11/12/2001 Leo Asks Bianca To Come To His Wedding

"Proteus phoned Roger to find out why he was late in calling in his surveillance report. Roger relayed his encounter with Mateo to Proteus. Proteus seemed genuinely surprised that Mateo had gone above and beyond the call of duty by peddling more drugs than expected.

At the Pine Cone, Marian tried to convince Ryan that he had misunderstood what she had said to Mia. Ryan knew what he had heard: Liza was pregnant. Ryan took off to find Liza, leaving Marian and Mia alone. Marian tried to open up to Mia. Mia seemed envious of what she envisioned as Liza's perfect upbringing. Marian chuckled slightly and confessed that Liza's childhood had not been perfect - and that she had not been the perfect mother. Still, Mia knew that Liza and Marian would always be there for each other and that was something that she didn't have. "I can't make up for what Larry did to you and your mother," Marian said softly. "I am not trying to replace anybody in your life, Mia, but you're here and I'm here and we really are family, aren't we?" Marian sat on the edge of the bed next to Mia and hesitated to put her arm on Mia to comfort her.

As Laura was handing over a wad of cash to Susan to pay her for her services, Phoebe and Brooke entered the room. Laura was able to explain away her actions, but Brooke was quite suspicious of her daughter's actions. In private, Susan warned Laura not to ruin her "good thing" by doing anything crazy. Laura stated that it had taken her a lifetime to find people like Leo and Brooke and vowed that she would not lose them. Later, Laura's wedding planner, June, showed up with some bad news - the minister Laura had hired for the wedding was stuck in Hawaii. June offered a substitute minister, one who had married Erica Kane. Unfortunately, that minister was also to have married Leo and Greenlee. Laura erupted and tossing things around the room. June took to the phones to find a judge or replacement-replacement minister, but Laura tired of the planner's failures and fired her.

Leo met with Frankie and Bianca just hours before his wedding ceremony. Leo recalled that Frankie had a penchant for thievery when she was a child. Bianca didn't seem to care much for Leo poking fun at his cousin and asked that Leo stop. Leo tried to convince Bianca to attend his wedding, but Bianca refused, saying that she'd be there if he were marrying anyone other than Laura. Leo muttered that he wanted Bianca to be his "best person," but even that didn't seem to work. Eventually, Bianca ceded to Leo's requests. She worried, however, that people might think that she and Frankie were an item if they showed up at the wedding together. Frankie didn't seem to mind too much what people thought of them. Bianca asked Frankie for a few moments alone with Leo. "Are you 100% positive that you want to go through with this wedding today?" asked Bianca. Bianca quizzed Leo about his intentions towards Greenlee, but Leo claimed that he no longer had any romantic feelings for Greenlee. Bianca reminded Leo that the first time he married Laura he had thought that she was dying. "Until death do us part," Bianca said softly. "Those are words that you should not say unless you really, really mean them." After Bianca left, Leo unwrapped a ore-wedding gift given to him by Laura: a picture cube with a "Don't be late" voice message recorded by Laura. Leo put the gift down and raced out of the house.

Because Greenlee had gone against his request for her to stay clear of Leo and Laura's party, Jake held true to his promise to boot Greenlee out of his loft. However, Jake was noticeably upset when Erica fired Greenlee for her antics. Holding a copy of the daily newspaper that featured an ape costume clad Greenlee on the cover, Erica proclaimed that Greenlee's actions at the party were "the last straw." According to Erica, Greenlee had done enough negative publicity for Enchantment. She also noted that Greenlee had refused her requests to keep an eye on Bianca and Frankie. Greenlee argued that keeping tabs of Bianca was not part of her job description. Erica urged Greenlee to "read the fine print." Greenlee pleaded for her job, but it did her no good. Greenlee started packing up her belongings, while Jake attempted to assure her that her firing could be for the best. Later, Roger showed up at Enchantment and panicked when he learned that his daughter had been fired. Roger sat at Greenlee's desk and tried to tap into her Enchantment computer, but Greenlee's access had been cut off. "This is serious business here!" Roger chirped as he tried to come up with a plan to get Greenlee's job back. Roger started to breathe erratically and beads of sweat formed on his forehead. As he clutched his chest, he gasped that he was having a heart attack.

At Chandler Mansion, Adam hurriedly apologized for the wrongs he had done to Liza. He then put the burden of saving his marriage on Liza. Liza gave Adam divorce papers and urged Adam to sign. Adam read over the terms of the papers and determined that there was no way that he was going to go along with what Liza was asking. Liza made it clear that Adam had no choice; if he did not do as she asked, she would make certain that Adam never saw their daughter. Liza tried to march up the stairs past Adam, but Adam blocked her way. Adam grabbed hold of Liza and shook her slightly. Suddenly, Liza lost her balance and fell backwards off of the landing. Seconds after Liza hit the ground, Ryan arrived on the scene. Ryan immediately feared that Liza's baby could have been harmed. Adam was stunned by the mention that Liza was pregnant. He pleaded with Ryan to call the paramedics. Adam stayed by Liza's side and tried to keep her calm. The paramedics eventually arrived at the mansion, placed Liza on a stretcher and whisked her off to the hospital."

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