Bianca made a beeline for Kendall's apartment with a credit card in hand. She easily broke in. She flung open the door, only to find Kendall, practically naked. Kendall became enraged that Bianca just broke in. Mortified, Bianca apologized and made a hasty exit. But not soon enough! Suddenly, there was JR, and let's just say he wasn't wearing too many clothes either.


That mysterious janitor approached Laurie again. Laurie became visibly upset when the janitor threatened to teach JR a lesson. She managed to calm him down, but her girlfriend Joanie is very curious as to why this strange man is butting into Laurie's life.


Maria and Edmund are looking much chummier these days. She insisted that he not cancel his plans for "The Crystal Ball" in hopes that the party will ignite some memories. She confessed that this amnesia thing was quite frustrating and blamed one person for it: David. Then, speaking of the devil, guess who rang the doorbell. You got it: none other than David. But, before Edmund could slam the door in his face, David managed to blurt out that he had a proposition for Maria that could change her life forever. He thought he had a new drug that could potentially bring back Maria's memory."

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