"At Miller's Falls in the State Park, David told Anna they couldn't stop looking for Leo. A member of the SWAT team interrupted them to tell Police Chief Devane that Leo struggled with Vanessa and they both fell into the falls to the water below when the railing broke. Greenlee, hysterical, was brought to the police command center. She demanded everyone to keep searching for Leo as David restrained her from going back to the falls. She called out Leo's name frantically. She believed he was still alive. Mary Smythe rushed to the scene and tried to calm Greenlee. Greenlee didn't want comforting from her. Greenlee told her mother she doesn't want to be like her: a cold, distant, washed-up widow. Mary was shocked. David told Greenlee to go to the hospital and get her bruises from the fall checked out. She refused to go. She has to look for Leo. She screamed hysterically at Anna, blaming her for not stopping Vanessa. David got medication from his medical bag and gave it to Greenlee to calm her. She was transported by the medical unit to Pine Valley Hospital with David by her side.

Edmund explained to Maria his childhood and how he inherited Wildwind. Breakfast was ready and they sat down to enjoy the meal with Sam and Maddie. Sam began to choke on a piece of food and Maria rushed to help him. She grabbed him and used the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the food. Edmund thought she had remembered her medical training but Maria felt she knew how to do what was needed because of the childcare training she had. Breakfast over, the children left the room. Edmund and Maria talked more about their history together and how they met. Maria told Edmund she is afraid she will disappoint him. She asked him what she was really like behind closed doors. "Heaven on earth," replied Edmund.

Brooke was drinking coffee at the boathouse when Tad joined her. He wanted to know why Jamie didn't go to soccer practice. Brooke interrupted him and told him about Leo and Vanessa's death. Tad was shocked. Brooke was waiting for a phone call from Laura so she can tell her about Leo. Tad confided to Brooke he is worried about her and her obsession with her research on memory loss. Brooke felt there is a piece of the puzzle missing about Maria's loss of memory and she needs to find what it is. She told Tad that Maria remembers the plane crash but Brooke believes there is something else that is preventing Maria from regaining her memory-something she wants to forget.

Brooke's cell phone rang. It was Laura. Brooke told her about her former husband, Leo's, death. When the call ended Brooke told Tad, Laura took the news well. Brooke commented that Leo gave Laura a reason to live. Tad asked Brooke if she has a reason to live. "Yes, for Jamie," replied Brooke.

Greenlee and David arrived at the hospital. Greenlee was taken to an exam room. She refuses to be checked over by Jake Martin and demanded David. Meanwhile, Bianca and Maggie arrived at the hospital and seeing David wanted to know if it was true. Is Leo dead. David put his arms around both of them and said it was. They both began to cry. Kendall and Trey arrived at the hospital and David thanked Trey for helping Greenlee. Jake joined David outside Greenlee's exam room. Maria arrived at the hospital and seeing David there caused her to flash back to her memory of David at the beach where he rescued her covering something up with a shovel. Then, hearing Greenlee's pleas for him, David entered Greenlee's exam room. At first Jake refused to let him go near Greenlee but David convinced him Greenlee needed him. David sat with Greenlee comforting her. Anna arrived at the hospital and seeing David in the room with Greenlee, told David he should not blame himself for Leo's death. David lamented that Leo and Greenlee were on their way to Paris and he stopped them, begging them to stay in Pine Valley. It is his fault Leo is gone. "No," said Anna. "Vanessa is the one who killed Leo." David returned to Greenlee's bedside and sat with her. Greenlee told David he has to get her well. She needs to look for Leo. David told her Leo is dead. "He's alive. I know he is," replied Greenlee."

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