11/21/2002 The Masquerade Ball

"At Erica's penthouse, Kendall confessed she stole Ryan's letter to his father, Chris. She wanted to know how Ryan was and if he missed her. Aidan scolded Kendall from lying to him why she wanted to see Erica's penthouse. He realized she wanted to search for something from Ryan so she could hook up with him again. Chris angrily told Kendall, Ryan had a home in Pine Valley but thanks to her he has left his family and home. Aidan and Kendall left.

Chris talked to Erica about Ryan's letter and that he never asked about Kendall. He sat with her on the sofa and asked how her ankle was. She assured him it was feeling better. She asked Chris to bring her Mona's picture from a nearby table. She fondly gazed at it and told Chris that it was the only thing other than Bianca's baby shoes that was salvaged from the fire. Chris told Erica that Jackson didn't have enough evidence to charge Trey with arson for burning down her home. The case could not be tried. He wanted to know if she could live with knowing that Trey was free. Erica pretended it wouldn't bother her and Chris left to go to the kitchen to get some bubbly. While he was gone, Erica placed a call on her cell phone.

Kendall and Aidan went to the Pit for a drink. Aidan was peeved Kendall used him as an excuse to get into Erica's penthouse to look for anything she could find about Ryan. He promised her he would help find Ryan if it would make her happy. He admonished her for not being up front with the real reason why she wanted into the penthouse and for just stroking his ego. Kendall wanted to know why Aidan was hanging around her then. Aidan replied he liked her and wanted to help her. He figured once she got Ryan out of her system, she would be his. He put his arm around her and told her he wanted them to be friends for now but he would want more later. He assured her she was worth waiting for once she put all the stuff with Ryan behind her and her relationship with Erica. One day when you grow up and you realize what you have been searching for from Erica, I'll be there waiting for you. He then got up to get a drink from the bar. Kendall's cell phone rang. It was Erica. She had a proposition for Kendall and asked her to come to Erica's penthouse in the morning. Erica didn't wait for a reply and disconnected the call. Chris returned with sparkling cider.

At the Masquerade Ball at Chandler Mansion, an inebriated Jamie shoved Adam telling him to leave his mother alone. Tad tried to stop Jamie from mouthing off telling him this was not the time nor place, but was unable to. Jamie pulled away from him and shouted at Brooke. He blurted out why was she sleeping with Adam. The guests had gathered around the altercation and gasped at Jamie's revelation.

Liza meanwhile rushed down the stairs from the upper floor, her face very pale. Marion was puzzled at Liza's demeanor. As the guests watched the verbal fight among Brooke, Adam and Jamie they suddenly heard a loud crash on the patio. They rushed to see what happened. Mia lay crumpled on the cement. Frank rushed over to her and shooed everyone away telling them not to move her as Mia was in arrest. He told someone to call an ambulance. He searched for a pulse and began CPR. Liza raced to the phone and asked where the ambulance was. Adam saw Brooke nearby and tried to calm her. Neither one realized Liza was nearby. Brooke told Adam she knew something bad was going to happen that night. Adam questioned what did she mean. How could she know Mia was going to fall? Brooke replied she meant Jamie finding out that she was sleeping with Adam. Liza whirled around to face Brooke and Adam her as her mouth dropped open in disbelief. She stared blankly at them both and left the room. She sat forlornly on the stairs. Jamie crouched a few steps above her. Tad came over to Liza to comfort her about Mia. Marian walked by Brooke and gave her an icy stare.

Mia, unconscious, was wheeled in the ER at Pine Valley Hospital. Frank rushed in with her. Jake saw the commotion and didn't realize at first it was Mia. When he discovered who it was he quickly had her taken to one of the cubicles. Frank gave him all the pertinent information, the vital sign readings, etc. Jake implored Mia to open her eyes. She slowly opened them and weakly smiled at Jake.

Outside the cubicle, Liza, stunned, waited for word on Mia's condition. Adam approached Liza and told her Mia was conscious. He apologized for his affair with Brooke and told Liza it was over. Liza walked away, expressionless. Marion saw Liza sitting alone, staring into space. She told Liza she saw her going upstairs after Mia. She asked what happened upstairs. Liza didn't answer as Jake came out of the cubicle and told them Mia wanted to see Liza. Jake asked Liza what happened as Mia hadn't told him anything. He explained she was so excited about getting engaged to him and they were talking on the phone about having a baby. Liza now realized Mia was talking to Jake and not Adam when she overheard Mia's phone call in the attic.

Back at Chandler Mansion, Jamie picked up his confrontation with his mother, Brooke. He blurted out at her what's wrong with you. Why can't you be happy? Don't bring any more losers into our house. He pleaded for a normal life, a normal home. He wanted Brooke to be a member of the PTA as part of the package. Tad tried to tell Jamie that the world is not perfect, but Brooke interrupted him to not defend her. She agreed with Jamie she was messing up her life and apologized for creating the mess for Jamie to deal with. She decided it would be best for Jamie to live with Tad while she tried to get her life back in order. Jamie's anger hadn't subsided and he told both of them to go to Hell. He angrily walked away. Tad followed him out to the patio. Tad told Jamie he loved him and really cared about him. He told Jamie that if they were going to work things out, they would have to work together. He reminded him of what Dixie had said, "Sometimes you have to go on faith." They returned to the living room where Brooke asked Tad if Jamie is ok. "No", replied Tad, "But I made him a promise I intend to keep."

Frank talked to Mia in the ER. He explained she would be taken to surgery soon to stop the bleeding. Liza entered the room. She and Mia gazed at one another, neither saying a word."

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