"As the fire rages, Chris carries Bianca down the stairs. They make it to the living room when the ceiling collapses. Kendall tries to restrain Erica from running back into the house. They watch helplessly as the fire continues to grow. Ryan appears and a hysterical Erica explains to him that his father and Bianca may be dead because of Kendall. Firemen arrive on the scene, but have trouble getting inside the house because of the intensity of the fire.

Chris is trapped beneath the ceiling debris as Bianca tries desperately to free him. As the house threatens to collapse, Chris pleads with Bianca to save herself. He asks Bianca to tell Erica and Ryan that he loves them. She reluctantly leaves. A few minutes later, a fireman carries Bianca outside. She is suffering from smoke inhalation, but manages to give Erica Chris's message. At this point, they realize that Ryan has gone inside.

Ryan, dressed in fireman's gear, finds Chris and struggles to free him. Though Chris begs Ryan not to put himself in danger, Ryan doesn't listen. Finally, he is able to lift enough of the weight from Chris so that Chris can scramble out. As they try to leave, more debris begins to fall. Outside, Erica, Bianca, and Kendall watch in horror.

Tad can't find a way to let go of Dixie. He tells Brooke he isn't ready to leave Switzerland. Brooke tells him that JR and Jamie need him at home. Tad isn't sure what he can do to comfort them; he can't begin to make sense of what has happened. Brooke calls Edmund to tell him that she and Tad will be staying in Switzerland a while longer. Edmund understands, but tells Brooke that Jamie is having a hard time. Brooke asks Edmund to put Jamie on the phone so she can talk to him. As Brooke talks, Jamie just listens. Brooke hands the phone to Tad. Tad is able to put aside his own grief to tell his son everything will be ok. Before hanging up, Jamie speaks for the first time in weeks to tell Tad, "I love you, dad." At this moment, Tad realizes where his priorities lie. He and Brooke make plans to return to Pine Valley.

Leo finds the lingerie that Roger bought for Simone and demands to know who Roger is fooling around with. Leo is getting tired of the way that Roger continually deceives Greenlee. He is angry that Roger allowed Greenlee to get her hopes up that her parents were getting back together. Greenlee comes in and Roger invites the two of them to dinner. Greenlee agrees, but only if Simone is invited as well.

After Roger leaves, Greenlee receives a special delivery envelope. She opens it to find that it is a list of people her mother wants to be invited to the wedding. Greenlee sees this as a sign that her mother intends to be there. She wants to make sure everything is perfect. Leo doesn't share Greenlee's views. He takes the list and tears it into pieces saying that the wedding is supposed to be their day. He is afraid Greenlee will be hurt once again by her parents. She explains to him how important it is for her that both her parents attend. Leo is skeptical, but agrees to help make the day everything she wants it to be.

Roger goes to see Simone. He tells her he overheard the conversation she had with her father and now he understands her a little better. He sees that Simone depends on her father's approval no matter how hard that may be to attain. After they make love, Roger tells Simone that she could be a really terrific writer. He wants to help her write a book on Proteus. Simone hesitates. Roger convinces her that the book could be a best seller. Convinced, Simone whips out a tape recorder and begins interviewing Roger on the story behind Proteus.

At Brooke's house, Opal opens the door to find Palmer standing there. He just got back from Hong Kong and wants to know what Opal is doing staying at Brooke's. Opal breaks the news to Palmer of Dixie's tragic accident."

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