09/27/1999 Alex Is Thrown

"Palmer jerks the phone from Vanessa and demands to know who she's talking to. Vanessa covers and spins a ridiculous story about needing $50,000 for a friend in a hospital in Zurich. She slips and says the name "Leo" but tries to cover it. Palmer doesn't buy her act. Before jetting off to NYC with Erica, David visits Liza and asks about the stem cell transplant. Liza tells a shocked David that Dimitri is missing and presumed dead. David is amazed that Liza still doesn't know about Adam being Colby's father. Meanwhile Edmund and Alex each blame each other for Dimitri's death. An angry Alex saddles up Maximilian and rides off, only to get thrown on the beach where Stuart and Marion are painting. Edmund follows and tells an upset Alex that Maximilian broke his leg and will have to be put down."
- David & Erica AMC