11/01/2000 Vanessa Inspires David

"Bianca's face fell when he mother told her that Greenlee had given her some very disheartening news. "I hate Greenlee Smythe! She had no right to say anything!" Bianca screamed. Bianca became puzzled when her mother remained calm and comforting. "This is my fault, Honey. I blame myself. I mean, looking back, it was very clear," Erica said, causing her daughter even more confusion. As Erica continued talking, Bianca appeared ready to spring the news of her sexual orientation on her mother. Before she could say anything, Erica finally revealed that what she and her daughter were talking about were two totally different things. Bianca breathed a sigh of relief and almost chuckled when her mother explained that Greenlee had told her that she (Bianca) didn't want to be in the Enchantment ads. Erica assured her daughter that she was fine with her daughter's decision not to be in the ads. Erica confessed that she was strong-arming her daughter to be in the ads because of an unfulfilled childhood dream. Bianca listened as her mother spoke and for the first time the two women had reached an agreement without any raised voices. Bianca told her mother that she doesn't want to let her down. Erica stroked her daughter's hair and told her that she'd never be disappointed by her. The conversation took a whimsical turn as Erica suggested that the stardom gene must skip a generation. So, Erica grinned, Bianca's daughter would be a mini-Erica Kane. Bianca had been enjoying the conversation up until that point, but the mention of having a child made Bianca uneasy. Bianca surprised her mother by stating that she wanted to be in the Enchantment ads. Erica shook her head and told her daughter not to do anything out of sympathy for her. Bianca insisted that doing the ad campaign was something that she really wanted to do. Overjoyed, Erica raced upstairs to fetch some sketches of dresses that Bianca would be wearing. Alone, Bianca told herself that she would transform herself into the daughter that her mother wanted her to be. In short, that meant never revealing that she's gay.

At Wildwind, Edmund found Dimitri poking about the study. Edmund informed Dimitri that he'd found a buyer for Wildwind. Dimitri stunned his brother by revealing that he was the person who'd bought the property; the lawyers Edmund had been dealing with were representing him. Alf appeared to Edmund and urged him to take action and put an end to Dimitri once and for all. Dimitri watched as Edmund acted erratically, but Dimitri had no idea what Edmund was going through. Dimitri explained that his decision to buy Wildwind would eventually help them both; he said that he did not want Edmund to rue his decision to give up their family home once it was too late. After Dimitri left, Edmund battled the vision of his dead father. He told Alf that there was no way that he would ever kill Dimitri --- even if he had broken his heart. The only person Edmund wanted dead, he said, was Alf. Alf laughed sinisterly and told Edmund that he would never get rid of him. Alex appeared at the doorway as Edmund shouted, "Just get out of my head!" Alex gently put her hand on Edmund's shoulder and asked him who he was talking to. Edmund tried to dodge Alex's question, but he eventually confessed that he was speaking to the ghost of his late father. Alex gently helped Edmund deal with the situation and offered him the name of a psychiatrist who she's been seeing. She also pledged not to tell Dimitri about Edmund's condition. Neither knew that Dimitri was hovering just outside the room.

Liza arrived at her old loft, now Ryan's home, and interrupted the "morning after" between Ryan and Rosette (Hayley's friend that he met at SOS). Rosette quickly scampered on her way and Ryan and Liza got down to business. Ryan took Liza in his arms and started dancing with her. Needless to say, Liza was caught quite off guard. Ryan softly asked Liza about her "incredible dream." Liza sensed that Ryan was up to something and accused him of being in cahoots with Adam. Ryan denied the allegation and again pressed Liza for the answer to his question. Liza sighed and said that she'd like to take a cruise with Adam --- just the two of them. She then turned the tables on Ryan and asked him about his fantasy. Ryan claimed that he doesn't have a fantasy that he needs fulfilled. Liza pursed her lips and accused Ryan of lying to her. She hinted that she still believes that Ryan wants to get back together with Gillian. Ryan insisted that that was not the case; business was his only priority. After Liza left, Ryan placed a call to Adam to tell him that he thinks he's figured out a way to grant his dream of winning back Liza. Ryan also asked that Adam take him under his wing and teach him how to be successful in business.

Tad and Dixie went to the Martin house to help ease Joe's fears about his errant son, Jake. Just as the trio was about to call out the search team, a giddy Jake and Gillian breezed into the house as if nothing was wrong. Gillian sensed that Dixie was troubled and the two women stepped outside to talk in private. Jake, meanwhile, looked like a new man, cheerfully boasting that he and Gillian were closer than ever. Outside, Dixie told Gillian that she and David had kissed. Gillian had been in a similar situation with David and said that she knew what the doctor was capable of. She urged Dixie to stay as far away from David as possible and said that she doesn't think that "the kiss" was her fault. When Dixie said that she wanted to come clean to Tad, Gillian pleaded with her to reconsider. Dixie said that she and Tad keep no secrets from each other and said that she had to tell Tad. Dixie returned inside and was ready to tell Tad about kissing David, but Tad silenced her before she could do so. Tad told Dixie that there was no reason to mention David's name because he was out of their lives for good.

In his office at the hospital, David read over an information packet about Libidozone, the experimental anti-impotence drug. David was not at all pleased when his mother dropped by to pay him a visit. More than just being annoyed by his mother's presence, Vanessa brought with her bad news. She'd been at a hospital gala and overheard many of the doctors discussing the brawl between David and the Martins. Also on the tongues of partygoers was David's refusal to help Leila --- and Jake's subsequent delivery of the girl's baby in a deserted cabin. David was furious and proclaimed his hatred for all of the Martin family. Vanessa cocked her head to the side and asked if David also hated Dixie. David refused to comment, but listened as his mother spoke of a window of opportunity that could allow David to win Dixie's heart. She mentioned that Tad used be known in Pine Valley as "Tad the Cad." Suddenly, David's face lit up. He ushered his mother out of his office and then scurried back to his desk. David carefully poured a measured dose of Libidozone into a beaker and swallowed the medicine. In his mind, he recalled the salesperson for the drug explaining the drug's effects on the body. "We're essentially unleashing the Id, with unpredictable results. Remember, this is uninhibited behavior demanding immediate gratification." About half an hour passed and David experienced no reaction to the medicine. As he prepared to ingest a second dose of the medication, the first dose's effects kicked in. David's body started shaking and trembling wildly. As he gasped for air, David clutched his chest."

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