10/17/2001 Bianca Ditches School

"Erica and Opal walked in on a friendly hug between Bianca and Frankie. Frankie tried to laugh it off, telling Erica she wasn't trying to corrupt her daughter. But Erica went ballistic on Bianca and said Bianca had let her down. Mother and daughter began to argue about Bianca's choices in life. Erica admitted to making some mistakes in her own life and she reminded Bianca that people judge others by what they do. Then Erica blasted Bianca with "What do you think your father would say, and your grandmother would be heartsick about what you're throwing away!." Erica then said if Bianca wasn't going to care about her future she would and from now on her daughter's future was in her hands. Opal tried to intervene and said that Bianca and Frankie were just friends but Erica turned on her friend as well. She yelled that Bianca should've been in school, it was college day for seniors at PVHS. Bianca said she wasn't missing anything and that she didn't see any point in talking to the college recruiters because she'd never fit in anywhere. She reminded her mother that she never went to college but Erica said a college degree was absolutely necessary today. Bianca said she could get into PVU and Erica told her to set her sights higher, that she could do so much better, that settling for less would only be cheating herself. Frankie piped in and agreed with Erica, telling Bianca she should be at school, much to the amazement of everyone in the room. She told Bianca that school is important and it matters. Bianca angrily said "Fine!" and ran out of the room. Opal tried to catch her and Erica asked Frankie why she backed her up, was she trying to impress her? But before Frankie could really answer, Erica went on to say she didn't need Frankie to run interference for her and that she would decide what was best for Bianca. Erica's phone rang and she turned away from Frankie while talking to the caller. She turned back around and glared at Frankie while thanking the caller for giving her this information. Opal returned and said she wasn't able to catch up to Bianca. Erica asked Opal to go to the Valley Inn for tea, saying she had something to share with Opal. "So much will be explained!" she said, staring at Frankie with distaste. Opal and Erica left and Frankie just put her head in her hands. A little later Bianca came back and told Frankie she wasn't going to school today. She asked if her new friend would like to go to the mall or to a movie but Frankie told her she was a jerk. "I don't hang around with jerks!" Frankie said.

Jake returned to his loft to find Greenlee lying on the couch eating potato chips. He said he'd never seen her so down and sat next to her, taking her in his arms to comfort her. He told her it will take awhile until Leo is out of her system and Greenlee barked at him, saying it wasn't about Leo it was about what's right and wrong. He got off the couch and went about the place picking up Greenlee's mess. Greenlee told him Laura "is certifiable" and that what's she'd doing to Leo is wrong. She whined that no one would listen to her. Jake said he needed evidence of Laura's insanity, because all he sees is Greenlee's hatred of Laura. Greenlee told him that Laura's a time bomb waiting to go off, then laments that there's always been a Laura in her life. She gave him a sob story about a girl in her third grade class who made her life hell and now it was happening again. She said she herself has never pretended to be anything but who she is but Laura is pretending to be totally different and everyone should know. Jake told Greenlee to "rise above the ashes" and left the room to take a shower. Greenlee wondered out loud how Laura always gets away with things. She went back to the couch and said she needed to think the way Laura thinks, "How do I enter Laura's twisted psyche?." She grabbed one of Jake's psychology books and looked up narcissism. She read the definition and said "That's exactly Laura!", and wondered how she could use this information to her advantage. Greenlee told herself that she has to find a way to trap Laura to show Leo what a liar his wife is. Greenlee began to fantasize about confronting Laura about the photo Laura tore up in the SOS restroom and tried to flush. She dreamed of Laura confessing that she wanted to kill Greenlee and of Leo rushing to save her from Laura. As she imagined the two of them professing their love for each other Jake showed up in the fantasy. Greenlee broke away from her dream and realized Jake was standing there in nothing but a towel. He asked if he spoiled a perfect fantasy but Greenlee denied it. Jake asked what she had been thinking about and she said it was nothing. He tried to press the issue and Greenlee claimed to remember a cocktail date with her father and rushed off to change clothes.

Laura carried a glass of beer out to Leo, who was sitting outside their condo with headphones on. He didn't hear Laura and was startled by her touching his cheek with the cold glass. She spilled it on him and then reminded him that he'd have to change anyway for their dinner date with his mother and Palmer. They were to discuss wedding plans tonight, much to Leo's dismay. He tried to get out of it but Laura insisted. He put his headphones back on as Laura went into the condo, carrying a bridal magazine and the beer bottle. She opened the magazine and took out pieces of the note Leo had written her. The only part she could read was "I'm leaving you for Greenlee." She looked back at Leo and imagined seeing Greenlee sitting on his lap in a negligee. This horrified Laura and she dropped the bottle on the ground. The sound startled Leo and he asked her what was wrong. She claimed to just be clumsy but Leo didn't buy it. He offered to take her to see David but Laura snapped at him. She then said she just remembered an appointment and asked to meet him at the Valley Inn later. Leo stalled her saying he had something he wanted to talk to her about. Laura wondered if there was something wrong with their relationship but Leo told her he wanted to get Laura some help around the house while he's at work. Just then Zora strolled over. Leo gave her a big hug and they exchanged banter while Laura sat looking very suspiciously at them. She glared at her husband and accused him of setting this chance meeting up. Leo told Laura that she needs help and he needs help to help her. He said he wanted Zora there to help Laura when he's at work. Laura said he was sweet but didn't think it was fair that they didn't talk about this. She got mad that he went behind her back. Leo continued his argument for hiring Zora and Laura saw Zora pick up her bridal magazine. Afraid that Zora would find Leo's note, Laura fell to the ground in a fake faint. Zora ran over and Laura came to, claiming she had just forgotten to eat today. Zora said it looks like Laura does need her around and Laura sat down in a chair clutching her magazine to her chest. She finally agreed to Leo's request to hire Zora, saying it just shows her how much Leo really loves her. Zora said she'd make Laura some soup but Laura whipped out a protein bar and said she'd eat that now and have a 3 course dinner tonight. Laura reminded Leo to wear a tie and ran off to her "appointment." Zora asked Leo if, besides the problems with her meds, was Laura ok? Leo said if there was something wrong Zora would notice, and Zora said nothing will get by her. Leo kissed her cheek and told her she was hired. He went in the house to change for dinner.

Vanessa and Palmer arrived at the Valley Inn and were seated at their table. Palmer thought this wedding idea was absurd but Vanessa said it was a wonderful way to show off and get plenty of gifts. Leo joined them and Vanessa was very displeased at his lack of a tie and told him he looked very bad. Palmer stopped her from a tirade and she moved on to a toast to the bride and groom. Leo pointed out that the bride hadn't arrived yet. Palmer and Vanessa began arguing about the wedding and ignored Leo until he loudly reminded them that he was seated at the table with them. Palmer saw a friend and brought him over to meet Vanessa and Leo. He introduced Ezekial Macmillan, the hospital's Chief of Psychiatry. After exchanging pleasantries the doctor notes that his dinner partner was late and they all commented on how rude it is to keep people waiting. Leo took the hint and started to leave the table to look for Laura. Dr. Macmillan said he'd walk out with Leo. As they leave the dining room Greenlee came in looking for her father. The doctor said "Good evening Mrs. DuPres!" as he passed her, which caused Leo to stop in his tracks. Greenlee looked guilty as she faced Leo.

Laura went to the hospital and knocked on the psychiatrist's door. A nurse saw her and told her the doctor was gone for the day. Laura pretended to leave and then returned to break into the office. She thought about the conversation she had with the receptionist regarding "her file" and headed off to find this file. She quickly found it on a desk and looked inside. She pulled out a mini cassette taped and popped it into a player. She listened to Greenlee's voice telling the doctor "I think this will go better if you call me Laura." She continued to listen to the tape as Greenlee told the doctor that she kept comparing herself to her husband's ex-girlfriend. She said it was a losing battle, they're both so sophisticated and she wasn't. Laura fast forwarded the tape and heard the doctor give Greenlee a diagnosis of narcissism. Laura turned off the machine and said "Greenlee, you are so dead!"

Erica and Opal walked into the Valley Inn dining room and Erica dragged Opal to Palmer and Vanessa's table, where all four of them traded insults. Erica handed a copy of the Intruder with Frankie's picture on the front to Vanessa. This shocked Vanessa into silence and Erica told Palmer that the girl on the front cover is a con artist -- and Vanessa's niece"

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