"Ryan visited Chris in the hospital. He told Chris he couldn't just walk away after what Chris had done for him. He wanted to do anything he could to help. Chris turned away, saying he'd heard enough of Ryan's "guilt-induced epiphany." Ryan left, not knowing what else to say or do. Chris placed a call to Derek. He wanted a search warrant issued for David's cabin and hotel room. Despite Joe Martin's assurances that David had saved his life, Chris was certain that David was Proteus.

Kendall was waiting in the hospital corridor for Ryan. She tried to convince him to stop blaming himself for Chris's injuries. Ryan was still in shock that Chris would take a bullet for him. Kendall moaned that Erica would never do such a thing for her. She said Erica would rather go blonde first. Ryan and Kendall struck a truce and decided they were friends.

On the island, Leo saw Greenlee and Jake sleeping next to each other. Leo accused Jake of doing more than just sleeping. That turned into an argument over whose fault it was that they were stranded. Greenlee had had enough. She asked to speak to Leo alone while Jake went off looking for firewood. Once alone, Greenlee batted her eyelashes and told Leo that she had been very afraid she would never see him again.

Leo was not about to be swayed by Greenlee's charms. He was still angry that he'd found her and Jake ready to make love. Greenlee, trying to defend her actions, mentioned how she'd felt when Leo had betrayed her with Laura. Before the argument could gather steam, Jake appeared with the announcement that the Coast Guard was heading their way. They were about to be rescued.

Maggie begged Vanessa to let her go. Hearing a knock at the pump house door, Vanessa slapped a piece of tape over Maggie's mouth before answering. Stuart and Marian, out for a day of cross-country skiing, had seen smoke from the chimney and had wondered who had been there. Vanessa explained that she'd had nowhere else to live after being banished from Cortland Manor. Marian made some snide remarks before Stuart dragged her away.

Next, Vanessa made a trip to David's cabin, where she uploaded all of Proteus' files to his computer. With wicked satisfaction, she told herself that since David had crossed her, he would pay. Vanessa received a call from Leo. He told her she had to leave the country -- that day.

The police were busy searching Greenlee's loft for clues on Maggie's disappearance while Bianca nervously told Jack about Maggie finding a code in the book of sonnets. She thought that discovery might have led to Maggie confronting Vanessa. David was there with Anna. He kept trying to reach Vanessa on her cell phone, but there was no answer. David confided to Anna that he was feeling guilty for introducing Vanessa to the heart-attack-inducing drug. Angrily, David vowed that if he found Vanessa before the police did, he'd kill her.

Moments later, David received a call from his security company that the alarm had been triggered at his cabin. David and Anna left to check it out. When they arrived at the cabin, David found nothing out of place, but he still sensed something was very wrong. He turned on his computer to see if anything there had been tampered with."

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