06/17/2002 After Spending The Day With Count DuPres

"Tad and Brooke show up at a hospital, looking for Maureen Gorman. Brooke tells the nurse on duty that there's a little boy she could save. They explain to her that Maureen is a match for the Lorenzo, and they ask her for help in tracking down Maureen. The nurse excuses herself and talks with another woman who approaches Tad and Brooke. The woman told them that they aren't the only ones looking for Maureen. She said that Maureen stopped showing up to work about two days ago, her phone was disconnected and she left no forwarding address. She went on to tell them that everyone is very worried about her, and the kids keep asking about her. Tad was skeptical as to why the woman would just leave when a little girl approached them. She asked them if they have found Maureen, because she hasn't finished the story about the princess. Tad told her no, but that they're looking for her. When they girl left, Brooke asked to see Maureen's file, and the woman agreed, because she knew Brooke was the owner of Tempo Magazine. After she left to get the file, Tad confessed that the little girl reminded him of the kind of girl Dixie would have had. Brooke comforted him as the woman returned. She announced to them that Maureen's personnel file is missing.

Joe told Mateo and Hayley that they could take Lorenzo home. As Joe walked away, Adam approached the couple and questioned why they brought Arlene back to Pine Valley. Hayley told him that her mother was a lot more understanding then he was. Adam apologized for coming down on Hayley, and she explained to him that they called everyone, and thought Arlene could have been the donor. He jumped to conclusions that she was drinking, or her liver was bad after years of abuse, and Hayley ripped into him again. She told him that she does love him, but she doesn't need his help right now. She asked him to leave, and he reluctantly agreed. When she returned to Edmund and Mateo, Edmund assured her that Tad and Brooke would find the donor and bring her to Pine Valley. Later, Joe gave Mateo and Hayley some last minute advice on taking care of Enzo, and she asked if they could drive him home, or do they need an ambulance. Joe said that that might do the trick, and he gestured behind them. They turned around to see Stuart, Marian, and Isabella pushing a baby carriage with balloons tied to it. Stuart said it's for Lorenzo's homecoming. Hayley and Mateo showed their appreciation for them coming down, as Edmund got a phone call at the desk. It was Brooke, and she told him that the woman disappeared and they can't find her. She assured him that they'll keep looking for her, though, but they're coming home now. When Edmund hung up, he broke the news to Hayley and Mateo. Edmund told them to keep up the hope, as he said goodbye to them. Mateo turned to Hayley and told her that everything would turn out okay. She said that she hopes he's right.

Erica continued dreaming about the fire, as she woke up screaming. Chris put his arms around her to comfort her. They got out of bed, and Chris poured her some milk. She told him that she was only scared because of the lightning and the storm. He didn't buy it, and asked if it was Kendall. She confessed that yes, it was Kendall she was thinking about. Later, Chris called a friend of his and found out that Kendall's trial is scheduled to begin July 5. Erica seemed to be unsure that she would really pay for her crime, and that she would find some way out of it. Chris, however, assured her that Kendall would pay, and after the trial she would be out of their lives for good.

Ryan told Kendall that he would keep her in the rain all night until she agreed to marry him, so she screamed, "Yes!." Ryan pulled her into an embrace and they kissed. They went back to their motel room, soaking from the rain. As Ryan dried off Kendall, she vowed to never push him away again. She told him that she is so happy, and she wished she could call someone and tell them how happy she is. Ryan suggested she call her mom. Kendall thought Ryan meant Erica, and acted offended, but he corrected himself and said he was talking about her adoptive mother, Alice. She told him that she isn't on the same page as Alice, and they have nothing in common. She went on to say that she wanted to wait until the trial was over anyway. Ryan managed to convince her to call her mom, so Kendall picked up the phone and dialed. When her mother answered, Kendall told her that she's getting married. She told her mother that she hopes she can make it for the wedding, and they say goodbye. She turned around and told Ryan that she's glad he made her do it. Ryan said that it's his turn now to call Chris, but Kendall said no. She told Ryan that Chris hates her, and he'll just try to talk him out of it. Ryan said that it won't work, and he proceeded to dial.

The count asked Leo if he would take the DNA test, and Leo agreed. There was a knock at the door, and it was Wolfe. Leo asked them both if this was some sort of set up. Count Du Pres assured them that Wolfe was going to help them, not hurt them. Wolfe apologized for what he did to them, and the Count assured them it wouldn't happen again. He told them that Wolfe is also his chauffeur, and he wanted to take Leo and Greenlee on a tour of Paris. He told them that he would like to get to know the young man who might be his son, and Leo said that he would like that, too. Later, the Count and Wolfe took Leo and Greenlee on a tour of the city. When Greenlee saw something she liked, she got out of the car to look closer, leaving Leo and the Count alone. They talked about Leo's past, and he assured the Count that he isn't a con anymore. The Count said that he did his homework, and he knows that Leo has changed. The Count offered Leo some advice and told him never to let Greenlee leave him, because she's a treasure. They heard Greenlee calling for Leo and the two men left the car. After they left, Wolfe got on the phone and told the other person that he has a message for Vanessa Cortland. "Her son is getting into water over his head." They later returned to Leo and Greenlee's suite, and Greenlee told Count DuPres that Wolfe gives her the creeps. He agreed that Wolfe can act a little aggressive at times. Before leaving, he confessed to Leo that he wouldn't mind if the DNA tests proved he was his son. Leo said that he would like that, too, and the Count left. Afterwards, Greenlee observed how happy Leo was, and Leo admitted that he likes the Count. Greenlee offered to cancel her flight and stay with Leo and Guy, but Leo convinced her to go back to work. He then told her that this might be the last father's day he spends without a father.

Chris was telling Erica a story from his childhood when the phone rang. Erica picked up the phone, and it was Ryan. He acted surprised that she answered, and told her that he has some big news. He told her that he wanted to talk to Chris, and Erica handed him the phone. Ryan immediately told him that he's marrying Kendall. Chris asked him to think about this and don't jump into it, but Ryan wasn't listening. He tried to convince Ryan that Kendall is going to go to jail and he told him her trial date has been set for July 5. Ryan responded that he and Kendall will be married the day before her trial begins. After Chris hung up, he told Erica what happened. She tried to console him as he complained that Ryan was going to throw away his life, "for her!"

After hanging up, Ryan assured Kendall that he's marrying her before she walks into that courtroom. He finished by saying that if Chris or Erica try to bring her down, "they're going to have to go through your husband first."

Brooke and Tad said goodbye to the woman, and told her to keep in touch if she hears from Maureen. As they left, the little girl, Brittany, returned and told Tad to tell Maureen she wants to see her. Tad promised, and the girl threw her arms around him. After Tad and Brooke left, Brittany told the nurse that she hopes they find Maureen. She wants to find out what happened to the princess who lived in Wildwind Castle, and if she lived happily ever after.

Count DuPres climbed into the back of his Limo and told Wolfe that he never dreamed he would have another son. Wolfe responded that he might wake up tomorrow and discover that his new son is gone again."

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