07/05/1999 David Asks Erica Out To Dinner

"Erica's House

Erica is surprised to find David standing on her porch and wonders why he is there. He is upset with Erica for leaving him and their plans to visit the rainforest behind and doesn't believe her at first when she insists that she left him a note. Then they realize that Vanessa was in Erica's room and must have stolen the note before David could see it. Erica invites David in, but he can't stay for long, he has surgery in the morning. What was in the note that Erica left him, he wonders. She explains how Palmer told her how he was held up at gunpoint at the airport and that he told her she needed to leave right away for her safety. Erica realizes now that the only reason Palmer wanted her to leave was so she could be here for the board meeting. She also asked for a rain check for their rainforest trip in the note.

David remembers that he brought her something she left behind in Brazil, her compact with a mirror. Soon she will be able to use it to look at her face any time she wants, he says. Erica asks David if he could change her bandages and put the lotion on her face and he agrees. While he does it, the sexual tension in the air continues to build and build. It continues to build all the way to the door, where the two of them say goodnight. David's out the door when he suddenly turns back and asks her if she'd like to go to dinner tomorrow night. Erica agrees to go.

Belinda and Adrian

Belinda and Adrian have set up a lookout on the roof of a building next to where Palmer is staying and are observing him and filming his actions. They are hoping to catch him doing something that will help them win the election at the board meeting the following day. While they are watching, Vanessa arrives to see Palmer. Later, they get distracted from their surveillance and make love on the roof of the building. By the time they check Palmer's window again, Vanessa is just leaving. Not to worry, Adrian tells her, the camera was set on automatic and has been taking pictures of Palmer's place the whole time. He just hopes there's something on there they can use against Palmer.

The Beach

At the beach, Ryan and Hayley continue to kiss as Gillian watches. Gillian eventually slips away without them noticing her and heads back to Jake. He wonders where the towels are that she was supposed to get and she says she got distracted watching the fireworks and forgot about them. She then throws her arms around Jake's neck and begins kissing him. Down the beach, Ryan and Hayley finally stop kissing and just stare at each other, not saying a word.

Ryan breaks the silence by asking "Are we still friends?." "Always", she replies and suggests that it's time for them to leave. They gather their stuff together, but are obviously uncomfortable about being near each other. Meanwhile, Jake is suspicious as to why Gillian is now all over him when before she was uncomfortable about their kiss. Gillian appreciates the fact that he is concerned with what she's thinking and how she feels and isn't just interested in her body. She explains to him she had a revelation before when she was watching the fireworks, that it was time to get on with her life. I'm free and I can do whatever I want to, she says and asks him to make love to her.

Jake and Gillian are laying on the blanket kissing when she is far to easily distracted by the headlights of a car going by. Jake tells her it's OK, just because she's decided it's time to move on with her life doesn't mean she has to rush. Jake suggests they take a walk on the beach and they pack everything up and head off. Later, they stop walking for a moment and Gillian notices something shiny in the sand, it's a barrette. As they are looking around for the other one, Jake finds something else in the sand, Ryan's wallet. He quickly slips it into his pocket and doesn't tell Gillian he found it, but now he realizes why Gillian is now so ready to move on with her life, because Ryan is moving on with his.


At SOS, everyone is standing outside and enjoying the fireworks. Everyone but Mateo, that is, who is standing there but looks very unhappy. All of a sudden the fireworks stop and Edmund comes over and said he lost his helper, Dimitri, who had to go answer a phone call. He asks for volunteers and Brooke and Jackson offer to help.(Wouldn't it have been a better idea to have trained pyrotechnics people setting these huge fireworks off?) As the fireworks begin again, Stuart looks over and is happy to see Scott and Becca together. For some reason, Marian doesn't seem as enthusiastic about the pair.

Everyone heads back inside after the fireworks. Mateo and Raquel are happy that Max seems to be having a good time, but Raquel feels a bit guilty that Hayley isn't there, that she and Max must be keeping her away. Mateo tells her not to feel guilty, it's not her fault. Max and Raquel leave as Edmund, Brooke, and Jackson return, a little soot-covered, but with no missing limbs. Mateo introduced the group C Note, which performed their song, "Spanish Fly." Mateo worries that Hayley hasn't show up yet. Next, Elvis Crespo performs his song, "Pintame."

Stuart asks Mateo where Hayley is and he says he doesn't know, but she should be there soon. He's right, because no sooner does he say this than Hayley walks through the door. She looks pretty terrible though, and seems to be really out of it, as if she were in shock. She slowly walks up to Mateo, they put their arms around each other and start slow dancing. Mateo asks if she's OK and tells her he's glad she's staying at Trevor's. As they are dancing, Ryan walks in and he and Hayley look at each other from across the room. Hayley decides she wants to go home and leaves with Janet and Trevor. Mateo gives her a kiss on the cheek as Ryan watches. After Hayley leaves, Mateo approaches Ryan and wants to talk to him. "I really need a friend to talk to", Mateo tells him."

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