"Gillian had been admitted to the hospital and was in the emergency room. Ryan stroked her hair while she slept, and after she awoke, she apologized to Ryan for letting him down by becoming sick. Ryan told her that he loved her, and she was everything to him. He said that he could never be disappointed in her. Ryan told her that he just wanted to find out what was wrong with her because she had been there for two hours, and nobody was able to tell them what was wrong and why she had fainted. Jake tried to get the lab to hurry up on the pregnancy tests for Gillian.

Ryan asked Gillian if she could be pregnant, and she told him that they always used protection. Ryan told her that protection was not always foolproof. While Ryan and Gillian talked about future plans and honeymoon retreats, Jake stood outside the door, listening to every word they said. Jake got the test results for Gillian and read them. He went into the room with Gillian and Jake and told them that the results should be there soon. He asked Ryan to go outside and fill out some papers while he stayed inside to talk to Gillian.

Jake told Gillian that the results were back and there was something that she needed to know first. He told Gillian that she was pregnant, and she was upset and said that she could not be pregnant. Jake told Gillian that the child had to be his and not Ryan's. Jake told Gillian that he had heard her talking with Ryan when they had told each other that they always used protection. Jake said that when he and Gillian had been on the yacht, they had not used protection, and the child had to be his. He wanted to run a sonogram and complete pelvic exam immediately.

Ryan returned to Gillian's room and wanted to know why she was so upset. Gillian said that she was okay and just wanted to go home. Jake told her that if she wanted the tests run, all she had to do was to press the buzzer. Ryan got Gillian ready so he could take her home. Ryan told Jake that she was feeling better, and if something happened, they would deal with it.

Ryan went to get the car while Jake and Gillian talked. Gillian said she had not told Ryan about being pregnant. Jake told her that she needed prenatal care right away, and whether she wanted to or not, she had to take care of their baby.

David found Dixie in a bar and noticed that she was freezing to death because she had no coat. He took her to his room. He told her that she was wandering around in the cold without a coat. He checked out her heart, and she was okay, but she was shaking because of the cold. He wrapped her up in a blanket. Dixie said that she would call a tow truck.

Dixie told David that she did not want to stay in his room because she had been through too much that day. David told her to get out of her wet clothes, and he would be down the hall. Dixie asked him to stay because she wanted someone to talk to. David asked her why she had gotten behind the wheel of the car that night, and she said that she had found out that Tad was still having an affair with Leslie. She told David that she had found out from Palmer and Vanessa. Palmer had told Dixie that Tad had had a fight with his mistress in public, and the worst thing was that Tad seemed so loving and giving to her.

David asked Dixie where Tad was at that moment. Dixie told him that Tad had taken the boys skiing. Dixie told David that Tad had gone to her house after he had been with Leslie. Dixie said that she didn't know what to believe. She thought she should just go and see Leslie, and David told her to stay away from Leslie. David asked Dixie why she wanted to talk to "that woman" anyway. She wouldn't tell Dixie the truth.

David asked Dixie to try to forget about Leslie for the night. He ordered room service for both of them. He told Dixie that he would go downstairs to get some food and would give her some time to herself. Dixie asked David what he wanted from her. David told her that he wanted to give her a few moments of freedom outside of the room. He wanted to give her a little joy and said that when he returned, he would bring joy to her.

When David returned, he poured a glass of wine for himself and Dixie. Dixie was telling David about her family and how her father had another family. David said that history did not repeat itself. Dixie said that it did. Dixie told David that it felt that the ground was moving underneath her. She told David that she was glad that she had someone to hold her up. David told Dixie that he would be honored to be that person.

David poured Dixie some more wine, and they continued to talk. David asked Dixie if he was helping, and Dixie told him that he was pushing. David told Dixie that she needed him as much as he needed her. He then kissed her, and she returned the kisses. Dixie pushed away from David and said that she could not do it. David said that he would do whatever she wanted. He picked her up, carried her to his bed, and laid her down.

Derek was at the yacht, along with Palmer, Vanessa, Marian, Liza, Adam, Hayley, and Mateo. Derek received the same note as everyone else. The note told everyone to go to the yacht at 8:00 p.m. sharp to see the guilty punished. Derek asked everyone in the room if they knew why he had received the note and if anyone was guilty. Nobody would admit to the guilt.

Derek collected all the notes and read each one. Palmer and Vanessa had been told to go there to recover the lost necklace. Hayley and Mateo had been told to be there to confess their crime. Derek asked Hayley what crime Arlene was talking about. Adam told Hayley and Mateo that he would charm Derek out of there before Arlene showed her face.

Derek started questioning everyone and started with Hayley. Hayley told Derek that Arlene still deserved to lead her life. Liza told Derek that everyone had had problems with Arlene and that everyone had been willing to work it out. Derek said that it sounded bigger than just a stolen necklace. Adam said that it was a waste of everyone's time. Adam suggested that everyone leave.

Derek told everyone to stay exactly where they were; nobody was going to leave. Derek asked a question and wanted to know the last time everyone had been together like that. Derek said that it had been when they had been at the party on the yacht. Hayley said that she felt she was crawling out of her skin, and then she and Mateo walked out the door onto the deck. As they walked to the side of the ship, Hayley found a red slip that Arlene had worn.

Hayley went running back into the room where everyone was and said that Arlene was on board because she had just found her slip. Adam said that it could be anyone's slip. Hayley said that Arlene had been wearing it the night of the yacht party. Derek was on the phone and told everyone to check the yacht because Arlene might be on board. Derek instructed Adam to get into the engine room to see if she was in there.

Hayley jumped up from her seat and said that something had happened the night of the party. As Hayley started to speak, everyone tried to stop her because they didn't want her to tell Derek that she had killed Arlene. Hayley got upset and ran out the door and said that she couldn't tell him at that moment. The power went out on the yacht. Mateo went outside to look for Hayley.

Vanessa was outside and saw Hayley from the back and thought it was Arlene. Vanessa called her a thieving tramp and turned her around. When "Arlene" turned around, Vanessa was surprised to see that it was Hayley in a blonde wig. Vanessa asked Hayley why she was dressed that way. Hayley, pretending to be Arlene, told Vanessa that she was never going to get her necklace back and wanted to know if Vanessa had returned to sniff around. Vanessa said that she was just out for some fresh air.

"Arlene" told Vanessa that she had been her friend in "this screwed-up town," and she hadn't wanted to return with all the cops around the place. Vanessa called her Hayley, and "Arlene" said not to call her that; she was Arlene. "Arlene" told Vanessa that her baby had let her down, and she was inside, scared as a church mouse. She told Vanessa that she thought that if she got Hayley back on the yacht, Hayley would confess to what she had done. Vanessa asked "Arlene" what was she supposed to confess.

Mateo returned to the room and said that he was looking for Hayley and could not find her. Palmer asked Mateo if he had run into Vanessa because she was missing also. Meanwhile, "Arlene" was telling Vanessa how Hayley had tried to kill her. "Arlene" said that Hayley always screwed up. "Arlene" even said that she had a score to settle with Vanessa also. "Arlene" grabbed Vanessa's coat and started shaking her violently.

Duffy had gone to the bar to find Arlene and learned from Bud that Arlene had gone to the yacht and had been wearing a red coat. Duffy went to the yacht, looking for Arlene, and decided that he was going to take care of her. Duffy saw the red coat through the scope on his rifle and tried to fire a shot at "Arlene." He couldn't get a clear shot.

"Arlene" and Vanessa began to argue. A gunshot rang out. Duffy had fired the gun, and both Hayley and Vanessa fell to the ground."

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