12/27/1999 Erica Lets Adam Go

"Leo escorted Rae Cummings to a table at The Valley Inn. As was typical of most of his encounters with females, Leo gushed praised at Rae every chance he got. Rae was flattered, but she knew that Leo must want something from her. She was right. Leo confessed that he wanted to pick her brain for possible guests on Tad's new show. Rae was a bit perplexed by Leo's request since he was only an assistant on the show. Before the two could discuss specifics, Vanessa and Palmer strolled into the dining room and demanded to know why Leo was not at work at Cortlandt Electronics. Rae cocked her head to one side and mentioned that she thought Leo was working for Tad. "I think I prefer working [directly] with Tad," Rae said softly ad she rose from her chair. After Rae left, Vanessa scolded her son for disregarding his duties for Palmer's company. Leo confessed that he'd taken on a second job --- a part-time job --- working at WRCW. Palmer smiled broadly and praised Leo's decision to work two jobs. It wasn't clear if he admired Leo's drive or if he was secretly hoping that Leo would quit his post at Cortlandt Electronics. Since Palmer wasn't throwing a fit, Vanessa figured that she'd support Leo in his new venture. Leo quickly filed out of the restaurant on what he claimed was business. Palmer and Vanessa continued towards their table, but stopped along the way to greet Erica. A waiter appeared alongside the table and informed Erica that David had called to say that he'd not be able to keep their lunch date. Vanessa smiled smugly and informed Erica that "David can be so inconsiderate." Palmer excused himself to call his office. In the meantime, Vanessa took some time out to toy with Erica. Vanessa insinuated that David was probably busy chasing his "beautiful new partner." Erica rolled her eyes and assured Vanessa that David had no designs on Alex. "Try as you will," Erica replied coldly. "But David finds her absolutely charmless." Palmer returned, but by now Erica had grown tired of her banter with her former houseguest. Palmer asked Erica to join them at their table, but Erica politely declined. Palmer kissed Erica's hand and asked her to stay in touch.

David took it upon himself to find office space at the hospital for the Andrassy Foundation. He pulled Alex into his office and showed her that he'd had a second desk placed in his office. Alex shook her head to show his disapproval with the idea. "I'm not sharing an office with you," she grumbled. David explained that Joe had only allotted a few hundred square feet of space to the foundation. That space, he said, would be better served as a research area. Alex reluctantly agreed that David was right and sat down behind her new desk. David also announced that he'd taken the liberty of contacting several prestigious university hospitals in the hopes of finding lab technicians for the foundation. Alex was a bit miffed that David had moved ahead without her consent, but again she ceded that David had done the right thing. "When I put my mind to it, I can be irresistible," David chuckled. Alex's face suddenly grew pale. "Not to me," she mumbled as she raced towards the door. David told her that he was just joking, but the remark had already upset Alex. Alex raced out of the office and collided with Rae in the hallway. Rae had actually been looking for Alex so that they could discuss a mutual friend. David poked his head out of the office and asked Alex not to leave. Alex look positively mortified as she ran down the hallway.

Barry dropped by Chandler Mansion with some confidential papers for Adam. The papers, though, were merely an excuse to get him inside the mansion. Liza greeted him at the door and said that she'd be sure to give the papers to Adam. Barry refused, stating that it would be unwise to give Adam's soon-to-be ex-wife urgent business papers. Winifred poked her head into the foyer and told Liza that she had a call from WRCW. Barry sauntered into parlor and announced that he would wait for Adam to return. Liza went to her upstairs office to handle the call from the station. With everyone gone, it was safe for Barry to search around for his boss. Adam scurried out of his hiding place and told Barry to keep his voice down. "Liza fell for the phony invitation," Adam chuckled. Barry informed Adam that proving his paternity was going a bit slower than he'd anticipated because he hasn't been to get a blood sample from Colby. Adam had a way around that. He said that David must still have the DNA test he'd ordered on file in his office. All Barry had to do, said Adam, was break into David's office and retrieve the file. Barry wasn't going to commit a crime for Adam. "I could be disbarred," Barry argued. "This is lousy time for you to discover ethics," Adam snapped. Barry again refused to go to David's office. That meant that Adam would have to get the information himself. Barry filed out of the house, but Adam lingered around to mull over how he'd slip into David's office unobserved. When the doorbell rang, Adam had barely enough time to race to his secret passageway before Liza started walking down the steps. Jake and Gillian had dropped by to give Colby back to her mother. Liza was pleased to hear that Gillian was once again able to speak. Gillian took Colby to the nursery while Jake and Liza had a heart-to-heart talk. Jake surprised Liza by asking for her blessing of his relationship with Gillian. "She's kinda grown on me," Liza smiled. She asked Jake if he'd made it official by proposing to Gillian. Jake blushed slightly and told Liza that marriage was still a ways away. "That's what people do," she teased. To make him feel better, she smiled warmly and assured him that their relationship had her blessing. Liza told Jake that she and Colby would be going away for a few days. "Time away from Adam is time well spent," Jake stated. Gillian returned downstairs and lit up upon hearing that Liza was headed to Monaco. The princess still had many friends in Monaco and she told Liza that she was sure they'd love to have her for dinner. Liza smiled, but said that she wouldn't have much time for anything other than business.

Alex returned to the hunting lodge and promptly poured herself a glass of brandy. Before she took a sip, she undressed and headed for the shower. Shortly after she stepped into the bathroom there was a knock on the door. After several knocks, the doorknob slowly turned. David poked his head inside and called out to Alex. He heard the water running and decided to wait around until Alex was done. He sought out a vase for some roses that he'd brought as a peace offering. A short time later, the sound of running water ceased and a robe-clad Alex wandered out of the bathroom. It took her several moments before she realized that she was not alone in the lodge. Alex jumped upon seeing David and asked him why he'd broken into her home. David explained that he had knocked several times before letting himself in. "Why is it that everything I do sets you off?" he asked. Alex accused David of "invading [her] privacy" and asked her partner to leave. David argued that they could never function as a team if the were unable to spend any time together. He knew that something was bothering Alex and urged her to open up to him. Alex refused. Again she asked David to leave, this time threatening to call the police. "You're being irrational," David snapped. Alex's soft tone suddenly faded away. "I am not being irrational," she shouted. David made his way towards the door. He turned around once to look at Alex, shook his head, and then left. Alex sat on the sofa in a near catatonic state. She had yet another New Year's Eve premonition. This time, though, after the countdown concluded, a voice shouted out in horror.

Adam looked up and down the hall before slipping into David's office. Adam rummaged through several drawers in the office before finding a locked drawer that presumably contained most --- in not all --- of David's confidential paperwork. With the help of a file, Adam picked the lock and found what he was looking for: the DNA test results that proved he was Colby's biological father. File in hand, Adam was prepared to leave the office. Before he could leave, though, Erica wandered into the office and demanded to know what Adam was doing. Adam said that he was looking for some information from his file. Erica didn't have a problem with Adam wanting information, but she was concerned that Adam had broken into a locked drawer. She plucked the file away from Adam and looked at the papers inside the folder. She shook her head and stated that she should have known that Adam was after the DNA test results. Adam didn't flinch when Erica talked of Colby's paternity. His composure did crack slightly when Erica informed him that she was not going to give him back the papers. Adam pleaded with Erica, appealing several times to her maternal instincts. He told Erica that he was "ready to go public" with the news that he was really Colby's father. Erica was more than slightly confused. Adam had previously said that Liza would leave him if she learned the truth and Erica had no way of knowing that Liza already knew about the swap. Adam pleaded with Erica to help him keep his daughter. Erica sighed deeply and made Adam promise that David wouldn't get into any trouble from whatever it was that he was going to do with the test results. "I swear on my daughter's life," Adam replied. Erica handed over the file and Adam raced towards the door "You owe me," Erica said. Adam nodded in agreement. "Ask and you shall receive," responded Adam before heading on his way.

Janet paged through the morning newspaper looking for anything that might hint that a body had been found in the dumpsters behind the mall. Seeing nothing, Janet began to breathe easy. She walked over the fireplace, but froze in her tracks. Someone had placed her pendant --- the same one that had been returned with Amanda's costume on Halloween --- on the mantle. Janet called to Amanda and asked if she'd been playing with her jewelry. Amanda shook her head. Suddenly, Trevor called out to Janet and told her that she'd never guess what he'd found in the trash. A few seconds later, Trevor entered the house toting a large, plastic candy cane --- the same type of candy cane that Janet has used to bludgeon Sophie. This decoration, however, had been given to Amanda as a gift for appearing in The Nutcracker. Trevor asked his wife how the item had ended up in the trash. Janet shrugged and stated that it must have gotten mixed up with the wrapping paper. Janet quickly changed the subject and told her husband that she wanted to spend New Year's Eve in Paris with Tim. Trevor liked the idea of going to France, but he couldn't clear his schedule in time for a New Year's trip. In the spring or summer, he said with a smile, the entire family could travel to see Tim. Alone again, Janet placed a call to the sanitation department. She asked someone there about the disposal method for the trash collected in the alley behind the mall. Mirror Janet called out to her and warned her that the call could be traced and used as evidence if Sophie's body was ever found. Janet's alter ego, though, was confident that Sophie's body would never be recovered. "She's probably landfill by now," she cackled. "Dead as disco." Mirror Janet warned Janet that Trevor would catch on to her strange behavior if she wasn't careful. "Stop acting guilty and start enjoying yourself," warned Janet's reflection. "Look at me," she added. "The hard part is done. Sophie can't hurt you any more." A tapping sounded on the window. Janet turned around and looked outside. There stood Sophie draped in white."

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