"At BJ's, Ryan was just finishing up a meeting with a client when Greenlee strolled into the restaurant. She praised Ryan's ability to land new advertisers for WRCW. "You're even better at a lot of other things," she said suggestively. Greenlee grumbled that Hayley hadn't reported for work so she had some unexpected free time. Ryan smiled politely and explained that he had a lot of work to do. Greenlee informed Ryan that she had a gift for him, a gift that could not be opened in the restaurant. She asked him to meet her at the loft in ten minutes. Ryan shook his head and asked for at least half an hour. Ryan reached into his pocket and pulled out his house key. He handed it to Greenlee and told her to go ahead and wait for him. Greenlee smiled and dashed off. Ryan finished up his work and headed towards the door. Along the way, he bumped into Mateo. Mateo thanked Ryan for telling him that Hayley had gone to the warehouse. Ryan had no idea that Hayley had been in mortal danger, but when he did he felt responsible for having allowed Hayley to go to the warehouse by herself. Mateo smiled and joked about Hayley's stubbornness. The two were chatting it up quite nicely until Ryan told Mateo that he had to be on his way. Mateo said that he understood, but his face said otherwise. After Ryan left, Mateo looked quite disappointed.

Marian let herself into Adam's office at Chandler Mansion and busily poked around for something. She was caught in the act when Adam showed up. Adam claimed to know what Marian was to --- he felt she was looking for a paper that would clue her into Liza's return plans. Marian denied it, claiming that she was looking for an itinerary for a planned golf outing with Stuart. Adam rolled his eyes. The frigid temperature was just one indication that Marian was lying. Adam groaned that he should have locked Marian in the safe room when he had the chance. "You'd be nothing more than an annoying memory by now," he groused. Marian plainly stated that if Liza had wanted Adam to know when she'd be returning home, she would have told him. Adam argued that he had every right to know the whereabouts of his daughter. Marian rebutted that Adam had no legal claim to Colby. As she made the remark, Barry arrived at the mansion. Marian scurried out to go to a meeting at The Valley Inn. Adam blasted Marian, referring to her as a "meddlesome witch." Barry knew that Adam wanted nothing more than to destroy everyone who'd crossed him while he was imprisoned in the safe room. Adam nodded, saying that his first target was Marian. "Marian's weakness is sex," Adam smiled. Barry concurred. "Her past is legendary," the attorney noted. But he was quick to point out that Marian had shelved her libido since marrying Stuart. Adam announced that he planned to "put temptation in [Marian's] path" and Barry was going to be the bait. Barry refused to be any part of a scheme that would split Marian and Stuart. He explained that he liked Stuart and already felt badly for having swindled him out of his WRCW stock. Adam was furious with Barry as this was the second time that he'd refused to help him out. He again questioned his attorney's sudden emergence of conscience. Noting that he was "deeply disappointed" in Barry and warned him never to cross him again.

Greenlee showed up at the loft and placed a very large gift box on the coffeetable. Scott suddenly appeared before her and asked her what she was doing. Greenlee turned in surprise and asked Scott why he wasn't at his surprise party. Greenlee put her hand to her mouth and apologized for letting slip the news about the party. Scott knew better. He accused Greenlee of intentionally blabbing about the party. Greenlee denied that she'd done that and said that Scott's distrust was the reason she'd dumped him. Scott cleared his throat and Greenlee quickly corrected her statement, indicating that she'd been the one who'd gotten dumped. Scott didn't enjoy hearing Greenlee talking about who'd done what to whom and stated that they were never officially involved. Therefore, according to Scott, no one had dumped anyone. Scott told Greenlee that he was going to pretend that he'd never heard her ruin Becca's surprise and headed on his way. Greenlee sank into the sofa and inhaled the aroma of one of the roommate's tank tops. When Ryan returned, Greenlee was nowhere in sight. Ryan walked over to the large gift package. Before he could open it, Greenlee slinked up from behind sporting a sailor's hat. She told Ryan that her outfit was part of a theme day --- "Get Away From Pine Valley." Ryan was given permission to open his gift. Inside the box was a very elegant model boat. While Ryan pondered taking the boat to Willow Lake in the spring, Greenlee revealed that she'd bought Ryan a much larger version of the model --- and it was waiting for him at the marina. Ryan was floored by Greenlee's gift, but he told her that he would not be able to accept it.

Millicent dined at The Valley Inn with Leo, Palmer, and Vanessa. The Cortlandts had a party planned for later in the evening and Millicent and her husband were on the guest list. Millicent purred about how much she was looking forward to talking to both of Vanessa's sons. "We do have such handsome offspring," Millicent chirped. Millicent remembered that she had a gift for Vanessa. She and Leo headed out to the lobby to fetch the gift. David, meanwhile, walked over from his nearby table and coldly told his mother that there was no way he was going to attend her party. "I wouldn't shoe up if your dress was on fire and I had the last glass of water in town," he snapped. Palmer chuckled and raised his glass to toast David's remark. He quickly realized that Vanessa was giving him the evil eye and slinked back into silence. Palmer asked David to show up for his mother's sake. David again refused. By now, Millicent and Leo returned. Leo took Millicent's gift, a large floral arrangement, to the front desk. Millicent told David that she was looking forward to seeing him at the party so that they could discuss his work on the Andrassy Foundation. David politely informed Millicent that he would be unable to attend the party because of his work schedule. Across the room, Marian arrived at the hotel, took one look at Millicent and Vanessa, and continued on her way to meet her client. In the process, she bumped into Leo and spilled water from the floral arrangement all over him. She apologized profusely, but Leo assured her that she'd done no harm. Leo looked at Marian's hands and, in his typical flirting manner, told Marian that she had beautiful hands. "If I were ten years told, I'd give [your husband] a run for his money," Leo smiled. Marian blushed slightly and thanked Leo for his kind words. Adam quietly observed from the lobby area, smiling happily to himself. Adam waited until Marian left Leo's table before approaching the towering young man. Adam praised Leo's initiative and told him that Chandler Enterprises was looking for men like him. He handed over one of his business cards and went on his way. Palmer, meanwhile, joined David at his table and asked that he attend Vanessa's party. David continued to refuse. Palmer told David that he wanted his help in reigning in Leo. David chuckled and commented that Palmer saw Leo as a liability --- someone that could whittle away his amassed fortune. Palmer looked across the room and observed Leo and Adam's talking. For the first time, he and David were in agreement: Leo was not moving in the right direction. David waited until Adam left Leo's side before walking over. "Count your fingers, kid," David remarked. "Make sure you have all ten." David continued walking, this time stopping at Palmer and Vanessa's table. David stunned his mother by telling her that he'd rethought her invitation to the party and decided that he'd go anyway. When asked for the reason for his change of heart, David said that he wanted to play nice to the Greenlees, a couple who has donated lots of money to The Andrassy Foundation. In the lobby, Adam placed a phone call to someone, presumably Barry, and announced that he'd found the man to use against Marian.

Marian returned to Chandler Mansion and waited for Liza to return. Liza took particular delight in telling her mother that she had a surprise for her husband --- divorce papers.

Janet told her daughter that she must have heard the radio. Amanda shook her head and shocked her mother by claiming that she knew who she'd been talking to --- the mirror. Janet's eyes bulged and she asked her daughter where she'd gotten an idea like that. Amanda appeared unconcerned. In fact, the young girl said, she talks to the mirror all the time. She figured that her mother missed Trevor and that she was talking to the mirror to make up for not having him around. Brooke and Jamie dropped by, but this visit was not for a typical play date. The kids headed off to the kitchen to snack on some chocolate chip muffins/ Hayley wandered downstairs and listened as Brooke told Janet that she'd gotten a call from Trevor. Trevor had called from parts unknown with a message for Janet --- he loved her very much. Brooke told Janet that she couldn't believe that Trevor had killed Sophie. "I'd prefer not to talk about it," Janet snapped. She left the room to check on the kids. While she was gone, Hayley and Brooke came to the conclusion that something wasn't quite right. Brooke told Hayley that Trevor had told her that Janet's behavior became peculiar shortly after she learned of Sophie's jailbreak. Hayley nodded and told Brooke about the conversation she'd accidentally recorded. That left them to wonder if Trevor was taking the blame for something that Janet had done. Hayley decided that she'd press for the details when Janet returned to the room. As soon as Janet returned, Hayley mentioned that she'd like to know who "whacked" her when she entered the warehouse. Janet suggested that Sophie was responsible for the attack. It seemed to make sense, but Hayley wondered why Janet had not been at the warehouse. Janet bowed her head and quietly stated that she'd decided not to go at the last minute. Janet began to sob and remarked that Sophie would never have come back into her family's life if she hadn't gone to jail in the first place. Janet let it slip that Sophie had been blackmailing her. Hayley became furious and asked Janet if that was the reason that Trevor had taken Sophie's life. She grumbled that she thought she knew her uncle. Brooke added that she'd thought Trevor had left his days as a mercenary in the past. She commented that Trevor had made a wonderful life for himself with Janet, Tim, and Amanda. Mirror Janet suddenly called out to Janet and advised her to cover her ears before Hayley and Brooke coerced her into telling the truth. Janet jumped to her feet and shouted "no!" Brooke looked curiously at Janet and asked her about her outburst. "No matter what I do or say, she won't stop!" Janet cried. Hayley and Brooke exchanged looks before asking Janet who "she" was. Janet looked across the room and replied, "The woman in the mirror!""

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