10/24/2000 David Sees Jake's Medical Files

"Cruising the halls of Pine Valley High, the trio of cheerleaders quizzed school jock, Marcus, about his plans for the school's Halloween dance. Marcus assured the girls that he wasn't going to be dateless for the event --- he just hadn't asked anyone yet. With that, Marcus strolled over to Bianca, who was fiddled about in her locker, and struck up a conversation about their studies. Marcus mused that he'd found a new way to study Shakespeare: watching an old movie version of the play. From there, he forwardly asked Bianca if she'd be Juliet to his Romeo for the Halloween party. Bianca blushed as the trio of cheerleaders gasped. Bianca nervously replied that her mother probably wouldn't let her go to the party because she was behind in her studies. One of the cheerleaders stepped forward and commented that Bianca is brilliant and doesn't need to worry about her studies. Marcus offered to have his mother call Erica to assure her that he was a good guy. Bianca's eyes suddenly widened. She chirped that she been "messing" with Marcus. She then darted down the hallway to embrace Leo. The girls were amazed that Bianca was already attached. Marcus, on the other hand, was not at all pleased that Bianca had turned him down. "What is he, like, thirty?" Marcus grumbled as he stomped off. Leo continued to play the part of Bianca's boyfriend until everyone was safely out of hearing distance before asking Bianca why she turned down a date with the most eligible guy in school. Bianca explained that Marcus didn't want to date her; he wanted to date "Erica Kane's daughter."

Mateo and Hayley arrived at The Valley Inn with two different game plans. Mateo wanted to confront Arlene about her miscarriage, while Hayley wanted to give her mom a little more time to deal with the loss before asking questions. Claiming that Arlene was "milking" the miscarriage, Mateo pleaded with Hayley for permission to talk to Arlene. Hayley reluctantly agreed. She noticed that Arlene and Vanessa were seated at a table in the bar area together. She offered to divert Vanessa's attention so that Mateo would have unimpeded access to Arlene. Hayley and Mateo strolled into the bar and Hayley feigned surprise at seeing her mother. Shortly after Hayley asked her mother how she was feeling, Hayley came down with a headache. Vanessa offered to take Hayley upstairs to get her an aspirin. While the two women were gone, Mateo sat down across the table from Arlene and immediate let loose with a barrage of questions. Mateo commented that Arlene had suffered "a tragic accident" and questioned why she would want to remain at Chandler Mansion, a place where she'd constantly be haunted by the memory of what happened. Arlene, who had been nodding along slightly as Mateo talked of the tragic nature of the accident, suddenly froze. Mateo also asked Arlene why she'd done a sudden "180" by deciding to let him and Hayley adopt her baby. Arlene shrugged and stated that her initial refusal was probably due to her raging hormones. Arlene tearfully remarked that she still occasionally forgets that the baby died. Arlene reached out for Mateo's hand, but Mateo quickly pulled away. "What are you up to?" he asked candidly. Arlene looked angrily at Mateo and demanded that he stop questioning her motives. She explained that she'd finally regained Hayley's trust and that she was not going to let him ruin things for her. Mateo laughed at his mother-in-law's remark that she and Hayley were once again close. "You are a horrible mother," he snapped. "Leave town. Lose our number!" Arlene looked just beyond Mateo, where Vanessa and Hayley stood. Mateo turned with a look of defeat on his face. Arlene, meanwhile, smiled confidently and, perhaps, arrogantly. She rose to her feet and asked Vanessa to take her back to the mansion. Vanessa nodded and told her friend that stress wasn't going to help her heal. As Vanessa and Arlene made their way towards the door, Mateo called out to ask them when they'd become so chummy. Neither woman said a word. Hayley, meanwhile, looked quite upset --- though it was not clear exactly who had made her upset. Mateo took his wife in his arms and promised that he would not let Hayley hurt her.

At Enchantment, a giddy Erica greeted Jack with news that Bianca seemed to be "behaving as she should." Jack caught Erica off guard with an assertion that Bianca would remain happy if only she would "get a life" of her own. Erica's neck snapped back. She held her arms extended as if to show Jack that she already had a life. "A social life," Jack retorted. Erica tilted her head to one side and asked Jack if this was his way of asking her out on a date. Jack quickly clarified that he had no interest in dating Erica again. He also fought off Erica's claim that he get a life of his own by saying that he doesn't need a life because he is not raising a teenage daughter. Erica tried her best to assert that she was doing quite fine. She asked Jack if he'd like to know where she was and what she was "in the middle of doing" when he called her the night before. Jack's face crinkled up and he pleaded with Erica not to tell him the details of her time with David. Jack also warned Erica that her off and on relationship with David wasn't a healthy relationship. As they talked, Erica received a phone call from someone within the company. Erica took the call, but she wasn't happy with what she heard. She hung up the phone and broke the bad news to Jack. A model that had been hired as the next Miss Young Enchantment, turned out to be 26 instead of 17 as everyone had thought. On top of that, the woman already had media exposure --- actually lots pf exposure; she'd appeared in a pornographic movie. With less than 24 hours before the publicity shoot, Jack and Erica took to the phones to find a new model for the campaign. Erica phoned her pal Olga, but the woman seemed unable to help. Jack, meanwhile, phoned the model's agent and warned him that he could be sued for not revealing his client's past jobs. Erica and Jack left the room to talk to the advertising department. Soon after they left, Leo and Bianca straggled into the office. They briefly talked about Greenlee. Bianca scratched her head and said that she doesn't understand why Leo didn't come clean with Greenlee after his release from jail. Leo looked over Bianca's shoulder as she read about "that squiggly thing" in her math book. Bianca explained that she was learning about "cosine." Leo's face lit up and he chattered that he knew all about that because he's had someone "co-sign" for him on a loan. Bianca puckered her lips and shot Leo a goofy glance. As they both shared a laugh, Erica returned to the office, her hair out of place from her obvious frantic state. She smiled broadly and announced that her search was over. Bianca twisted her neck to find out what her mother was talking about. Erica then proudly announced that Bianca was her "new Miss Young Enchantment."

Asleep on the sofa in his office at the hospital, David dreamt that he and Dixie shared a romantic encounter. When he awoke from his dream, he found Dixie on her needs beside him. David smiled warmly and tried to wake himself fully. Dixie, meanwhile, gushed endless praise for a surgical procedure she's witnessed David performer the night before. In turn, she thanked David for all that's done for her. Her job at the Andrassy Foundation, said Dixie, had given her "new direction." David was glad that Dixie was happy with her life. He used that gratitude to ask for a favor. David asked Dixie if she'd mind trying to smooth things between himself and Dixie's brother-in-law, Jake. Dixie got a chuckle from David's continued problems with Jake and teased him about his "people skills." David left his office to change into his regular clothes. He listened outside the door while Dixie left a message on Jake's voicemail asking to speak to him.

Dr. Fleischman delivered Jake's latest test results, results that showed only minor improvement. While the doctor was optimistic about the changes, Jake was less than satisfied. He told Dr. Fleischman that he wanted to be a test subject for Libidozone, the experimental anti-impotence drug. Fleischman wasn't as enthusiastic about the drug; he warned Jake again of the medicine's side effects. He also warned Jake that he'd have to stop practicing medicine while he was taking the medicine. Jake shrugged his shoulders indifferently and announced that he'd take a leave of absence. Fleischman implored Jake to take more time to think about his decision before filing out and heading back to work. After the doctor left, Gillian entered the doctors' lounge area wanting to discuss Ryan. Jake rolled his eyes and quipped that he'd "rather stick needles into [his] eyes." Nevertheless, Gillian continued on. She told Jake that she was sorry that he had to watch her carry on with Ryan. Jake said that he understood that she and Ryan would always be close because they had once been married. He also assured her that he would never "set limitations" on who she could talk to.

Later, Jake went to David's office to talk to Dixie. Dixie made a pitch for Jake to give David another chance. She claimed that she's gotten to know the real David through working with him. Jake warned Dixie that David was "snowing" her and asked that she watch out for David.

While Jake was talking with Dixie, David went into the doctors' lounge and kicked out a female colleague who was reclined on the sofa listening to some music. Once he was alone in the room, David picked the lock to Jake's locker and began rummaging around for information about the medicine he believed Jake was developing. Instead, David found the medical files Dr. Fleischman had given Jake. "This is totally out of control," David laughed as he realized that Jake wasn't working on a project for the hospital --- he was working on a cure for his own malady. David left the lounge, but upon doing so he was immediately confronted by a young, pregnant woman in the corridor. The woman asked David about the hospital's policy of giving out free medical insurance to patients enrolled in its experimental and research programs. David said that the hospital does offer insurance in some cases, but explained that she would not be allowed to participate in any of the programs because she was pregnant. David started to walk away, but the woman, who identified herself at Leila, grabbed his arm and wouldn't let go. She pleaded with David to do something to help her. She said that a friend had recommended him as the only person who could help him. David urged the woman to go to a free clinic or County General Hospital. Leila told David that she sat for over eight hours at the county hospital after she started cramping. Jake and Gillian joined the crowd of staffers that had gathered around to listen in on the conversation. David angrily told the woman to leave him alone and to seek help elsewhere. Leila dashed off and Jake immediately stepped forward and blasted David for not helping the woman. David was furious with Jake for belittling him in front of the staff. He stormed into the lounge and waited for Jake to join him there. Jake continued his tirade, telling David that he didn't think that he should be allowed to practice medicine. For his part, David threatened to report Jake for violating the hospital's policy of not questioning another doctor's actions in front of colleagues. Jake continued venting on David. David demanded an apology for Jake, but Jake wasn't about to oblige him. "You can dream on, you sorry jackass," Jake snapped. Finally, David asked Jake if belittling him made him "feel like a man," especially since he "can't make love to [his] wife.""

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