12/27/2000 Myrtle's Visit

"Leo and Greenlee were snuggling outside the boathouse. Leo complained about the cold weather and asked to go back to their nice warm loft, but Greenlee insisted on staying because this was their "special place". She told Leo she knew this would be the best Christmas ever. They went into the boat house and were kissing passionately when some kid yelled to them "Go some place else if you're going to suck your wife's lungs out!". Leo didn't tell the kid that Greenlee wasn't his wife, instead, Leo just said "If you had a wife as luscious as mine you'd be kissing her too!". The kid left and Greenlee is thrilled that Leo didn't deny that she was his wife. He told her it was because she felt like it, they went to bed together, woke up together, lived their lives for each other. He told her that he is the man he is today because of her. Greenlee told him she had another gift for him and pulled out a toboggan she'd hidden in the boathouse. Leo wasn't sure about sledding but Greenlee was very enthusiastic so out they went.

As Leo and Greenlee went running off with the new toboggan Brooke and Laura walked up. Laura stopped when she saw Greenlee and Brooke asked what was wrong. Laura said Greenlee gave her the creeps. Her mother asked why she didn't like Greenlee and Laura replied "It's like she has more than one face." Brooke said Greenlee did Laura a favor by telling her who pushed her off the yacht. Laura said she doesn't believe it was really Bianca, that they had a sister thing going on.

Jack came downstairs at Erica's house to find Bianca on the couch. She'd been waiting all night for Erica to come home. Jack said Erica wouldn't answer her cell phone but that she had called Enchantment and told them she wouldn't be in. Bianca said this was just what she was afraid would happen, that her mother would be embarrassed to have a gay daughter. Jack said Erica was many things but would never hate her daughter. The doorbell rang and in came Myrtle with her arms piled with gifts. She looked around the room and noticed that no gifts had been opened, Erica wasn't there and Bianca had been crying. She asked "What Grinch stole your Christmas?" and Bianca looked away guiltily. Myrtle asked what was going on and Jack told her something unexpected had come up. Bianca told her that her mother was very upset with her and may never want to see her again. Myrtle said no Erica would never do that. But Bianca said she told Erica something about herself. She said "I told my mother I'm gay". Myrtle looked stunned but not at all upset and gave her a big hug saying "That's it? You gave me a big scare!" Myrtle told Bianca to give her mother some time to get used to this news. Bianca said "But you didn't need any time!" and Myrtle said she'd seen it all, nothing could surprise her anymore. She told Bianca that being gay was just part of who she was. Bianca said she was afraid that Erica would kick her out of the house. Both Jack and Myrtle told Bianca that Erica loved her and would never kick her out. But Bianca told them they hadn't seen the way she reacted when Bianca told her she was gay, that her mother accused her of turning gay just to hurt her. They were both upset by this and Myrtle said she'd have something to say to Erica about that and they need to find her now. The phone rang and Jack answered it but it was Rae, Myrtle's daughter in Llanview. She asked Myrtle to come right away so Jack offered to drive Myrtle to the train station. He told Bianca to stay at the house and wait for her mom to come back. After they left Bianca wandered around the house and then sat down at the piano. She played a bit of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and got up, put her coat on and went out the door.

Dimitri was walking through the park and found Erica sitting on a swing without a coat. He wrapped her up in his coat and asked what she was doing out in the cold. She told him she had been driving around all night, "trying to make sense of this". She told Dimitri that Bianca had lost her, and that she'd lost her little girl. Erica explained that Bianca had convinced herself that she's gay. Dimitri could only say "Wow. That's alot for you to take in." He did tell her to thank God that Bianca was not sick; she didn't have a relapse. Erica said she has gay friends and knows how tough that lifestyle is. She said she can see Bianca suffering but that she's suffering too. Erica said that if Bianca keeps insisting that this is how she is her whole life will be so difficult. She also couldn't believe that Bianca knew what she wanted to be at 16. Dimitri told Erica that she ought to be able to understand, since she had known from the cradle that she wanted to be a star. But Erica told Dimitri that this wasn't about career choices and then asked how Bianca got so confused. Erica went on to blame "that horrible girl from rehab" and Bianca's awful stepmother, Barbara. She heaped the blame squarely on Barbara's shoulders, saying she'd treated Bianca as an unwanted stepchild, that Bianca had even told her mother that several times. Dimitri wondered if this was just a cry for help then, maybe a temporary thing. Erica grabbed on to that thought and brightened considerably. She cuddled up to Dimitri saying he was always there when she needed him. He looked rather uncomfortable and pulled back from her. He told her he had heard from Alex and Erica asked if she told him why she ran off. Dimitri overlooked this cutting remark and explained that their call had been cut off and he had the feeling Alex was being held against her will. Erica asked him to have breakfast with her but he declined saying he had to meet with someone who might have news about Alex. He told Erica to go home to Bianca and to be there for her. He walked her to her car, telling her to keep his coat and he'd pick it up later. She said that would give her something to look forward to.

Mateo and Adam went to Wildwind looking for Hayley. They told Ryan and Gillian that Hayley took off last night and they thought she'd come there but no one had seen her at the house. Ryan, Gillian and Edmund asked why Hayley would run off but Adam and Mateo wouldn't give any information. Edmund told them that if she showed up he'd call them immediately. Mat and Adam left and Mateo lit into Adam, blaming him for Hayley's disappearance. Mat felt that Hayley was probably at the police station but Adam disagreed. Finally Adam agreed to go to the Pine Valley Police Station to look for Hayley.

Hayley arrived at the police station with her friend and AA buddy Axel. Axel asked Hayley if she was sure she wanted to do this and she said she was. He offered to call her father and her husband but she refused, saying they'd just try to talk her out of doing this. Axel asked "What did you do Hayley, rob a bank?" and Hayley replied "I wish!". After a hug from Axel, she asked to speak with Derek Frye. Derek took Hayley into an interrogation room. Axel waited outside and Adam and Mateo came rushing in. They asked if Axel had seen Hayley and he pointed them to the room she had just entered with Derek Frye. They barged into the room before Hayley had a chance to say anything. Adam told Derek he had some new information he had to give Hayley so Derek gave them 5 minutes to talk. Mateo asked Hayley why she didn't call him and she told him she needed to find an AA meeting before she found a bottle. Adam told her that if she comes forward and confesses, he'd confess to being an accomplice. Mateo said he would too and so would Liza and Marian. Adam said that Hayley had a good defense, that she was drugged (Libidozone) and had found her mother accosting her husband. He told Hayley that she'd get off but that the rest of them would end up in prison for covering up the crime. This convinced Hayley not to confess when Derek came back into the room. She told him that she had definitely seen Arlene on the boat that night, they had gotten into a fight and then she'd gotten on a shuttle back to shore. Hayley claimed that that was the last time she'd seen her mother. Derek asked why she didn't tell him that before and Hayley blamed the Libidozone. He also asked her why they got into a fight and Hayley told him her mother was jealous of her relationship with Mateo and had asked Hayley to run away with her. Derek asked Hayley if she knew where her mother was now and Hayley replied "Amsterdam, I think" Still suspicious, Derek asked Hayley if there was anything else she hadn't told him. She said no, she'd told him everything. The subject of the missing necklace was brought up and Adam said if Arlene had stolen the necklace she wouldn't have been dumb enough to wear it on the yacht. Derek let Hayley, Adam and Mateo leave, and then told another officer to call immigration to see if Arlene had entered Amsterdam.

While Brooke and Laura were by the pond Greenlee and Leo ran back into the boathouse. Leo had fallen through the ice and was soaking wet. Greenlee wrapped a blanket around Leo and said when he fell in the water her life flashed before her eyes. He said "Your life? What about my life?" and she told him he was her life. He told Greenlee he had seen a stand outside selling hot cider and to go get him some. She left and Laura came in to check on him. He told her what happened and insisted he was fine. He ran out to find Greenlee and the hot cider.

Laura stepped back outside the boathouse and Bianca walked up. She asked to speak to Laura alone and Brooke said she didn't think it was a good idea. Laura said she'd be fine and the two girls walked over to the boathouse together. Bianca apologized for not telling her who pushed her into the water. Bianca told Laura she'd been holding back for personal reasons and those reasons didn't exist anymore so she could tell Laura who really pushed her.

Brooke walked over to Laura as Bianca walked away. Greenlee and Leo came back to the boathouse and Laura grabbed Greenlee's arm saying very loudly "You wicked bitch! Bianca didn't push me off the yacht! You did!"

Edmund was on the phone Dixie and told her he couldn't host the Crystal Ball this year. Gillian and Ryan overheard him and said they'd do it. Edmund asked if they were sure and they were both thrilled to do it so Edmund told Dixie to come over later for a planning session. Edmund thanked Gillian and Ryan, telling them that it means a lot to him to have the Crystal Ball happen. Gillian picked up a candle and said that its flame could be the theme for the ball. A light in memory of Maria and a light for hope for the future.

Bianca arrived home to an empty house. After she took her coat off Erica came home. They stood apart, just looking at each other sadly."

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