10/23/2001 Bianca Decides To Move Out

"Mateo chased Frankie out of SOS when she implied that she would like to purchase drugs. Simone cautioned Mateo not to lose his cool, and she prevented him from phoning the police afterward. Fearful that the outburst might have stirred up suspicion, Simone flirted with Mateo as Hayley entered undetected. Hayley confronted Mateo about his odd behavior, and Mateo agreed to tell Hayley the truth at home, making Simone less than happy.

Barry stirred up trouble when he asked Adam if Mia had withheld information regarding Ryan. Adam's mood darkened further when Liza stormed in after finding Mia and Ryan in a compromising position. Liza blurted out that Mia had stolen her life. Meanwhile, Ryan insisted that he and Liza were only friends, but Mia questioned why Liza seemed incapable of letting go.

Edmund returned Brooke's kiss, and the two ended up appearing ready to give their romantic relationship another shot. Leo enlisted Brooke's help to get a restraining order against Greenlee, and Edmund made Leo ponder the reasons for Leo's desire to destroy Greenlee. Bianca met with Laura as she tried on wedding veils, and she declined Laura's invitation to be her maid of honor. Later, Laura startled Brooke when she found Laura talking and gesticulating madly to herself."

- Soap Central