11/07/2000 Bianca Gets Drunk

"Tad looked at Dixie as they talked about "THE KISS". Dixie told Tad it was "just a kiss." Tad asked Dixie "Who are you? I don't understand. How could you do it?" Dixie replied "It was just one moment --- one mistake. I stopped it, I didn't let it go any further. All I want to do is forget this." Tad was more than angry that she wanted him to forget about it. Dixie apologized to him again. Tad asked if this was payback for his sleeping with Liza. Dixie tells him that what happened between her and David was different than what happened between him and Liza. Tad says that it didn't "just happen," that it's been coming for a long time. "I told you you shouldn't work for that snake," Tad tells her. Tad asks Dixie if she is attracted to David. Dixie assured Tad that she wants him --- not David - and that he shouldn't be threatened by David. Dixie told her husband that she wants to move on. She again asked for forgiveness, but Tad admitted that he can't get the picture out of Dixie and David kissing out of his head. He said he never once worried about something like this. Tad questioned if he hasn't done enough for her to make her happy. Tad sighed deeply and told Dixie that as long as she and David weren't going to kiss again, he could forgive her. Dixie had a strange look on her face and Tad asked her what was wrong. She tells him about the first kiss and Tad leaves. After Tad left, Dixie recalled some of things that both Tad and David had said to her. After snapping back to the present, she reached for the phone.

Ryan walked into Adam's study. Ryan tells Adam that he has arranged the yacht for Adam's Incredible Dream with Liza. Adam's phone rings --- it's Barry. Adam instructs Barry to make sure to hire a guard to keep Arlene away from Hayley. Meanwhile, Ryan has put on the television to check on the Stock Market and sees a news report about Jake and Gillian delivering the baby in the cabin. Also in the report, Ryan learned that Jake has started a fund for unwed mothers. Ryan turned off the television and threw the remote. Adam senseeds that Ryan wais upset about Jake and Gillian and fueled the fire. "Don't get mad when you can get even," Adam sneered. Ryan asked Adam how he can be more like him. Adam tells him that he always wanted to "one-up" Pete Cooney. Ryan's clueless expression made Adam realized that Ryan wasn't familiar with Palmer Cortlandt's birth name. Adma told Ryan that he'll get nowhere unless he crushes Jake Martin. Adam mentioned Gillian's name and Ryan lost his temper. Adam explains that if Ryan blows Jake out of the water, Gillian will be his. Ryan said that no one is going to beat him, especially Jake Martin. Adams urged Ryan to fight to get Gillian back. Ryan asked Adam if he would mind if his incredible dream was to be held in middle of one of the biggest parties ever. Adam shrugged and said that he didn't mind. Stuart arrived as Ryan was leaving and asked Adam what he did to Ryan. Adam told Stuart that Ryan wants to conquer the world.

Gillian sees Dimitri and Alex in the hallway outside of David's office. Dimitri goes in to see David for a checkup. Alex stays to talk to Gillian, who tells her that she and Jake are back on track and that Ryan is no longer a part of her life. Alex goes into David's office. Jake comes by and tells Gillian that he was called by David and Gillian wants to come along. Joe stops and sees Jake and Gillian and tells him he was also called by David. Dimitri and Alex tell David how grateful they are for all his work in saving Dimitri. Joe, Jake and Gillian enter David's office and David asks Dimitri and Alex to stay, this affects them too. David says he is sorry to Jake. He apologizes to Alex as well that he hasn't been effective with the Andrassy Foundation lately. David tells everyone he is very tired, has been working very hard and needs a vacation. Joe agrees that he could use some time off. David offers his hand to Jake and asks if they could just put it all behind them and Jake says "not in my lifetime." Dimitri stands up for David and then Gillian says it's no excuse for his behavior. Joe thinks that David's apology is a good start. Dimitri says that the Andrassy Foundation would suffer if David were to leave the hospital. Joe asks if Jake threw the first punch and when he says yes, he says well then, David's apology is accepted and it is now in the past. Joe tells David to take all the time you need. Alex later questions David about the Libidizone and David tells Alex he won't do any research for it under the Andrassy Foundation. Outside Dimitri and Alex tell Gillian not to be a stranger. Ryan comes up to Gillian and Jake and asks to talk to Jake about something they both care a lot about.

Tad shows up at David's office and says. "I hope you can take me without an appointment."

Leo and Greenlee arrive at Erica's looking for Bianca. Greenlee can't help but pick on Bianca by making wise cracks about her. Leo is afraid that Bianca might try something with Marcus. Greenlee keeps trying to seduce Leo, but he is upset about Bianca being out with Marcus. He tries calling her on her cell phone, but she won't answer.

Marcus and Bianca are at the Boathouse and Bianca turns her phone off because it keeps ringing. She grabs Marcus and starts kissing him. Marcus stops and Bianca what her story is. Bianca asks him "what story" with a panicked look on her face. He says that at first she wanted nothing to do with him and now this. Bianca says she was shy at first, but not now. Marcus tells her that being Erica Kane's daughter means nothing to her.

Ryan and Greenlee are making out on the sofa and Leo can't stop worrying about Bianca. He feel's like it's his fault that she is out with Marcus. Greenlee tells her to let her be, it's not his job to worry about Bianca's sex life. Greenlee gets mad at Leo and leaves.

Meanwhile, Bianca keeps drinking the rum in Marcus' flask and is getting quite drunk. Marcus starts to kiss Bianca and she tenses up. He asks her if she is a virgin and she says "not exactly". Marcus asks if there is anything special she likes, he watches a lot of x-rated movies and Bianca just starts to laugh at him. Marcus wants to know what is so funny. He tells her the girls are right--she is weird and doesn't fit in. She picked the right Halloween costume--an alien. Just then Leo shows up and Marcus leaves. Bianca suddenly feels very sick.

Leo takes Bianca home and she is still feeling sick. Leo asks what Marcus did to Bianca and she says she really doesn't want to talk about it. He wants her to drink some water before she goes upstairs, saying that otherwise she'll feel worse in the morning. Bianca grumbled, but Leo insists that she should trust him. She says, "I do --- you and my Daddy" As Leo is helping Bianca up the stairs, Erica comes down and tells them not to move an inch."

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