09/28/2001 Frankie Stone Comes To Pine Valley

"A furious Mateo confronted Rosa about the marijuana he discovered in her purse, but she denied having any knowledge of it. Rosa admitted to Mateo that she left her purse unattended, and the two speculated over who could have planted it. Rosa accused him of keeping information from her, and Mateo apologized for jumping to conclusions. Hayley confided to Edmund her suspicions that Mateo was keeping something from her, but Edmund downplayed his odd behavior. Hayley interrupted Rosa and Mateo and demanded an explanation. Upon hiding the marijuana, Rosa and Mateo fabricated a story about having a surprise for Hayley. Back at the party, Edmund toasted Mateo, Hayley, and their family. Upset by Edmund's touching words, Rosa slipped away, and Ryan followed her. Alone, Ryan and Rosa shared a tender moment. Rosa admitted that she wished she could run away and start her life over, but Ryan said that you could never outrun your past. Further, Ryan told Rosa that she was lucky to have a family that loved her so deeply. Rosa hoped that she would see Ryan again, and he said he had no place else to go.

Mateo confided his predicament to Edmund, and he revealed to Mateo that someone named "Proteus" wanted to set up a drug ring in Pine Valley. Edmund told Mateo that the name "Proteus" came from Greek mythology, and meant that the person could change his appearance at will — he could be anyone. Ryan returned to his motel room to discover the photo of his parents missing. Upon recalling Chris' strong reaction to the picture, Ryan suspected Chris snagged it, and it piqued his curiosity.

Greenlee listened as Jake explained to Leo that Laura slipped off to the restroom to take her medication. A suspicious Greenlee headed off to the bathroom to check on Laura herself. Greenlee interrupted Laura as she submerged pieces of Greenlee's ripped poster in the toilet. Greenlee called out her name prompting Laura to quickly hide the evidence in her purse. When Laura emerged from the stall, Greenlee noted water dripping from Laura's purse, but Laura covered by saying that her water bottle exploded. Greenlee patronized Laura as she "apologized" for spilling the beans about her hospital visit. Greenlee told Laura about her conversation with Leo, insinuating that Leo didn't really love her. Laura's fury raged as she hauled off and slapped Greenlee.

Meanwhile, Jake confessed to Leo his fears that Laura needs psychiatric treatment. Jake told Leo that it wasn't uncommon for transplant patients to fall into a depression. Laura returned, covering about where she had been the whole time. Alone, Jake berated Greenlee for "accidentally" telling Leo about Laura's exam. Jake also told Greenlee that she looked like a fool for still chasing after Leo. Upset, Greenlee went back to ladies room to collect herself and discovered remnants of her poster. Realizing that Laura was insane, Greenlee privately commented that Leo had no idea who he was sleeping next to. In their bed, Leo demanded the truth from Laura about her hospital visit. Laura covered by saying that she wanted a clean bill of health so that they could have another wedding — this time it would be a dream wedding in front of all of Pine Valley.

Erica called Jackson immediately after hitting Frankie, and she promptly accused Frankie of faking the accident. When Jack arrived, Erica conveyed her suspicions that Frankie was running a scam by throwing herself in run of the car. Upon learning Erica was in an accident, Bianca and Chris rushed to the hospital. Later, the cops arrived and accused Erica of driving in an emotional state, but Chris got them to back off. Jack took note of Chris' legal knowledge when he was speaking to the police. Erica still maintained that Frankie was a con artist who was trying to swindle money. Concerned, Bianca went into Frankie's room and explained that she didn't agree with her mother's assessment of the accident. Joe gave Frankie a clean bill of health, and she went to walk off. Bianca told Frankie that she couldn't just leave in the state she was in, and Frankie thanked Bianca for caring. Erica watched in horror as Frankie kissed her own fingers and placed them to Bianca's lips."

- Soap Central