11/20/2001 Erica Eavesdrops on Bianca & Frankie

"At Jake's loft, Leo sat next to Greenlee, who was curled up on the couch, and apologized to her for not believing her when she told him that Laura was losing it. As they talked, Jake returned home and broke the news that he had managed to track down Roger. Greenlee's eyes lit up. The trio traveled to Pine Valley Hospital where Roger had been admitted. Oddly, Roger recalled little if anything about his attack. As he spoke, his words were halting and forced. Laura, meanwhile, placed a frantic call to Leo to find out when he'd be home. Leo angrily told Laura to stop calling him and refused to reveal his whereabouts.

Laura tossed the phone across the parlor of Brooke's home just as Phoebe, Edmund and Brooke were returning home. Edmund wittily picked up the tossed the phone and asked Laura if she had "dropped" it. Laura claimed that she'd been on the phone with Susan, but it was clear that no one believed her story. Laura continued on, saying that she and Leo were still married and that she was determined to make their marriage work. Phoebe placed her hand over her mouth and Brooke looked down at the floor. Both were unsure how to handle the situation. Laura announced that she was headed back to the condo to wait for Leo to return home. Edmund offered to give her a ride home, but Laura declined. After Laura left, Phoebe announced that Sam and Maddie were in bed and that there was no reason for Edmund to rush home. If he wanted, Phoebe smiled widely, he could spend the whole night at Brooke's house. It was quite clear what she was pushing for. After Phoebe left, Brooke teased Edmund that it was time to head to the Pine Cone.

Frankie was moved to tears by Bianca's declaration of love. Frankie claimed that no one - not even her mother and father - had ever told her that they loved her. Outside the room, Erica was devastated by Bianca's announcement, but touched by Frankie's genuine outpouring of emotions. Erica raced downstairs to talk to Opal about what had happened. Seeing how upset Erica was, Opal assumed that Erica had caught the two girls in a compromising position. Erica explained that Frankie's emotions puzzled her. A con artist, she said, would not be taken in by genuine emotions. Opal urged Erica to give Frankie the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps, she suggested, Frankie isn't as bad as Erica believes. Erica returned upstairs and asked to speak to Bianca and Frankie. Erica pledged that, as a recovering drug addict, she would give Frankie whatever help she needed to kick her habit. Frankie reluctantly accepted the offer, unsure exactly what Erica was planning. Later in private, Erica pressed Frankie to state how she feels about Frankie.

Laura burst into Jake's loft and searched high and low for Greenlee and Leo. They were nowhere to be found. She placed a call to Leo to ask him when he would be returning home. Suddenly, her breathing became short and erratic. Leo rolled his eyes and told Laura to stop lying about her health. Leo angrily hung up the phone. Laura continued to plead for help before collapsing to the ground."

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