" Leo was trying to comfort Greenlee. He was trying to get her to tell him what was going on when a gunshot rang out. They both fell to the ground. Greenlee was yelling at Leo trying to get him to wake up. She was telling Leo that she really cared for him and she wanted him to wake up so she can hold him again. He hit his head on the way down but there was no blood and he was still breathing so Greenlee knew he was not shot. Leo's eyes finally opened and Greenlee hugged him tight. Leo asked Greenlee what happened and she told him that it was a drive by shooting. Leo wanted to know why they were target practice. Greenlee told him that they were probably shooting at Ryan because he has a lot of enemies and they were at his place. He started to call the police and Greenlee stopped him. Leo finally called the police and while he was on the phone reporting the shooting, Greenlee grabbed Ryan's passport and then ran out of the apartment. Leo followed after her.

Eliot was at the shelter talking with Jack. Eliot was packing his bags because he was leaving. Brooke came in and Jack tried to stop her from talking to Eliot. Jack told Brooke that Eliot was leaving town. Brooke grabbed Eliot's arm and told him that he better not walk away from her now. Eliot wanted to talk to Brooke in private so they went into one of the rooms and closed the door to talk. Brooke told Eliot that Laura would have been the age of all the kids in the shelter now if he didn't get behind the wheel of a car when he was drunk and kill her. Erica was at the shelter trying to talk to Bianca and told her to stay away from the undesirables. Bianca was telling her mother that she was wrong about Rev. Eliot. Erica was telling Bianca how terrible it is to loose a child. He stole Brooke's most precious dream. Bianca told her mother that Rev Eliot had a secret and that everyone has a secret. Bianca also told Erica that she felt Rev Eliot loved Brooke and if he told her the truth, she would probably leave him. In the back room, Brooke and Eliot are arguing over the way he handled the situation. Brooke called Eliot a "coward" and a person hiding behind the clerical collar pretending to serve God. Eliot told Brooke that he thought there was a chance that she would not forgive him. He told her that there was many times when he tried to tell her but did not. He said that he came back to Pine Valley to ask for her forgiveness. Brooke told him once that "forgiveness was once possible." He felt that she needed to know the truth. She asked Eliot if he knew what it was like to bury your own child. One day you are talking about the back of the box of cereal at breakfast and the next morning, you are planning the funeral. Eliot told Brooke that he is going to leave Pine Valley. Brooks told him that if he left, he would hide behind his collar and leave like a thief in the night. Eliot told Brooke that he had lived with what he did to her family every second of every hour of every day. Brooke told him that if he left, he would be getting away with murder again, and that was what he was good at.

Arlene was experiencing stomach pains and was being comforted by Vanessa. Arlene was afraid she was loosing the baby and wanted Vanessa to take her to the hospital. Arlene's pains were getting worse. They were almost out of the front door when Arlene doubled over in pain. She left Vanessa alone for a few minutes while she left the room. Winifred came into the room wondering who was screaming. Vanessa told her that nobody screamed. After Winifred left, Arlene came back into the room "white as a sheet." She told Vanessa that she had a miscarriage. She started to cry and Vanessa held her and tried to comfort her. Vanessa was trying to get Arlene to go to a doctor and make sure everything was OK. Arlene said that the only thing the doctor would tell her was that she lost the baby and then Vanessa interjected the words "meal ticket." Arlene just looked at Vanessa and said that she was carrying a life inside her and she had Adam. Arlene said that Adam loved her and this was proof of it. The baby was going to make him stay with her and he was going to forget about Liza. Arlene said that now Liza would get everything, Adam, the house, everything.... Vanessa came up with a scheme to try to stage an accident so it would look like Liza caused the miscarriage. Vanessa gave the phone to Arlene and she called Liza. She told Liza that she wanted to talk to her about the divorce from Adam. Liza told her that she would be right over to see her. She then called Hayley and wanted her there as the impartial witness. She told Hayley that she was reconsidering the offer of letting Mateo and her adopt her baby. Arlene told Hayley that she wanted this baby to have the best that could be offered and that she and Mateo would be the best. Hayley said that she was on her way over. Just then, Lisa came through the front door and told Lisa that she would sign the divorce papers as long as Adam and Liza would make this baby a part of the Chandler family. She wanted Adam to function as father in every way, the baby was to be invited to all the functions including birthdays, holidays and other activities. Liza would not agree because it would mean that Arlene would also come along. Arlene told Liza that she would not divorce him and then it would mean that Liza could not marry him. Liza reminded Arlene that he was "Adam Chandler" and he would find a way to get around it. Liza started to walk away and as she did, Arlene grabbed a bottle of liquor and said that this was the only friend she had and that Liza was making her do this. Liza tried to get the bottle away from her but Arlene would not give it to her.

Greenlee came back to her motel room and before she entered, she looked to see if Wade was following her. She didn't see him so she entered her room and gave a big sigh. Wade was in the bathroom and he came out holding a gun on Greenlee and told her that she had been a very bad girl. He wanted to know why her boyfriend called the cops. She told him that Leo was not her boyfriend and the reason he wanted to call the cops was because someone took a shot at them. She handed Ryan's passport to Wade and then he asked her where the money was. She told him that she was not an ATM machine and could not withdraw $1,000,000 in twenty dollar bills. Just then, Leo started pounding on the door of her room and telling her that he knew she was in there and he wanted to know what was going on and he wasn't leaving until he found out. Wade held a gun to her and said she was in big trouble. Leo broke the door open but there was nobody in the room.

Reverend Taylor came into the shelter and was talking to Eliot. Eliot told him that Brooke knew and that she told him that he was taking the coward's way out by leaving. Reverend Taylor told Eliot that since this was now in the open, there was a way that he could let him stay on in Pine Valley. Eliot said that the honorable thing to do was leave and get out of Brooke's life forever.

Jack brought Brooke home and when they entered the house, Brooke told Jack that there was no way she was going to let Eliot leave town with a clean slate and start over again. Jack wanted to know what she meant and Brooke responded by saying that she has just begun to ruin Eliot's life.

Arlene and Liza were fighting over a bottle of liquor. Arlene wanted to take a drink and Liza was telling her that it was not good for the baby. As Liza tried to get the bottle from her, Hayley came through the front door. When Arlene realized that Hayley was there, she started to go up the stairs and Liza was behind her holding her arm and telling her that she doesn't deserve to have Adam's baby. Liza grabbed Arlene's arm and Arlene lost her footing and fell down the stairs. Liza just stood there as Hayley called out her mother's name. Arlene, meanwhile, lay unconscious on the floor."

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