"Dixie carried a breakfast tray for Tad into the living room. She looked around but couldn't find him and jumped to the conclusion that he'd left already. She sat the tray down on the coffee table just as Tad walked in the front door, looking very upset. She beamed at him but he just scowled. He said he'd gone to search the garage after having already searched the attic. Dixie asked if he was looking for Leslie and if there had been any sign of her. Tad, grumpily, said to her "I wasn't looking for Leslie. It's obvious, you couldn't wait for me to leave!". Dixie looked rather confused. Tad went on to say "You got rid of it, you didn't even ask me if I wanted it!". Dixie still had no idea what he was talking about so Tad held up a golf ball and said he found it in the garbage. "The golf ball washer is gone!" he cried. Dixie smiled and admitted that it was indeed gone, she had put it "in a better place" because it was "ugly and icky". Tad was appalled because he considered it to be pop art. He then wondered how she would feel if he got rid of Pierre, the ceramic pig who resided on top of the refrigerator. Dixie ran into the kitchen and screamed "What have you done with Pierre!". She ran back into the living room where Tad said he didn't throw the pig away, he just hid him so Dixie "would feel [his] pain". Dixie smiled sheepishly then apologized several times, ending with "I'm so sorry for so many things". They sat next to each other on the couch and reached out to touch each other's hands. JR suddenly walked in saying he was there to pick up some CD's. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Tad and Dixie on the couch together (and Dixie still in her nightgown). Hope crept over his face when he asked his mom what was going on. Tad and Dixie moved their hands apart and looked a little guilty. Dixie told JR they were just joking around and he asked if the two of them were back together since Tad spent the night. Dixie said no, and explained that Tad had spent the night in the house because Leslie had escaped from the hospital. She told him not to worry though, because there were police officers watching the house. JR got upset and very bent out of shape about the police surveillance. Just then one of the officers knocked on the door and Tad let him in. He had information regarding Leslie's whereabouts. Apparently she'd stolen someone's ID and credit cards and boarded a plane in Center City bound for Los Angeles. They alerted the LAPD but she was able to get past them once she landed in California. The officer left the house and Dixie said she was glad that Leslie was clear across the country, not in Pine Valley. JR rather nastily said "Guess that means you're out of here, Mom doesn't need you to watch her?" to Tad. Dixie said she still needed company and asked JR to move back in. He refused and his mother told him about being a substitute teacher at his school. He was less than enthusiastic and told her "it sucks" as he walked toward the door. Dixie cried out "Junior!" and he whipped around saying "It's JR, can't you get anything right?". His mother said she wanted to see him after soccer practice to discuss his behavior and JR was very rude but agreed. He stormed out of the house and Dixie apologized to Tad for JR's behavior. Tad said he understood and Dixie said she "doesn't understand anything" and said she had to go get ready for school. A little later she returned to the living room dressed for her first day of teaching. Tad told her she looked great but Dixie was nervous about being a substitute, worrying that the kids "might tie her to a chair or something". Tad told her she'd be fine and Dixie thanked him for staying with her last night. He replied that it was the best night of sleep he'd had in a long time. They head for the door and Dixie stepped out while Tad looked around the room with a very wistful and sad face.

Instead of going to school JR met a friend at the mall. He handed over the stack of CD's while his friend explained that they'd hang out there until his parents were gone and then go back to his house where some other guys would meet them. They were just going to hang out for the day rather than go to school. JR told him he had a change of plans now that his mother was working at the school. His friend said "Guess you won't be doing alot of things now?" and JR replied that he's "not letting his mom get in his way". JR handed over a wad of cash and said their plans were still on for tonight before he walked away.

At a different location in the mall Greenlee ran into Jake. She teased him about being an early morning power shopper but he wasn't in the mood for her antics. He told her he was there to buy a second bath mat, since his roommate always left the one he had soaking wet. Greenlee said she liked to drip dry and asked if he noticed the mat was dry this morning. Jake said yes and Greenlee said it was because she had spent the night with Leo on the yacht. Bubbling with excitement she told Jake that she and Leo were engaged. Jake was not enthusiastic, saying "In your dreams!" and implied that Leo would never settle down. He walked away and Greenlee followed him. When she caught up with him she demanded an apology. He asked "what for?" and she went off on a tangent, insulting his taste in "boring bathmats" which meant his life was also boring. She wanted an apology because she felt Jake put down her engagement to Leo. She decided it was because he was jealous, that she could make something work and his own marriage had failed. Jake said "not hardly!". Greenlee sat down with Jake and explained that she cares what Jake thinks because she thinks of him as a friend. Jake said she was a first class pain in the rear but yes, they were friends. Greenlee said he might as well accept the engagement and be happy for her. Laughingly Jake said he would accept it but he wasn't happy about it. Then Greenlee had the nerve to ask Jake to move out of the loft. Astounded, Jake asked if she'd been hit in the head with a basketball again saying "I'm not going anywhere!". He suggested that she move in with Leo but she said there wasn't enough room in his cabin on the yacht. Jake suggested that she get a room at the Valley Inn. He asked Greenlee if she realized that Leo was marrying her for her money. She denied this and Jake told her to open her eyes, that Leo was "just a younger, hipper version of Roger". Greenlee got upset and said Leo wasn't anything like her father and that if anyone doesn't like Leo they can go straight to hell. She got up and stomped away from Jake.

In the jail David's attorney told him they could use David's "heroic behavior" at the ER last night to their benefit. David wasn't worried and told the attorney he knew the charges were going to be dropped. Leo showed up and told David that Vanessa had sent him. David sent Mr. O'Neil away and asked Leo why Vanessa hadn't come instead. Leo told him Vanessa went to visit someone whose husband had passed away last night of heart problems. He fumbled for the man's name, saying it was something like "Pomegranate." David began to panic and asked if it was Judge Pomeroy and Leo nodded his head. David freaked out and tried to grab Leo through the cell bars. A guard stepped in and stopped the fight. David demanded to know if Leo was telling the truth and Leo whipped out the obituary from the newspaper. David read it and muttered "it's too late, the money's gone". Leo wanted to know what was going on but then realized that David was bribing a judge. David said "I give up, I'm all played out". Leo told him that his attorney was right; what he had done last night was good and should count for something in court. Leo went on to say "Nerves of steel, a sharp mind, steady hands - you have them all, they're gifts. You don't give up on your patients and that says you're not as selfish as everyone says you are." David was touched but told Leo to stop, "you're turning my head!" Leo also told him that when he saw David with Dixie he knew David had a heart. Leo was proud of what David did at the ER last night, saying "you don't turn your back on people who need you."

Bianca brought a gift bag into Laura's hospital room and told her she was looking better. Bianca asked what she wanted first, gossip or gifts and Laura said "bring on the goods!". Bianca brought her friend several magazines, essential oils and headbands to help with "hospital bed-head". Laura was touched by Bianca's thoughtfulness and tried to apologize for everything. Bianca said she was sorry too and they smiled at each other. Meanwhile outside the room Brooke was conferring with Dr. Bryant, the cardiologist. He told Brooke that Laura has a congenital heart defect. Brooke asked if surgery was the next step to correct it but he told her it wasn't that simple, that there was a complication. He told Brooke that Laura may have a virus that attacks the heart, but he won't know for sure until the test results are back. Brooke asked how serious but he refused to speculate and then got called away. Brooke went back into Laura's room and told Bianca it was sweet of her to bring gifts for Laura. She told Laura that the doctor said her respiratory crisis was over and that she's on the mend. Laura could tell there was something else and tried to get Brooke to tell her. Her mother told her that the drug she took may have aggravated another problem and that she may have a virus. Laura wanted to know more but Brooke avoided the questions, saying she had to make a call to Tempo and would be back. After she left the room she found Dr. Bryant who said he was still waiting for the results. Brooke wanted to know what exactly he was looking for in the test results and what he thinks is going on with Laura. He stated again that they'd just have to wait for the test results to know for sure. Brooke wanted to know where David Hayward was and Dr. Bryant said he thought he'd been taken to the Pine Valley Police Station. Brooke grabbed Laura's chart and ran out of the hospital. Bianca was still with Laura and they discussed Brooke's love for her daughter. Laura said she really loves Brooke too and that she didn't mean what she'd said the night before, about Brooke not being her real mom. Bianca said she'd never tell anyone ever. Laura wanted to be briefed on the latest chatter. Bianca told her Jack had gotten the web site removed, and that her mother won't let her press charges against Shannon. She then mentioned Leo and Greenlee's engagement and Laura said it was okay; she was over him.

Brooke rushed to David's cell and thrust the chart between the bars. Leo realized that Laura was in the hospital and left before hearing David's evaluation of the charts. David told Brooke that the virus that Laura might have is one that could lead toward total heart failure. Brooke was devastated and was desperate to get David out of the cell and to her daughter's bedside. David told her there was no way and that Dr. Bryant was a competent doctor. Brooke tearfully said she wanted David to help Laura, that he was the one that could save Laura. David sadly said "I'm sorry"

Leo rushed to Laura's hospital room and said hello to both Laura and "Binks". Bianca skillfully exited the room so they could talk. She peeked through the door window and saw Leo take Laura's hand, which made Bianca smile. Leo asked Laura what had happened and she admitted to taking "X" last night and that she might have a virus. He asked if she was going to be ok and she assured him she'd be fine. Leo told her about his engagement and Laura said she was glad for him. Leo smiled at her and said "Liar!". Laura said Leo was her "bud" and if he was happy, she was happy. Leo called her his "budette" and leaned over to kiss her on the cheek.

Greenlee showed up at the hospital looking for Leo. Bianca stopped her from going in Laura's room but Greenlee peered through the window and saw the kiss Leo planted on Laura."

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