"The Crystal Ball seemed to be a huge success --- everyone was dancing and having a wonderful time. Gillian and Ryan mingled and commented on what a good time everyone seemed to be having. "Hopefully not too good a time!" quipped Gillian. Ryan told her not to even joke about another disaster like at his yacht party. Gillian then wondered where Dixie was with her speech notes.

Meanwhile in the turret David was declaring his love for Dixie. Dixie told him his feelings for her weren't love but he insisted they were. She said this had to stop but he said no, they couldn't stop their feelings for each other. He asked her if she could just walk out that door, and said her only argument against their being together was that she was married to Tad. Dixie said "Yes I am married" and tried to walk away but David stopped her and told her that they hadn't wanted this in the beginning but now they had gotten into each other's hearts. He told her that they'd made a difference in each other's lives and Dixie agreed with him. David told her that he wants her so badly that he can't go on without her and insisted that she felt the same. She finally broke down and told him "Yes, I want you David." When she told him she was ashamed, David told her there was no shame in loving someone. She said she thought working for him could make her feelings pure and that she could be a part of something bigger, since the biggest decision she makes a day is what to make for dinner. David told her it was because she put everyone else first and that she did make a huge difference in every person's life that mattered to her. She told David that maybe he did have a power over women and that he scared her. David said no, she had the power and that he was afraid she was going to leave. Dixie told David that she wants Tad but if she weren't married she would be with him. David begged her to let him make love to her and began to kiss her. Tad knocked on the door, called her name and opened the door. Dixie pulled away from David with tears in her eyes and on her cheeks and looking upward said "Thank you!" Looking at David, she said "Listen to that sweet man's voice. I've got to go. I'm so sorry." and she ran out to meet Tad. Tad hugged her and kissed her while David listened from the next room with a broken heart.

At the ball Leo and Laura were talking about Greenlee's call to Leo. Leo believed that Greens was just trying to "yank his chain" and was just pretending to be in trouble. Laura asked if he was sure she wouldn't kill herself and Leo said he was and that Greenlee could pull her mind games on someone else. Leo tried to pull Laura onto the dance floor but she asked again if he shouldn't go check on Greenlee. He told her that he's out of the Greenlee business and out of the love business. He said he's going to spread his charm around because "Lord knows, I'm full of it!" Laura agreed and they went off to dance.

Greenlee stood on the deck of the yacht waiting for Leo to arrive to save her. She pulled up a bucket of ice-cold water and ladled it over herself. She shivered with the cold and wondered why it was taking Leo so long to come to her rescue.

Judge Mayhew told Adam that they had to hurry up but Adam said they couldn't begin without Hayley. Matt found Hayley with Vanessa who was asking Hayley if she "meant it literally, that Arlene was really dead?." Adam and Mateo both said no, she just meant Arlene was dead to them figuratively. They took Hayley back to where Liza was waiting. She asked Adam if they should postpone their wedding but he said no. The Judge came up and said there was a problem with their marriage certificate. It had expired at midnight! Adam said it was just a technicality but the judge wouldn't bend the law for him this time. Liza told Adam it was alright, they'd do it another time when Stuart and Marian could be there. She promised she'd marry him later.

Hayley and Mateo were in a drawing room where Mat told her that "No matter what, we can't tell the truth." Hayley wanted to get it out in the open but Mat told her no, they just had to wait it out. He told her that the greatest injustice would be that they'd all go to jail. He told Hayley that she had to be strong for him, that he couldn't live without her. She said she couldn't send the people she loves to jail so she'd go along with it. "Arlene is alive and well and living in Europe. I have to believe it" Hayley told Mateo.

Donald Steele asked Erica if she has a problem with gay people. She denied this, saying she has lots of gay friends. He asked Erica if she denied that Bianca was gay and Erica tried to avoid the question by telling him he's better than this trash. But he stops her and says this is newsworthy, that Erica is a woman that every red-blooded man wants and here's her daughter who wouldn't give a man another look. Erica was horrified but Bianca just stood by and watched her mother. Erica told Donald that this was slander and that her daughter was only 16 years old. He told her that he could write anything he wanted and that because she was a public figure America wanted to know the truth. Erica tried to drag Bianca away through the crowded ballroom but Donald stopped them saying very loudly "Bianca! You haven't answered my question. Are you gay?." The room went silent as everyone turned to hear the answer. When Bianca didn't answer right away Donald asked if she didn't want to be a role model for all the confused teens out there. Erica whispered to Bianca to tell him she wasn't gay. But Bianca told her mother she wouldn't lie and said loudly and clearly "Mom, I AM gay!." Erica was speechless and the crowd was shocked. Erica looked around the room and then back at Bianca, and asked how she could do this to her. She pulled Bianca to the side of the room where Bianca told Erica that being gay was only a small part of who she was. Bianca then went off with Rain who told her what a great thing she just did. Opal came up to Erica and trying to show support but Erica took it as sympathy and was upset. Palmer and Vanessa joined them and Palmer told Erica that Bianca was a very brave young woman. He clearly admired Bianca, but Vanessa was clearly amused. She told Erica she'd been dealt quite a blow and that "you know, they always blame the mother." Palmer left to check on Bianca.

The high school kids in attendance (Marcus, Heather, and Mindy) were all abuzz with the news about Bianca. The girls were grossed out and discussed moving their gym lockers away from Bianca's, but Marcus was much more accepting of the news. In fact, he even commented that the girls had nothing to worry about because he was sure that they weren't Bianca's type.

Gillian and Ryan got the music started again and the crowd began dancing. She told Ryan she was still nervous about doing her speech. Ryan said the party could do without them and took her away, back to the yacht. As they were coming on board, Greenlee heard them and thought it was Leo coming to save her. She climbed over the side but started to slip. Just in time Ryan ran up and pulled her back onto the yacht.

Hayley and Mateo told Adam they were leaving. Hayley almost fell into their wedding cake and began laughing almost hysterically. She compared it to Arlene falling into her and Mat's wedding cake.

Tad and Dixie shared a kiss when they were interrupted by a message that Tad's boss wanted to see him in the study. Tad went to find Liza but instead found Leslie waiting for him. She practically attacked him and smothered him with kisses. He roughly pushed her away and she fell to the ground. Tad told her if she ever pulled something like that again he'd have her arrested for harassment. She said "When someone pushes me, I push back." He left Leslie and went back to Dixie, who had just told David again to leave her alone. David had asked her if being faithful to Tad was worth her running away from something she wants. "Is he being faithful to you?" David wondered. He walked away as Tad arrived. Tad asked Dixie to go home and she saw lipstick on his collar. She commented that it was a very loud shade. Tad sort of rolled his eyes and explained that the color was typically Opal's --- and that she'd gotten the lipstick on his collar when they were dancing earlier in the evening. While Tad went to retrieve the car, Dixie headed to the restroom. There she bumped into Leslie, who was touching up her lipstick. Dixie immediately froze in her tracks and stared.

Jack and Erica argued about Bianca. Erica blamed this disaster on Jack, but he said he just encouraged Bianca to be herself. He asked if he should see if Bianca was ready to leave but Erica said why would Bianca want to leave "her coming out party?" and stormed off.

Laura asked Leo if Rain and Bianca were a couple but he told her they were just friends. She said it was too bad; Rain and Bianca made a "cute couple." Leo said he was glad she was cool with this. Leo told her this was the reason Bianca couldn't tell her who pushed her off the yacht, that Greenlee had been blackmailing her with this information. They walked up to Bianca and told her they thought she had "guts" tonight. Jack joined them and asked if she was ready to leave. She told him yes and said she hadn't wanted to hurt Erica. Jack said she did the right thing and that her father would've been proud of her. Bianca said it felt good, that she stuck up for herself. "After all, I am Erica Kane's daughter" she proclaimed proudly. Jack took her home.

Erica asked Dimitri to take her home but they went to the hunting lodge to talk instead. She told him that Bianca is the most important thing in her life and just wanted the best for her. Dimitri told her that after she thought it through tonight she'd know what to do for Bianca. She told him she knew she had no right to ask this of him, but would he hold her? Dimitri took Erica into his arms."

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