07/22/1999 David Has A Plan

"Becca responded to Scott's question by saying that she thought that they could be wrapping things up rather than working on trivial matters like watching and re-watching the interviews. To Scott, it sounded like Becca wanted to find a way out of the film project. Becca shook her head and softly noted that she really enjoyed working with Scott. Still she'd yet to explain why she was so determined to get the project over and done with. "I don't want to slow you down," she finally blurted out. Since he'd never once complained, Scott wondered where Becca would get the idea that she was working too slowly. When Becca mentioned that she did not want him to miss the queen's garden party because of her, Scott knew that Becca must have been talking to Marian. Scott brushed off the importance of the party, commenting that missing the party would not "make or break" a dream. The documentary, he said determinedly, was far more important. Scott said that he'd learned a lot from the film. Unfortunately, a lot of what had been reaped from the project made the young man think very negatively about love. He and Becca both wondered aloud why anyone would fall in love when they know that most relationships fall apart. The exchanged nervous glances for several moments before Scott broke the silence with a new idea for the film's ending. He said that he wanted to find a couple that exemplified true love to show that in the end some relationships could work out. Becca suggested Tad and Dixie, noting that they were happier than ever now that Dixie was going to have a baby.

In his bed, Tad rolled back and forth in a restless sleep. His dreams turned into a nightmare. A swing swung back and forth, an evil voice singing a chorus of "Dixieland." Tad looked all over for Dixie and called out to her several times. Tad turned around and angrily confronted a familiar face from his past. "Show me some respect, boy," Ray Gardner bellowed. Tad demanded to know what Ray had done with Dixie. "She's gone," Ray cackled. "I've got her now." Tad woke up from his dream screaming for his wife. Dixie raced into the room and immediately sought to comfort Tad. Tad refused to discuss the specifics of his dream, saying only that he'd had a terrible nightmare. Tad looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table and realized that he'd overslept. Dixie said that she'd made "an executive decision" to let him sleep a little while longer than normal. Now that he was up, however, he needed to hurry and get dressed so that they could make their appointment with Dr. Hayward. Dixie left the room while Tad got dressed. When she returned, she found a very distracted Tad struggling to button his shirt. Still haunted by his horrific dream, Tad had incorrectly buttoned his shirt. Dixie told Tad that David was squeezing them into his schedule so they could not be even a minute late. Tad reached out and suddenly hugged his wife. "I'm so frightened of losing you," Tad said softly.

The fact that she'd tried to squash the sale of Erica's pre-surgery photos was all the proof Vanessa believed she needed to show that she was not in cahoots with Donald. David remained unconvinced. Vanessa then tried to turn the blame to David. She said that he was just as much at fault as anyone else because he'd left the pictures in an unsecured office. David noted that Vanessa was one of the few people who had access to his office. Couple that with her friendship with Jerry Reeves and the media ambush she'd orchestrated in the past and, well, Vanessa was a likely suspect. Vanessa tried to get up and leave, but David grabbed her arm and forcefully pulled her back into her chair. Vanessa said that she did not have time to talk to him because Palmer was on his way. David ordered Vanessa to sit down and remain quiet while he told her what he wanted her to do. David calmly, but firmly, told Vanessa that he expected her to right her wrongs. That included tracking down Donald Steele and offering him a sizeable hunk of cash for anything that he had on Erica. The doctor was certain that Vanessa had stolen things from Erica's house and then given them to the writer. Vanessa knew she had no other choice but to comply. David would put up the money needed to buy off Donald. David warned his mother that she'd pay dearly if she did not comply. He reminded his mother how angry Palmer had been when he'd thought that he'd sold the pictures to the media. If he learned the truth, David said that her affair with the multi-millionaire would come to a quick demise. Palmer arrived just as David was concluding the conversation. Vanessa was noticeably worked up. As David was leaving, he muttered, "One of you two has made a pact with the devil. I just can't tell which one." Palmer blasted David's treatment of his mother. He then apologized to Vanessa for the way Opal had spoken to her earlier in the day. Palmer said that he'd bet all his shares of Cortlandt Electronics stock that David was responsible for Erica's pictures getting out. He told Vanessa that with a few well-placed phone calls he could get David kicked out of the hospital. Vanessa began to quake in her chair and begged Palmer not to take any action against David. Palmer was paged away on business. Left behind, Vanessa hit a new level of panic. "Ooh," she chirped to herself. "What a mess." Vanessa lurked in the shadows of the lobby while Palmer had a brief discussion with the front desk clerk. Palmer mentioned that he was going to be away and that he wanted his mail handled very carefully. Palmer headed back to the bar and Vanessa moved in to seize the opportunity. She asked the man behind the desk if he Donald Steele had left a forwarding address---and followed it up by asking when Palmer would be returning. Both questions were not answered because of confidentiality reasons. Vanessa frowned and flashed menacing glance at the desk clerk. Vanessa then followed Palmer to the bar and came up with a very clever way to find out when he'd be back in town. She asked Palmer if he'd like to join her for a romantic dinner in a few days. Palmer shook his head and said that while he'd love to dine with Vanessa, he had been asked to take a Mediterranean cruise for a week or so. Vanessa shrugged rather nonchalantly and said that she'd have to move forward with Plan B. Vanessa said that she'd been invited to Argentina by one of her old beaus. Of course, the invitation she spoke of was purely bogus---and an attempt to make Palmer jealous.

Gillian scurried back in forth in the corridors of Pine Valley Hospital delivering files to doctors. In spite of her hectic workload, Gillian's face was frozen with a seemingly permanent grin. Jake pulled her aside and asked her why she was in such a good mood. Gillian told Jake that after he'd left Ryan had dropped by. "For the first time, we talked. We really talked," Gillian said euphorically. Jake tried his best to hide his disappointment as he mustered a weak smile. They briefly discussed how Mateo now knew about Ryan and Hayley's kiss. Now Gillian said that Mateo and Hayley's relationship seemed hopelessly strained. The kiss, she said, was "the final straw that broke that camel's back." Gillian thanked Jake for listening to her rambling. She said that her possible renewed relationship with Ryan was due largely in part to Jake. She said that Jake was the only man to encourage her to speak openly about her feelings. She thanked Jake with a hug and called him her best friend. As they embraced, David wandered by. He couldn't help but poke fun at them. "When will you stop throwing yourself at every doctor that comes along?" David sneered. Gillian fired back by telling David that she and Jake were friends---something that he knew nothing about. Tad and Dixie arrived for her appointment. David had already reviewed Dr. Clader's notes and walked the couple into a nearby office. David promised to give Dixie a fair evaluation and opinion on whether or not to continue her pregnancy. Dixie headed off to an examining room and Tad took the opportunity to warn David that he'd better not play fast and loose with his prognosis. David was offended that Tad thought that he'd take Dixie's condition lightly. David left the room and Jake joined his brother in waiting. Jake said that he still felt it was a bad idea for David to examine Dixie. Tad, however, knew that David was one of the few people Dixie would listen to. In the examining room, David asked Dixie to relax and let him examine her. Dixie said that she could not relax because a lot was riding on his verdict. Dixie snapped that a person like David could never understand what she was going through. David gave Dixie his solemn vow that he would tell her the truth about the viability of her pregnancy. He also said that he would be honored to help her child into the world. He called Dixie a fighter who'd come back from near-death. Some time later, Dixie joined Tad in the hall and said that David was still reviewing the test results. "That man is a sphinx," she said of his poker face. David wandered out and said that everything checked out normally. There was no longer any indication that Dixie had ever had heart problems. Tad was floored, but he was in for an even bigger surprise. David said that he saw "no reason" why Dixie could not carry her baby to term---with a little extra care. Dixie nearly did backflips down the corridor; she was that ecstatic. Tad, meanwhile, questioned David's diagnosis. David wandered away from the pair and bumped into Jake. Jake asked David how Dixie was handling the bad news. David smiled and said that Dixie had nothing to be upset about because she was perfectly healthy. Jake was furious and said that he'd demand that Dixie receive a second opinion. David snapped that Jake's anger was due to the fact that his relationship with Gillian had fallen through. Meanwhile, Dixie continued to celebrate, telling Tad how wonderful it would be to have a little one in the house. Tad was silent and did not address anything that Dixie said to him. Dixie cocked her head to one side and in shock asked Tad if he'd wanted David to tell her that she could not have the baby."

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