"Greenlee willingly talked with Detective Frye about her involvement with Wade Randall. She told the detective that Ryan Lavery had stolen $3,000,000 from Incredible Dreams. "I'm a law abiding citizen," she said with wide-eyed innocence. She named Ryan as the connection to Wade.

Adam Junior sulked in the lobby outside the party at the Valley Inn. Dr. David Hayward ran into him and sensed that something was wrong. He instinctively picked up on the fact that Junior's problems were female related. David persuaded Junior to tell him what was bothering him. Junior confided that he had asked Bianca to dance, only to have her blow him off. He asked David if he had any advice about women. David humbly confided that when it came to the opposite sex, he was clueless. "I have a t-shirt that says 'I survived Erica Kane,'" he told Junior. He assured Junior that girls just liked older men and that it was nothing personal. Junior seemed to feel better. Unaware to either David or Junior, Vanessa had been eavesdropping on the entire conversation.

Leo told Bianca that he was worried about Greenlee and asked if it would be okay for him to leave the party to go to the police station. Bianca was distracted as she watched Erica, her Uncle Jack, and Myrtle having a serious conversation. She told Leo to go ahead because Greenlee needed him more than she did. Leo joking weighed the importance of saving Bianca from a dud party, or Greenlee from lethal injection. He bid Bianca goodnight and left. Bianca asked her mother and uncle what was going on. Erica tried to get Bianca to go home so they could talk privately. Bianca knew something was terribly wrong and demanded to know right away. Erica slowly and gently told Bianca that the reason her father was not at her party was because he had suffered a stroke. Bianca turned to Jack and asked that he take her to see her father. Pain washed over Jack's face as he told Bianca that Travis had not made it. Bianca was in disbelief saying that she had just left a message for her! father on his voicemail --- he had to be alive. She also couldn't understand how her father, a young, healthy, athletic man, could have had a stroke because "only old people" have strokes. Hayley whispered to Mateo and Myrtle that the last thing Bianca needed was to have all the party guests witness her tragedy. Hayley, Mateo and Myrtle made their way through the crow,d discretely informing everyone that the party was over. Erica apologized to Bianca for her earlier derogative comment about Travis missing his daughter's party. Bianca continued to look shocked. Erica tried again to get Bianca to let her take her home. Bianca ran crying from the room and Erica cried as Myrtle comforted her.

Dixie walked up on David and Junior talking and Junior asked if she had been spying on him. She joked that she had, in fact, been spying and that the potted plant in the corner was really Tad. She said her real reason for the visit was to bring lab reports to David. Junior went back to the party. Vanessa was eavesdropping nearby as Dixie warmly thanked David for once again connecting with her son and offering him support. She praised David for knowing she what to say to make Junior feel better. Dixie touched David's arm and smiled warmly at him before excusing herself to make sure that Junior had a ride home. Vanessa immediately swooped down on David and teased him about having a crush on Dixie. David tried to dismiss her, but Vanessa went to tell David that he seemed to like to court disaster. She reminded that he had first taken on "Hurricane Erica," and now had his sights set on a married woman. "Dixie thinks you're quite a man, but are you man enough to break up P! ine Valley's Uber couple?" Vanessa smirked "Of course you are, I raised you," she sneered. David just ignored her and walked away. Palmer arrived home from his cruise and Vanessa turned her charm on. She hugged him and gushed about how she had missed him terribly. Palmer was his usual smug, lukewarm self, offering Vanessa little affection.

Back at the police station, Greenlee continued to implement Ryan in the whole Wade Randall scheme. She told Derek that she was only guilty of falling for the wrong guy. She accused Ryan of using her to get his dotcom business started. She said that Ryan persuaded her to borrow money from Wade and that she risked her life in doing so... all out of greed. Greenlee said that when Ryan needed more money, he just used the investors so that he could impress Gillian. Derek warned her that if she was lying she'd be in big trouble, but Greenlee stuck to her story. Leo barged into the room and tried desperately to retract whatever Greenlee had said. He gave every excuse in the book for her --- from being under duress to being insane. Greenlee calmly told him that everything was fine because she had done nothing but tell the truth. Leo was confused and worried. Greenlee led him out saying that she would explain everything to him later. Detective Frye grumpily told Greenlee tha! t she was lucky to have a friend like Leo and kicked them both out of the office. After they were both gone, Derek moved to secure a bench warrant to investigate Incredible Dream's financial records. Later, Derek issued an order to one of the officers saying that he wanted Ryan arrested the minute he returned to Pine Valley.

"I thought about you as we passed the Cyclades, the siren singing her seductive song, luring men to their doom," Palmer muttered only half in jest to his wife. Vanessa tried her best to get Palmer back to their room, but Palmer wasn't all that interested in going anyplace alone with her. Still relaxed and peaceful from his vacation, Palmer didn't immediately realize that Vanessa was sporting a new frock, new shoes and a well-coiffed hairdo. When he did, however, he demanded to know where Vanessa had gotten the money to return to her lavish lifestyle. "And don't tell me that you found them at a yard sale," Palmer snapped. Asked whose money she'd been living off of, Vanessa promptly replied, "Adam Chandler's." Vanessa offered Palmer a condensed version of how she had Arlene between "a rock and a hard place." Palmer shook his head in disbelief. Vanessa took a deep breath and told Palmer that he could kick her out if he wanted to --- she no longer cared. "I'm going to be out there! flying my broomstick sky-high and you, Palmer Cortlandt, can just go to hell," she growled. Surprisingly, Palmer applauded his wife's deviousness. He said that she had found a wonderful way to pickpocket his enemy and that she had given him a new enjoyment of "the game." Palmer continued on, saying, "I've never known a woman quite like you. You may eventually be the death of me, but I won't die being bored." He again surprised Vanessa by asking her to retire to their suite and discuss their future together.

Once Leo learned what Greenlee had done, he was amazed that she'd gone ratted Ryan out to the police. "He's an embezzler. Why shouldn't he suffer the consequences?" Greenlee asked. Greenlee brushed off Leo's questions about how she could turn in the "love of her life." She explained that she was over Ryan and that he was no longer a part of her life. Leo offered to whisk Greenlee away to the Himalayas to keep her out of harm's way. Greenlee was moved by Leo's gesture and said that he's been a great friend to her. Leo, however, wanted to know if being a friend was all he was to Greenlee.

Back at Erica's home, Bianca locked herself in her room, sobbing uncontrollably. Erica expressed remorse to Jack over the last, not-so-happy conversation she'd had with Travis. Erica got sidetracked and started bad-mouthing Barbara. She took a deep breath and told herself that she would not let Barbara upset her. Travis' death, said Erica, "ruins everything." Jack angrily snapped that it was inconsiderate of Travis to ruin Erica's party. Erica sighed and explained that that was not what she meant. Jack bowed his head slightly and questioned how he would break the news to Christine (Kit), who was traveling in Europe. As the former lovers consoled each other, Bianca suddenly appeared on the landing. She lashed out at them for not really being upset or concerned by her father's death. "Your tears are as phony as you are!" she snarled. Jack tried to calm Bianca, saying that she was just upset. Bianca shook her head defiantly from side to side and told Jack that he doesn't understa! nd her --- and never has. Still lashing out, Bianca accused Erica of being the reason she'd "stopped eating in the first place." She added, "I have so much of everybody else's crud down inside, there was no room for anything else!" Erica urged Bianca to continue speaking to get her feelings out. Alone in her room, Bianca tearfully asked why her mother had had an affair with Jack. "We could have been a family. We could have been so happy.""

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