11/22/1999 Palmer Demands Someone Be Grabbed

"A phone call to the private investigator he'd hired revealed that Vanessa's "lover" was in New York City. Palmer was furious, but he managed to keep his composure. That all changed when Vanessa strolled out of the bathroom and announced that she needed to do some last minute shopping in The Big Apple. Palmer took a deep breath and continued to play things very smoothly. Vanessa claimed that she needed to pick up a few things for their soiree later in the evening. Plus, she promised with a broad smile, she planned on returning with "a big surprise." Palmer pressed for details about the surprise, but Vanessa mused that a hint would ruin the surprise. Palmer picked up an elegantly wrapped box from the coffeetable and quizzed Vanessa on its contents. Vanessa didn't skip a beat as she instructed her husband to open the package. Inside, Palmer found a music box. Its tune was that of the music that was playing when Palmer asked Vanessa to marry him. As Vanessa moved towards the door, Palmer stopped her with a very surprising question. He asked his wife if she would forgo her plans to travel to New York if he wasn't feeling well. Whether she was truly concerned or not, Vanessa put on an incredible show. She flocked to Palmer's side and asked him if he was feeling poorly. She said that she'd call the doctor, but Palmer quickly waved her off. He told her that he was fine and urged her to go on her way. Before she left, Vanessa asked her husband for money. Palmer didn't put up a fight, instead opting to fork over a fistful of cash. Vanessa closed the door behind her. Palmer sat in a chair and stared across the room at the music box. He heard voices in his head mocking his relationship with Vanessa. He rose to his feet, walked over to the music box, and forcefully threw it on the floor. He didn't stop there. Palmer stomped on the box several times, just to be sure that he never had to hear its tune again.

In Erica's bed, David was haunted by visions of his mother. She appeared by his side and threatened to expose his soul to Erica. In the real world, Erica appeared by the side of the bed with a breakfast tray that she---yes, she---had prepared for David. David awoke and was momentarily startled. Erica thought that David's unpleasant dreams had been caused by Alex's repeated refusal to let him head up the Andrassy Foundation. So upset was Erica that she wanted to use her clout with Palmer to create a stir at Pine Valley Hospital. David grumbled that he did not want Erica to fight his battles for him. "Alex is cheating you out of a job," Erica argued. David wasn't about to dispute that Alex's personal feelings were what was keeping him out of the job. He assumed a softer tone and explained that he wanted to win the job on his own---without anyone's help. The couple once again made love. Afterwards while David was in the shower, Erica pulled a quick disappearing act. She had told David that she had no plans for the day. Knowing that David was naked and dripping wet, she seized the opportunity to escape, telling David that she had some errands to run.

"Yes, she knows where I am," Adam shouted at the video monitor. Marian, shrugged unconvincingly and told Stuart that she'd tell him if she knew where Adam was hiding. Nervously, Marian continually fired off a few glances at the video camera mounted on the wall. Stuart's knack for being able to determine fact from fiction told him that Marian was holding back the truth. Marian ultimately admitted that she knew where Adam was---and she even confessed that she was responsible for Adam's disappearance. For just a moment, Stuart feared that Marian had killed Adam. Marian assured her husband that she hadn't gone that far, but said that if she had she would have made many people happy. Marian explained that she had to act fast because Adam had planned to run away with Colby. "Don't tell him that!" Adam screamed. His face fell as Marian told Stuart that "Jake's not Colby's father---Adam is." Stuart was surprised, but he didn't seem shocked. He knew that something other Liza was upset by more than being swindled out of WRCW. Marian explained every detail of the swap that took place at the fertility clinic. "I always stuck up for my brother," Stuart softly. "Maybe he's never gonna change." In the safe room, Adam's eyes welled with tears. Stuart's face became very determined. He told Marian that he wanted to see his brother so that he could tell him face to face that "this time you've gone too far, buddy!" Marian shook her head and told Stuart that she couldn't reveal Adam's hiding spot until Liza's divorce from him was finalized. Stuart really wanted to see Adam, but he eventually understood that Marian had reasons for doing what she'd done. Stuart's anger gave way to feelings of remorse. He knew that no matter what happened, his brother would always be Colby's father. Not wanting Stuart to be won over by his emotions, Marian pointedly reminded him that Adam had violated Liza. Liza slowly made her way down the steps and asked her mother and Stuart what they were talking about. Adam urged Stuart to tell Liza that Marian knew where he was, but Stuart never spilled the beans. Instead, Stuart vowed that Adam would be present at the press conference and do the right thing. Liza gave him a hug and thanked him for his support. Liza went back upstairs to give Colby a bath. While she was gone, Marian helped Stuart work on the speech he'd give at the press conference. Marian explained that there were only four things to discuss: returning ownership of WRCW to Liza, re-instating The Cutting Edge and its host, giving Stuart his shares of the station back, and offering a public apology. She told her husband not to talk to Liza at all for fear that she'd figure out that he wasn't really Adam. Stuart disappeared to find one of Adam's. Marian looked into the camera and told Adam that his current cell was much more posh than the cell he'd eventually end up in. Later, Stuart returned downstairs and tried to fix his tie. As he did so, Liza wandered into the room and demanded to know how he'd gotten into the house. Stuart said nothing, instead scurrying out of the house. Liza chased after him and ordered him to make sure that he does the right thing at the press conference.

In a coffeeshop in Soho, the mysterious man in Vanessa's life, Leo flirted shamelessly with a waitress. The waitress, identified as Rosalie on her name badge, was very willing to help the muscular blonde. There was only one problem---Leo's credit card had been refused and there was no way that she could slip him another free meal. Leo batted his eyes at Rosalie and she agreed to pick up the tab for him. Vanessa poked her head into the restaurant and quickly made her way to Leo's table. The sweet talk continued, with Vanessa referring to the young man as "darling." Across the room and unbeknownst to either Vanessa or her gentleman friend, the private eye that Palmer had hired was watching them very closely. He placed a call to Palmer to inform him that he'd caught up to Vanessa and her mystery man. Palmer could hear Vanessa laughing in his mind---laughing at him. He ordered the investigator to nab the pair. The private eye, however, thought it was best to wait until they left the restaurant before moving in. Palmer was distracted when a knock sounded on his door. He excused himself and greeted Erica at his door. Erica invited herself into the suite and told Palmer that she'd wait until he was done with his call. "Don't let them get out that door!" Palmer screamed at the investigator. Erica became very concerned and raced to Palmer's side. She asked him who he was talking to and who he didn't want walk out the door."

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