11/28/2000 A Message From Arlene

""Arlene is on the phone?" Adam said with a very stunned look on his face. Hayley told Winifred to put the call through; she needed to talk with her. Winifred explained that she hung up and that she wanted to meet with Adam and gave him the message. Hayley hugged Mateo and thanked God that Arlene was alive, while Adam tried to compose himself and told them he was going to see what Arlene wanted. Mateo and Hayley questioned why Arlene wouldn't come to them and Adam told them that "everything is a game to Arlene, you know that." Hayley wanted to go with Adam to see Arlene for herself and Adam told her no.

Bianca told Leo she was going to the community center while Erica was still at Myrtle's. As Bianca opened to door, Greenlee was ready to knock. Bianca asked what she was doing there and she told her that Leo had called her. Leo asked Bianca if she didn't mind if he invited his cute little friend Greenlee. Bianca seemed annoyed. Greenlee said she had to go and that she even bought a get well present for Laura. Bianca asked why she bought Laura a gift. Greenlee said that "Laura nearly drowned and I wanted to do something to show I cared." Leo said it was cold and went to get his coat. Bianca told Greenlee that Laura nearly drowned because she pushed her over the side and then left her there to die. Greenlee snarked that instead she's going to get a very expensive present. Bianca couldn't believe that Greenlee had no feelings at all and Greenlee said that Laura was getting a lot more attention than she deserved. Bianca said that if Leo ever found out about this he would hate Greenlee. Greenlee told Bianca that Erica would hate her when she found out she "never met a girl she didn't like." Bianca slapped her across the face. Erica then came in the house.

Dixie told Tad that Leslie didn't just come over to return his wallet, that it had to be more and it was about last night and did Tad want to talk about it. Tad told Dixie she was right that something did happen at the party with Leslie. Dixie called Leslie a barracuda. She also told Tad that what happened was completely understandable, especially after the fight about David. It's no wonder he ran over to Leslie. She said Leslie wanted her to find out about it. How did she think you could keep it from me. It was obvious that woman wanted her to know about it. Tad apologized and Dixie told him there was no need to, because it was all her fault. Telling Tad she had feelings for David made Tad more determined than ever to go through with the sexual harassment lawsuit. Tad told her that wasn't it. Tad tried to explain, but Dixie kept asking him to drop the suit. He told her he couldn't talk about this right now, that he had to go to the office to take care of something really important.

At the Community Center Laura looked on as Eliot was repairing a basketball for a group of kids. Laura and Eliot exchanged hellos and Eliot asked Laura how she was feeling. She told him that she still didn't remember what happened and Eliot said that a lot of people had a bad reaction on that ship. Laura apologized to Eliot for reaming him out in front of everyone and he told Laura that it was okay and that he was where he was supposed to be, thank the Lord, to save her. Laura thanked him for saving her just as Brooke entered to room and saw them shaking hands.

Erica came into the house and Greenlee commented on how wonderful she looked. Greenlee told her that they were all discussing Laura and that they were going to the Community Center to see her now. Erica said it was too late to go to the neighborhood. Leo came in with his coat and said he would take good care of them and Erica told him okay, for Bianca to be back by 10. Jack came in as they were leaving. He wanted to know whose mind she was trying to read now. She said Greenlee was even more "toady" than usual and Bianca was acting strange too. Erica then asked Jack why he had come over and he said he was out of line last night and that he was pleading temporary insanity and Erica said "I still drive you mad."

Hayley and Mateo argued with Adam about going to see Arlene with him. Adam tried to talk them out of it. He told them that Arlene is nothing but trouble and she still might even press charges. Adam told Hayley that she should take some time to eat, rest and get ready for whatever Arlene might do. When she turned her back to Adam, he left. Hayley asked Mateo "What's happening here?"

Jack told Erica she is still the most confounding woman he has ever known. Erica told him she would take that as a compliment. Jack apologized for talking like he did on the yacht and Erica gives him a hard time of it. She asked him if he was trying to take back what he said and Jack said no, he was just trying to put it in the proper context. Erica told him that it was okay to tell her how he felt. She told him you either love or you don't. Which is it?

Brooke came in and told Laura she should be home resting, as the doctor had told her to. Laura told her she was going to take some pictures of the kids playing basketball before they flatten the ball again. Eliot told Brooke they got the grant for the preschool breakfast program. Brooke thanked him for the news and wanted to get started right away if they wanted to have it in place by Christmas. Eliot old her not to trip on the trunk on the way out. Brooke looked puzzled and Eliot told her about the elephant in the room, and that they can't ignore what has happened. Eliot told Brooke that she thinks he wants her to forgive him because he killed one daughter and saved another. Brooke asked him, "Aren't you?"

Tad called Leslie on his cell phone and asked her to meet him right away and they agreed to meet at the boathouse.

Hayley wanted to follow Adam and Mateo stopped her. He agreed with Adam that she needed to rest. She should be thankful that Arlene was alive. Hayley reminded Mateo of what Arlene did and that just because she is alive, everything was not okay. Mateo told Hayley that they should take this chance to make a clean break from Arlene. Hayley told him she couldn't have her last memories of Arlene with her hands around her neck. Mateo told her that there are no good memories of Arlene, to please let it go and to forget about Arlene and concentrate on us for once.

Adam arrived at the boathouse and saw someone in the shadows and called out Arlene's name. She turned around and it was Marian. He asked what she was doing there, that he got a message from Arlene and Marian told him it was from her. He asked where Arlene was and Marian said just where you put her. She told him that she knew what he did to Arlene and he tried to deny it. She told him that she saw what he did on the ship. Adam tried to tell Marian she had imagined the whole thing but she told him she knew what she saw. Adam told Marian that she finally has her revenge and to call and turn him in. Marian had no intention of doing it. She told Adam she was glad Arlene was dead. Marian told Adam it was to their advantage that everyone think that Arlene was still alive. Liza could then marry the man she loves. Marian told him that she would forge Arlene's signature and Liza and Adam could get married. Adam told her it was a brilliant scheme except for one thing, it won't work.

Eliot told Brooke that he saved Laura because she was in trouble, not to impress her or to redeem himself because he had killed her child. Brooke told him that she wouldn't forget that he risked his life to save Laura's and left. Laura came back in and Leo, Greenlee and Bianca arrived. She told them she was really okay. Greenlee gave her a very expensive camera and Laura told her she couldn't accept it. Greenlee told her she couldn't return it and didn't know how to use it, so Laura said okay and thank you. Laura told them she still couldn't remember how she took a header off the boat. Greenlee said that a lot of people were sick on the boat, maybe she got dizzy and slipped. Bianca said that something was definitely tainted. Laura told everyone that she felt really good. Greenlee asked Leo to give her a lift to her car. Leo said that they had just gotten there and Greenlee said this would give Bianca and Laura some time to talk. Before she left, Greenlee threatened Bianca and told her if she ever slapped her again, she would be all kinds of sorry, and she meant it. Greenlee and Leo left and Laura told Bianca that she was scared and that if she didn't talk to someone, she was going to lose it.

Adam and Marian tried to figure out a way to have the divorce papers signed and dated so that Adam could marry Liza. Adam told Marian that if Arlene ever washed up on shore, he would go to the police and confess. Marian asked Adam what was going on, that he would never admit to doing anything wrong. He told her that she caught him red-handed and she said all she saw was him throw her over the side, she never saw him kill Arlene. He told her that he did it, that she was dead and would never hurt anyone in his family again. Marian came to the conclusion that Adam was covering for Hayley, that he was sacrificing himself for his daughter. Marian asked what happened, that she had too much on him and that she approved of what he was doing. Adam explained that someone had spiked the punch and that Hayley had some, that Hayley found Arlene on top of Mateo and that Mateo was barely conscious. Adam told Marian that the phone call has made Hayley happy that Arlene is still alive. Adam says they will play this Marian's way on one condition--that she doesn't tell Stuart. She told him she can't keep this from Stuart and he told her he can't tell Stuart and she agrees and they shake on it. Adam tells her he's going back to see Hayley and can she forge Arlene's signature. Marian told him to just keep his side of the bargain, she will definitely keep hers.

Jack told Erica she was a tough act to follow and Erica reminded Jack that he broke up with her. He reminded her of why and then told her that being in love with her was like flying too close to the sun. She thanked him for his honesty and told him that she couldn't be with him day to day because he keeps on telling her things she doesn't want to hear. He gave her a big hug.

Outside Greenlee and Leo were discussing Laura and Bianca. Greenlee asked that when Leo told her he loved her, was that because of the party or did he mean it. He told her it was true and he was in a crazy mood, but he does love her. She asked him for a commitment.

Dixie was cleaning up the table at the Martin house and picked up a picture of her and Tad and said that they would get through this. After she put it back on the mantle, she felt a pain in her side.

Tad arrived at the boathouse and Leslie arrived right behind him. She came onto him and he thanked her for the wallet and told her it wasn't a good idea to have come to his parent's house. Tad tried to explain that what happened on the boat was a mistake and that it wouldn't happen again because he was married. He told her he loved his wife. Leslie accused Tad of calling her to dump her. He told her he was committed to his marriage and that nothing would change that.

Bianca told Laura that it was over and she didn't have to be afraid of anything. Laura asked how she ended up in the water, that maybe she didn't fall. Bianca told her to try to forget it ever happened. Laura explained her past history and asked why things keep happening to her. She thought things were going to get better for her. She couldn't understand why she behaved the way she did at the party. Maybe she really jumped.

Leo asked if Greenlee really meant it about a commitment. He reminded her about her past commitments. She told him that she needed him. Leo agreed to move in with her.

Hayley and Mateo were waiting for Adam when he came back. He told them that Arlene was drunk and had apologized about what she had done with Mateo. She realized that it was all her fault, to forgive her and forget it ever happened. Hayley wanted to know when she could see Arlene to straighten this all out and Adam told them that Arlene left town, that she was too embarrassed to see her and that she sends her love. Hayley wanted to go find her and Adam told Mateo to talk her out of it, if he knew what was good for Hayley. Adam told Hayley to just let it be over.

Leslie asked Tad if he knew how long she had a crush on him, what this was doing to her. She thought that this time it would be different. She asked if it was her, if something was wrong with her. Tad told her there was nothing wrong with her. Tad told her if circumstances were different --- if they had dated earlier in life --- maybe they could have gotten together. Leslie hugged Tad.

Dixie wandered down the stairs and again felt a twinge of pain. She told herself that she might be suffering the after-effects of food poisoning. As she reached the bottom of the staircase, another wave of pain her hit. Dixie clutched her stomach and fell to the ground."

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