02/05/2002 Bianca Runs Into Maggie

"The pandemonium at the police station continues, as Mateo tells Hayley to leave, Chris shouts at Derek to put Mateo in a cell, Derek wants to talk to Hayley, and Ryan shouts accusations at Chris. Hayley insists that enough is enough and although she knows Mateo wants to catch Proteus, the price is too high.

Anna and Tad are anxiously waiting outside Dixie's hotel room on the Caribbean island, as a sleepless and disheveled David watches over Dixie. Tad takes off. As Dixie comes to, she thanks David for saving her life, and gently puts her hand on his face. He leans over and holds her in his arms and tells her everything will be OK, as Anna opens the door and silently watches. Then Anna loudly shuts the door and enters, telling David that they have to leave because the plane has to be returned to the WSB. Dixie asks if Anna was responsible for bringing David to her, and Anna says it was all David's idea, and how lucky Dixie is to have such a devoted doctor. Tad arrives, and David tells him he must take good care of Dixie, and then tells Tad that he has the power to ruin his career if he reveals anything about the serum and research David had been doing. At first Tad refuses to keep his mouth shout. "So you get your patent, make millions of dollars, and Dixie is just a footnote?" he says angrily. But Dixie points out that they owe David so much for saving her, and eventually Tad agrees not to say anything. David says goodbye to Dixie and he and Anna leave. Outside the room David is struck by the enormity of what he's done, using a serum without knowing all the possible things that could go wrong. "If I'd lost her, I don't know what I would have done," he says. "She's going to be all right. And now it's back to reality."
Inside the room, Dixie remembers how Tad took care of her, but she hasn't forgotten ... "The divorce?" Tad asks, and sadly hands over the divorce papers. "That is what you want, isn't it?" he asks her. Dixie hesitates a moment, then agrees, "Yeah," as she softly strokes his face.

At SOS, Maggie tells Leo she will be all right on her own tonight, but Leo wants to talk to her privately. Greenlee protests, but goes to wait outside in the car. Maggie admits to Leo that she really didn't know her sister at all well. Maggie left home and lost touch with her twin. Maggie tells Leo that she never had any kind of psychic twin connection to Frankie. "And I forgot you had a twin," Leo admits. Maggie asks about Bianca, and Leo promises to set up a meeting and promises to call Maggie in the morning. He leaves to join Greenlee.

Kendall, meanwhile, is talking to Bianca on the phone and begs her to meet her at SOS right away. Bianca protests that it's late, but Kendall persists and tells Bianca she is sorry they got off on the wrong foot again, and has something to tell her. Eventually Bianca agrees to come to SOS. "Mommy's little sweetheart is going to get the surprise of her life," Kendall gloats to herself. As Kendall keeps checking her watch, Bianca comes in, and Kendall waves to her from the table. As Bianca makes her way over, she bumps right into Maggie, takes one look and gasping, "Frankie!" falls to the floor in a faint.

Leo and Greenlee arrive back at the penthouse, and Greenlee is still pushing Leo to tell her what the matter is. Leo is still trying to contact David, unsuccessfully. Greenlee says she knows that Leo is upset. "Upset? Why should I be upset? Because you went to see Jake twice in one day?" he replies. "You can't stay away from Dr. Sensitive for even one day?" Greenlee insists she loves Leo. They start to kiss, but Greenlee wants to get serious and wants Leo to trust her enough to tell her what's bothering him. He reminds her of the time she was worried about her father, Roger, and he tells her it's something like that, and that's why he can't talk about it. The phone rings, and it's David returning Leo's calls. Leo tells David that there may be some big trouble. David tries to get more information from Leo, who says that Vanessa is acting "like she did before." David asks if he means the strange way Larry took off. Leo just tells David to get home as soon as possible. After he hangs up, Greenlee says firmly, "I'm not going to let Vanessa hurt you!"

Mateo is demanding to see his lawyer when Adam's lawyer, Barry, shows up. As Derek starts to explain the charges to Barry, Chris takes over and tells Barry he's in charge of this case. As they talk, Mateo takes Hayley aside and tells her she has to go. He says that the drugs were planted in his safe and he thinks Chris Stamp is Proteus. Ryan interrupts and tells Mateo about his father's death, adding that Mateo should watch his back. Chris wants to talk to Mateo and Hayley and takes them with Derek, Jack and Barry into an office for questioning. Hayley says their whole family was threatened by Proteus, but Stamp says maybe Mateo just wanted a little extra cash. Chris tells an officer to take Hayley out, and takes her arm. As he does so, Ryan bursts in and tells him to take his hands off her. Then he says that they should know something about Stamp. He then goes on to talk about his father's death, and how he was executed, or assassinated by Stamp. Now he's trying to do the same thing to Mateo, Ryan claims. Jack is interested to hear more and has obvious doubts about Stamp. Stamp angrily reminds everyone that this is a federal investigation and says ominously that Mateo is going down. He insists that Mateo be taken to a cell, and Mateo is allowed a minute alone with Hayley.

At SOS, Kendall puts on a show of concern about Bianca, and pretends not to know who Maggie is. Bianca comes to, and looking at Maggie says, "Frankie! You came back!" When Maggie explains who she is Bianca says she didn't even know Frankie had a twin sister. Kendall pretends to sympathize with Bianca, saying what a terrible shock this must be. Maggie admits to Bianca that she knew very little about her sister's life, but has heard that she loved Bianca. Maggie is about to leave when Bianca stops her, and asks her if they can meet again. Maggie agrees to stop by at Myrtle's tomorrow. Kendall tells Bianca that she understands how much she must have loved Frankie, and gives her a hug while hiding a smug smile.

Alone with Mateo, Hayley explains that she just had to speak up, and that she's afraid for their son Enzo. Mateo assures her that he will get out of this, because the charges are bogus. Meanwhile, "I just want you to be safe," he tells her. Ryan comes in and Mateo asks him to take care of Hayley and get her out of town. Ryan says he will and leaves them together for a last goodbye. They kiss, and Hayley sadly leaves."

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