"Erica and David are in his office after Alex has left. Confused as to why Alex is so opposed to David become head of the Andrassy Foundation, Erica questions David about it. David suggests that Alex may have been listening to stories about him from other Pine Valley residents, but Erica isn't convinced that's it, it seemed much more personal to her. Erica jumps to the conclusion that David must have had an affair with Alex, a charge he vehemently denies, declaring that Alex is a "cold fish" and he has never had any interest in her what-so-ever. She accepted his word on it, but her instinct tells her that there's something he's not telling her. Until he's willing to level with her, she feels they should not be "intimate." She and David are still arguing about it when Vanessa enters and apologizes for interrupting their "lovers quarrel." Erica storms out of the room and, after a few harsh words with his mother, David storms out, too.

Needless to say, he's not in a good mood when he finds Adam on the sun porch after the halloween party (see below). David accuses Adam of wrecking his chance to become head of the foundation by putting his name in the file regarding Colby's stem cells. Grabbing him by the shirt, David promises to make him pay. Adam laughs it off, sure that David is only bluffing as he has many times before. I'm not bluffing, David warns, and threatens to tell the next person that walks through the door the truth about Colby's parentage. Adam doesn't believe him, that would mean David would lose the only thing he has to hold over Adam. But David isn't kidding. The next person to walk in is Gillian and David informs her that Jake isn't Colby's father, Adam is.

Back in David's office, Vanessa has made herself at home and is using his phone to call her mysterious friend. Palmer has been watching me like a hawk, she tells the person, but promises them the money is on the way and to look out for an envelope with Pine Valley Hospital as the return address. Erica returns to retrieve the invitations, which she had thrown across the room during her earlier argument with David. Vanessa has already seen them, however, and warns Erica it would be in her best interest to stay away from David.

Liza returns home from the hospital with the knowledge that Colby's stem cells have never been touched and is furious with Adam for his interference. Adam isn't home, though, when she gets there and she calls Jake and asks him to come over. Jake leaves the Halloween party at the hospital, which had just finished, and arrives before Adam does. Liza asks Jake if he would take Colby for the night, there's something she needs to talk to Adam about.

The hospital is throwing a Halloween party for the pediatric patients, who are currently painting faces on their pumpkins. Dixie and Tad are there with Junior, and Gillian is helping out and taking pictures. Joe Martin stops by and when Gillian asks him how long they've been throwing this Halloween party, Joe tells her that it was originally Jake's idea. When he was a little boy, he suggested it since all of the kids at the hospital couldn't go trick-or-treating, and the party's been held ever since. Gillian is touched by Jake's thoughtfulness, even as a child. Across the room, Adam arrives and starts talking to Junior (who's dressed like Anakin Skywalker as a pod racer). Junior obviously doesn't feel comfortable talking to Adam and turns down his invitation to go to dinner, he's going out trick-or-treating with his friends. Tad comes over, much to Junior's relief, and runs interference. Adam does promise Junior that he doesn't have to go to Winchester Prep, which makes him feel a little better. When Junior refers to Tad as "Dad", Adam gets a furious look on his face and goes out into the hall. He calls his lawyer, Barry, who informs him the papers have all been signed. Adam is delighted, now he's the majority owner of WRCW and Tad Martin will get what he deserves. Hayley stops by after her meeting and Adam mentions how pround he is about her new job, she'll "put the edge back in Cutting Edge." His statement arouses Tad's suspicions, since that was exactly the same phrase Duffield used in his fax to Liza. Jake arrives with Colby (who looks adorable in a yellow flower costume), which only adds to Adam's anger. After Brooke and Jaime arrive, they go with Tad, Dixie, Hayley and Junior over to the Dillon's.

Mateo is peeking into a window at the Dillon house when Trevor arrives home and catches him. Mateo says he was only checking to see if Hayley was home, but Trevor knows he was actually checking to see who Hayley was with. Not denying it, Mateo tells Trevor about coming over the other night and finding Ryan there. Trevor suggests that maybe what Hayley needs right now is to be with someone whom she hasn't made so many mistakes with. This isn't what Mateo wants to hear, of course, and he quickly leaves as Janet, Becca and Amanda arrive. Janet has talked Becca into going trick-or-treating with the kids while she stays home on candy patrol. They all go inside and sit down, while outside a mysterious figure in a black cape and hood watches them through the window. The figure quickly disappears when it hears Tad, Dixie, Junior, Jamie, Hayley and Brooke coming.

After everyone's inside, Jamie and Junior sneak back onto the porch. Amanda follows them and insists on knowing what's going on. They tell her their plan to go back in the woods and find the person that left the bottle cap trail for Junior. To prove she's not scared, Amanda tells them that she's coming with them.

Everyone else goes trick-or-treating and Janet and Hayley are left home alone. Hayley makes a call to Ryan, leaving a message on his answering machine asking him to meet her at B.J.'s in an hour so they can talk.

The kids have managed to slip away from Becca and are at the boathouse. They hide their costumes and head off into the woods in search of the mystery person. Junior insists they split up so that they can cover more territory.

Hayley arrives at the boat house and sits down. Suddenly she hears a noise behind her and, frightened, calls out, "Who's there?" It's Mateo.

All alone in the woods, Amanda is scared, but keeps on going. All at once, a figure in a black robe and hood appears before her and Amanda screams."

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