04/25/2001 Karaoke On The Fidelity

"The principal of Pine Valley High School was escorting Laura to her locker and telling her to remove her belongings. Laura asked him what happened to the x-rated photos that were hanging there and he told her they'd been removed and destroyed. She asked about Shannon and was told that she had gone to the hospital. Mr. St. Clair said that violence would not be tolerated at PVHS. Laura told him that Shannon had attacked her first and Bianca walked up and confirmed this. The principal said Laura was just lucky she was only being suspended. Bianca told him that Shannon and her friends had broken into her home and stolen her diary. He said he'd reprimand Shannon but wouldn't do anything else. This infuriated both Bianca and Laura. Laura apologized for punching Shannon but Mr. St. Clair refused to back down. Bianca told him it would ruin Laura's transcripts and he reminded her that it was only a temporary suspension. Laura was very upset and stomped away. She went over to her locker and began removing all it's contents. Bianca followed her and told her she was so sorry and Laura told her it wasn't her fault and that she appreciated Bianca sticking up for her. Laura told Bianca she wanted to be friends but Bianca told her again it wasn't possible, since now Laura knew Bianca's true feelings for her. Bianca said she knows Laura feels uncomfortable around her since the journal entries were made public. Laura tried to tell Bianca she was ok with it but Bianca said she wasn't ok with Laura knowing how she felt and that she was just going to back off. They both turned to find Erica standing there listening. Laura grabbed her belongings, told Bianca she was sorry and ran off. Bianca asked her mother what she was doing at the school. Erica told her she'd just come from Jack's office where he was successful in getting the web site pulled off the Internet. Bianca was thankful and told her mother she wanted to press charges against Shannon, Mindy and Heather. Erica told her that Jack said it would be better to just let it go, let the whole thing just die down. Bianca wasn't happy about this and said she didn't want Shannon to get away with what she'd done. Erica said it was best not to retaliate prompting Bianca to respond, "So Shannon wins?". Erica said she'd talk to Shannon's parents and she'd make sure the school administration disciplined her. Erica then reminded Bianca that school would be over soon and it would be better for her to just keep her distance from the whole crowd. Bianca instinctively knew that her mother also wanted her to cut ties with Laura. Erica admitted that she did believe it would be in Bianca's best interest to stay away from Laura. Bianca was upset that Erica had eavesdropped on her conversation with Laura, but Erica denied having done this. Bianca accused her mother of being "all freaked out" because she'd heard her declare her feelings for Laura. Bianca admitted that there is no future for her and Laura, but remained optimistic that one day she would meet that special someone who will return her affections. Erica looked a little pained but said "I just want you to be happy". Bianca said she hoped her mother could accept it when it happens.

Laura ran down a deserted hallway and pulled out her cell phone. She dialed the number and waited for an answer.

Jake took David's vital signs and made notes in his hospital chart. David asked "Am I okay?" several times but Jake ignored him as long as he could. Finally, Jake said his "rhythm" was back to normal. David criticized Jake's lacking bedside manner, but Jake countered that he has great bedside manner with patients that matter. Jake was highly suspicious of David's heart problems and then seemingly miraculous recovery. He told David he thought he did something to himself to make sure he didn't have to go to prison. David took great offense to this and said Jake was getting dangerously close to slander. He then started yelling about how he could sue Jake and the "whole damn hospital". Vanessa and Dr. Joe heard the commotion and ran into the room. Joe ordered Jake to leave and wait for him outside David's room. After checking David, Joe joined Jake and told him to "just let it go" and forget about David. Jake told his father that he knows David did something to bring on his arrhythmia. Again, Joe said to let it go and then left Jake standing outside David's room. Dixie showed up and Jake was disgusted that she would drop by the hospital to see David. Dixie corrected Jake, and told him she was there to take a TB test because she was going to be returning to teaching. She did break down and ask Jake how David was doing. Jake said David was doing fine and that he would be even better once he was behind bars. Jake walked off and Dixie stood outside the doors to David's room, looking through the windows.

Inside David's room, David thanked Vanessa for her help in getting the potassium injection, and mused that it was too bad he couldn't use that trick again. Vanessa said she was glad he was feeling better. The door opened and David looked up to see Dixie standing there. A huge smile spread across his face, but on Dixie's face there was just a look of repulsion. He cried out "I knew you'd come. You wouldn't stay away!". But Dixie just turned her head and let the door close as she walked away. David sunk back into his bed and told Vanessa he just had to get out of his predicemant because he could feel Dixie pulling away. Vanessa told him to let her go, that Dixie had been trouble from the beginning. David got very angry with his mother and said he'd never give up on Dixie. Vanessa said that she had worked up a little scenario to help David dodge the charges again him: David had already ingested some Libidozone before going to the party and therefore was under the influence of drugs and couldn't be held responsible for his actions. David told her to let him work things out. He said he'd overheard nurses gossiping, that a judge had been admitted with heart problems. David said he was going to offer to fix the man's heart and give him "a million reasons" to make sure his case was thrown out of court. Vanessa was horrified. "You're going to bribe a judge?" she squawked. David told her "Yes, and you're going to help me". Vanessa told her son she couldn't give the judge a million dollars but David assured her that he had the money. All he wanted Vanessa to do was to find out about the judge's condition and to make sure the judge paid him a visit. Vanessa told him she couldn't do it, but her attitude changed awfully quickly when David said he'd throw in a half million dollars for her. This stopped Vanessa from leaving the room. David told her to consider the money as her 401K since Palmer had not yet put her in his will. Vanessa flashed back to the conversation she'd had with Roger when he demanded a million dollars for his silence. She then asked David if he had that much disposable cash. He told her not to worry about it, that he has plenty. David told her to get a power of attorney form for him and that would enable her to transfer funds. He told her not to get too greedy and Vanessa went to find the form. She returned a little later with the form and David signed in all the right places, telling her he would revoke this as soon as "it's all over". He then told her to transfer 1.5 million dollars from his Swiss bank account to the Pine Valley Savings and Trust. Vanessa said he was asking her to do a big thing. David saw right through her, asking if she was trying to shake him down for more cash. She denied this and left the room with the papers in hand. David then said out loud to himself "Soon Dixie. Soon."

Anna and Edmund were in the turret. She was holding the photo of Robert Scorpio and said she remembered the face in the picture. Edmund confirmed that it was her husband and she said it was the face she'd seen in her mind. She gazed at the picture and said she had all these feelings but no real memory of what he was like; She remembered only bits and pieces. Edmund wondered if he'd made things worse for her by bringing her this photo. Anna assured him that his gift had done her a world of good. Edmund smiled and announced that he had pictures of General Hospital, Port Charles Police Department and even the house where Anna and Robert had lived. Anna was very moved and sat down to look at the pictures. She said she felt very comfortable looking at the pictures and asked Edmund if she could keep them. He said they were for her to have and she thanked him, telling him he was fantastic. She asked if he had a picture of her daughter Robin. Edmund said that he didn't have any pictures of the young woman, but indicated that he knows where to find her. Edmund asked Anna if she'd like to see Robin. Anna shook her head and said she couldn't see her daughter yet.Anna said she wants to see Robin more than anything, but when she does she wants to be a "whole person, not this pathetic shell." Edmund told her she was brave and promised that she will see her daughter one day. He asked if Anna had a scrapbook she could put the pictures in. He told her she could write down her thoughts and feelings about each photo and then one day show it to Robin. Anna thought that was a great idea. They began to clean up a little and Edmund found the crumpled picture of Alex, which Gabriel had stolen from the main house. Edmund smoothed it out and said "Eugenia was looking for this" with a puzzled look on his face.

On the Fidelity, Ryan, Gillian, Leo and Greenlee checked themselves to see where the blood on the deck had come from. No one was bleeding and the four of them went back inside and wondered where Dimitri and Alex were. Gillian said they had gone out on deck. She wondered if one of the champagne deliverymen had hurt themselves earlier that day. The mention of champagne perked Greenlee up and she said she hoped it wasn't the "cheap domestic kind." They all looked at her with disdain and Leo jumped in to try to smooth things over. He asked Ryan and Gillian to be happy for him and to try to accept Greenlee for his sake. They finally said they would and Ryan quipped "I hope you bring out the best in each other. God help us if you don't!". Ryan and Gillian thanked Greenlee for the few good deeds she'd done, like saving Gillian when she was having the miscarriage and for calling the police when the yacht had been hijacked by the drug smugglers. Then Ryan welcomed Leo back into the business, much to Leo's joy. Dimitri and Alex came back into the room and they all toasted to Leo and Greenlee's engagement. Leo and Ryan went off to the side of the room to talk. Leo told Ryan that he and Greenlee had gotten back together at Ryan's wedding and thanked him for giving him a second chance. Ryan walked back over to Gillian and they declared the evening a success, everyone on board was in love. Alex said everything was great at dinner but Greenlee commented that the wine had been too overpowering. Leo jumped in and covered her rudeness by complimenting the service. Gillian offered coffee but Leo and Greenlee said they needed to leave and make plans for their wedding. Ryan and Gillian stopped them, saying the entertainment portion of the evening was just beginning. They brought out a Karaoke machine, much to Greenlee's disgust. She clearly did not want to stay but Leo talked her into it. Leo went to help Ryan pick out a song and the yacht phone rang. Gillian told Greenlee to answer it and it was Laura calling from the high school. She asked for Leo but Greenlee wouldn't let her, telling her they were in the middle of celebrating their engagement and held the phone out so Laura could hear the music and laughter. She then hung up on Laura. Leo walked over and Greenlee told him it was a wrong number. Ryan and Gillian were the first ones up for singing and their chosen song was Sonny and Cher's "I've Got You Babe". They had a great time performing and Dimitri, Alex and Leo were really enjoying the show. Greenlee was still turned off and said it was too "hokey." She wanted to go find a private place for her and Leo and he agreed. She left the room while Ryan and Gillian finished their song. They asked Leo where Greenlee was and he told them she'd gone to the powder room. Gillian said if Greenlee didn't hurry back she'd miss her turn at karaoke. Under his breath Leo said, "If she's lucky".

Laura tried to call Leo on his cell phone but was told he was "out of range". She couldn't believe that it could be true that Leo and Greenlee were engaged. She slumped over and called herself "so pathetic." Laura stood up and dialed her phone again. She asked the person on the other -- "X", saying "make it a triple" and agreed to meet him at the mall.

In the meantime, Greenlee hunted around the yacht for a place to "hide" and found the storage room. She peaked into the room and declared it "perfect!". She popped the cork on the champagne she had with her and Gabriel, who was hiding inside, heard her. He tried to move himself into a better hiding position while outside the door Greenlee used her cell phone to call Leo. He answered and she told him she'd found the perfect spot. Leo told her to come back to the living room; the karaoke was over. She said "No, you find me. I'll make it worth the search" and hung up. She went into the storage room and sat the champagne bottle down. Greenlee began undressing in anticipation of Leo's arrival. Gabriel stood up behind her with the knife in his hand. Greenlee turned around and screamed in terror."

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