"Adam entered his study and prepared himself to look frazzled and disheveled. He tousled his hair and loosened his necktie. He sat down on the sofa and looked forlorn just before Mia entered the room. Mia gasped at Adam's appearance and asked what was wrong. Adam went to the desk drawer and pulled out one of his shirts that had been torn to shreds. He showed it to Mia. Mia was puzzled. "Who did that?" she asked. Adam led her to believe it was Liza. Mia was stunned. Adam tried to convince Mia Liza is sick and that Liza still believes he and Mia are having an affair.

Liza met JR in the park and told him Colby had lost Adam's sterling silver pen, the one JR had given Adam for Christmas. She wanted to replace it and asked JR where he bought it. JR looked blankly at Liza and told her he didn't give Adam the pen. Liza pretended she had misunderstood Adam when he had told her JR had given it to him and told JR everything was ok. JR left to join his friends. Liza reviewed in her mind what Adam had told her about losing the pen. She tried to reassure herself she had heard Adam correctly but still doubted her memory. She decided she would go home to Chandler Mansion and talk to Mia. Mia had been in the room when Adam told Liza about JR giving him the pen for Christmas.

Liza walked into the study just as Adam and Mia embraced. Liza testily told Mia to leave the room. She wanted to talk to Adam privately. Liza demanded to know what was going on or she would take Colby and leave permanently. Adam continued to manipulate Liza's thoughts. They argued about her moods and then Adam showed Liza the shredded shirt. Liza wasn't sure if she had done it or not.

Before the wedding, Leo talked to Greenlee in David's room at the Valley Inn. He tried to reassure her everything was going fine. He pledged his love for her once more and knelt down in front of her and asked her to make him the happiest man on the planet. Greenlee looked thoughtful for a moment. She told Leo she had always dreamed of walking down the aisle. "Was I in that dream," asked Leo. Greenlee smiled and said, "always." "Let's do it!" she told Leo. Leo, with a twinkle in his eye and an impish grin on his face, gleefully twirled around and joyfully grabbed Greenlee's hand. They raced out of the room to go to their wedding.

Mary entered the wedding room and gasped when she saw yellow roses being arranged on one of the reception tables. She demanded they be removed immediately as she didn't order them and they were tacky. Woody interrupted her and exclaimed they were from him. He had always given Greenlee yellow roses on her birthdays and for special occasions. So the roses stayed. Roger, not to be outdone by Mary and Woody, pulled out a "trinket" he had bought Greenlee-a glittering diamond bracelet. Neither Woody nor Mary was impressed. Noticing their reaction, Roger quickly put the bracelet away. The three of them argued which gift was more precious to Greenlee. Millicent, Greenlee's grandmother, intervened and demanded the bickering to stop. Count du Pres joined the group and asked if anyone had seen his associate, Mr. Wolfe. Roger thought he might be at the bar and decided to personally look for him there. Roger needed a drink.

Meanwhile, Wolfe was in the patio area outside the wedding room holding Vanessa. He tried to intimate her again by telling her it was her choice if Leo died saying "I do." He attached a silencer to his gun.

At Oak Haven, Dr. Randolph, Vanessa's real doctor, awakened Anna. He was surprised to find Anna in Vanessa's bed, drugged. Anna realized Wolfe, posing as Dr. Wagner, had taken Vanessa to Leo's wedding and left for the Valley Inn.

Roger intercepted Leo and Greenlee before they entered the wedding room. He told Greenlee he wanted to talk to her alone. Leo went to join David in the wedding room. Roger presented Greenlee with the diamond bracelet. She was overwhelmed with the extravagance and wondered how Roger was able to purchase it for her. Roger asked her to at least once not to make him feel like a loser and a complete failure. He told her she was always her mother's daughter as he noticed the diamond earrings Mary had lent Greenlee.

Leo overheard Millicent trashing his character while he waited for Greenlee to walk down the aisle. As Greenlee appeared, Leo flashed back to similar critical remarks made by Mary and Roger. Leo then raced down the aisle toward Greenlee, grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the room. He closed the door behind them and they raced out of the Valley Inn.

Wolfe pointed his gun at the people in the wedding room. The guests were shocked at Leo's behavior and wondered what was going on. Just as Roger opened the door to the room and began to explain that Leo and Greenlee have left the ceremony, Wolfe shot him. Roger slumped to the floor, shot in the chest. Wolfe raced through the room into the hallway only to be shot dead by Anna who had just arrived at the Valley Inn. Jackson arrived on the scene and told an officer to call the Police Commissioner. He argued with Anna that she is in a lot of trouble because she discharged a firearm while under the influence of a powerful narcotic. The Police Commissioner needed to be there. Anna told the Count he has diplomatic immunity and to be at the police station for questioning.

Leo and Greenlee went to the park. Leo told Greenlee he loves her for who she is and promises her the wedding they really want and not the wedding show her parents wanted. "The 24 karat farce isn't us," he told Greenlee. He left to find the minister and then returned to the park to get Greenlee. He told her to keep her eyes shut and then took Greenlee to their private place. Once there he told her to open her eyes. They were at the boathouse. It was filled with flowers and candles everywhere."

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